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  1. I don't know any Fax fans who have discounted Batley. Your lads were one of last seasons success stories undoubtedly. I just hope you don't get off to a flying start.
  2. Don't send 'em any brass. You'll never see it again!
  3. But they're not true fans and a warning will do precisely nowt.
  4. Jamescolin..herein lies the problem. I try to not comment on this stuff, as a Fax fan I'm just leaving myself open to the usual replies. But.. to come out with the above response is daft to say the least. Fev have had these idiots for years. I got jumped on by four or five lads at Thrum Hall for no reason other than being a Fax fan in the seventies. Trips to POR are out for me and our lass due to the constant abuse at games there. The lack of action from your club against the morons who besmirch Rovers name is awful. Now don't even get me started on the final at Warrington! I say all this as someone who's son has played at junior tournaments at POR, and the day out has been fantastic. I know, and regularly have a few jars with some Fev lads who I consider to be friends. So to have the 'it's allus us job' just doesn't ring true to me. Featherstone, as a club, need to grasp the nettle and finally sort summat out about this. It's harming rugby league and it's harming your club. I really hope summat can be done and people can come to your ground and enjoy our game again, whoever they support. Up The Fax!
  5. No ifs, no maybes DR is an absolute stain on our game and should never be part of our sport. To hear this news is totally depressing but not unexpected.
  6. Balderdash. Wakefield and Castleford have been taking the SL funding for years on false promises of new/improved grounds which never materialised. Spending the brass on players instead of improving facilities which has always been part of the official SL criteria has kept both clubs where they are and kept other clubs who have improved their facilities out of the so called promised land.
  7. They did. Wakefield and Castleford take no notice and are allowed to flaunt the rules without any comeback.
  8. Was this with Sky Sports or Virgin Media? I have got Sky Sports through Virgin.
  9. That's cheaper than the season ticket discount then at £80?
  10. ....or don't play the summer bash at all. It's not needed.
  11. That would be great. 20 mins on't from shuddersfield, loads of boozers and a quick taxi up to Headingley. Job's a good 'un
  12. Calling it a sh!t 'ole would be spot on
  13. Your formula is common sense Grinder. Unfortunately that is summat that's in very short supply amongst the powers that be in Rugby League
  14. I'm sure I've read that it will be 26 league games plus the bash fixture unfortunately. The comments on here about who would play who at Blackpool say everything about why the extra fixture should be done away with.
  15. I never realised Salford was a small town.
  16. The Ambrose. Sausage and chips. Mmm
  17. Ovenden isn't a tourist resort. We left there years ago.
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