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  1. Yeah I'm sure it's 2019. But you're right, Capstick Comes Home gets more relevant as the years go on, because of the dinosaurs that occupy this world.
  2. I meant that people bash heritage players like Jackson Hastings, Blake Austin and Lachlan Coote - and put Ratu Naulago in the same category. Don't try and correct a point I made.
  3. Sigh. So, on that note, Dan Sarginson would be ineligible. Kruise Leeming, Masi Matongo, Mikolaj Oledzki and stacks of up-and-comers in the Academy set-up would also be ineligible. We live in 2019, pal, not 1956.
  4. For all those arguing about his eligibility - he has a GB passport - he told us in a press conference, and would like to play for GB and Fiji. For all those wanting to expand that argument, you let him serve your country in the Army, I'm sure you can take off your anti-heritage player t-shirts and allow this guy to play for GB, if selected.
  5. Lead to believe the crux of the sides will have played for Latin Heat and be of South American heritage. Can’t let on much more than that.
  6. Almost. Too. Coincidental. Maybe the mafia are involved in some sort of RL conspiracy.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Certainly validates it... was quite unbelievable when I heard it!
  8. In response to the cover, guys. I didn't design it myself: Lorraine Marsden, production editor, did. Here's a delve into her psyche for you all! "They are all in the forward edition. If we were showing eight or nine players on the cover, we didn't want to instantly give away almost half of the top 20. The way we've done it mixes some of the top 20 and some of the other forwards included elsewhere in the magazine." That's the brains-trust at work, I guess. You've got articles from Jason Demetriou (Former Wakefield forward), Halifax's Scott Grix, Bradford's Elliot Minchella, Robert Campbell (Former Russia prop) and a South Africa feature (With Sean Rutgerson, Jaco Booysen, current captain Shane Gillham and Jamie Bloem - who played everywhere) Forward's issue was how it turned out to be. But again, can't speak entirely for the design on the cover. Just offering some insight into how and why it was put together. No, I don't think it's suggesting Finnigan is on par with Sculthorpe, who's interviewed in the mag too, even though it may appear that way.
  9. Yes. I've worked with a few clubs in Heavy Woolen district and even a couple of international federations for advice. Drop me an email ashleyjameshope@outlook.com
  10. Ola Rugby League Amigos, Rugby League World has hit the stores today, with another issue on the weird and wonderful in Rugby League. Check out what's inside using the following link: http://www.totalrl.com/whats-inside-rugby-league-world-june-edition/ And do, as ever, let us know you're feedback that we duly take on board. Happy reading folks! PS: The Spanish intro was a nod to my holiday to Spain in a week's time - and a cryptic plug for you all take a copy of RLW on the plane to your destinations this summer. Bon Voyage
  11. They still operate. Valencia is essentially the M62 corridor of Spanish Rugby League
  12. http://www.totalrl.com/rugby-league-world-barca-bounce/
  13. Like so: https://www.gofundme.com/help-burundi-rugby-league-get-to-the-rlef-congress Barely any funding gets given out
  14. http://www.totalrl.com/escape-from-baghdad-a-true-rugby-league-story/
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