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  1. You all prove the cynical nature of Rugby League guys. Playing or not, a 19-year-old HULL-born lad, is prepared to help a developing nation and represent the country of his deceased g-father.
  2. I've just interviewed Sika Manu today, the man he's replacing. Came over with a similar reputation and stayed for four years and had more dimensions to his game than just cracking blokes. Out-played Frank Pritchard.
  3. You can equally stop a project moving quickly by holding it back.
  4. Sure lets cancel the Jamaica game and send a bunch of amateurs to play in Kingston. Better for Rugby League ay!
  5. That already happens with the England Lionhearts team and BARLA. Has done for years.
  6. I'm not taking anything away from Jamaica either - and it's not irresponsible at all. Maybe if the Knights would have played Jamaica years ago it wouldn't have taken a decade and a half to get to this level. Their players have been paying their OWN way to games in Jamaica. Before 2016, they had only played Canada, USA and South Africa. 2016 saw them face Ireland (In Ireland) and Wales (At Wakefield) and then a year later they played France (In France). That attracted a lot of good players, who played in those games, and then subsequently formed the spine of a side that got to the World Cup. Games like are pivotal to get the likes of Ben Jones-Bishop, Ashton Golding, Jordan Turner and Mike Lawrence on board, for example. We've got to start the international game here, and then let it expand organically from there. If Nigeria played just 1 game over here, result regardless, people/players/administrators/sponsors would jump on board. Let's not all start developing Australian-like Rugby League mentality that we will only look after ourselves...
  7. 'Crazy?' Jamaica have the issue of having limited options in the halves and forward pack, in comparison to the backs, what's your logic for them playing them then?
  8. And Scotland and Ireland have had years to develop their talent. In a year Nigeria have set up a African competition and have got NRL and Super League players on board - same as Jamaica moving forward very fast. Award the promising nations not the stagnant ones...
  9. Yeah it is, that said. Below are a list of potential players: Muizz Mustapha, Tuoyo Egodo, Rob Worrincy, Jayden Okunbor, Jason Saab, Will Sharp, Sadiq Adebiyi There's stacks more too.
  10. Yeah I'm sure it's 2019. But you're right, Capstick Comes Home gets more relevant as the years go on, because of the dinosaurs that occupy this world.
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