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  1. I am lead to believe the Super League media team have something in the pipeline with Jansin actually
  2. That's some research! Fine showing my liege
  3. Tell you what - Rochdale Mayfield are a good bet. They have a Canadian and three Australians at the minute.
  4. DM me we can put something online on Total Rugby League to spread the word if you'd like.
  5. Comment of 2022. The fact there is 10 months left is irrespective. The award is given in lieu.
  6. Rugby League World was actually mentioned on Coronation Street about subscribing! Good advice…
  7. Right they do. I teach at the school it’s filmed at. It’s weird seeing my place of work on film.
  8. He gracefully stood corrected. Just know you’ve now made me spend a full night listening to these On my girlfriend’s birthday as well! Some things take precedence.
  9. I’m reliably informed by my dad who’s a music genius. Chumbawumba who sing “Iget knocked down but I get up again.” Have a B side called “Eddie Waring.” I trust his word.
  10. You can’t blame him for wanting to take his shirt off! Certainly, erm, an experimental one in the RL archives
  11. There was a truly bonkers story in the Daily Mirror recently that Boy George is writing a song in respect of Stevie Ward’s retirement due to concussion and career mental health struggles. I cannot wait to hear it! It had me thinking… what other songs/films/TV shows have referenced Rugby League in any way shape or form?
  12. We detailed it ages ago to the general game but you’re right
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