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  1. https://www.totalrl.com/24-years-on-the-rise-and-fall-of-paris-saint-germain-told-by-the-people-involved/ https://www.totalrl.com/pascal-jampy-the-frenchman-who-played-for-psg-and-catalans-a-decade-later/
  2. HULL FC https://www.totalrl.com/the-self-isolation-chronicles-hull-fc/
  3. Sorry for a shameless plug but tomorrow we've got a big day of PSG-related content on Total RL going up guys!
  4. What a piece of Rugby League history! Here's Salford guys! https://www.totalrl.com/the-self-isolation-chronicles-salford-red-devils/ Anyone got any corkers from any of the Cumbrian clubs?????
  5. That I did now know! Does Thorman have a record with York I recall or was that broken?
  6. https://www.totalrl.com/the-self-isolation-chronicles-catalans-dragons/ No Folau hate, either. Bigger things to worry about in life right now.
  7. That's legendary can we use that for Oldham??? I challenge anyone else to do their club too! Hit me with your best
  8. From someone who used to design sportswear, I'd say the first one but without the hexagon. Also would you be open to an interview for Total Rugby League about their plans? Spread the message and awareness? I'm a massive advocate of the international game and it's all good coverage for them?
  9. Will happily do Champ and League 1 and even defunct clubs when we're done! If the 'Rugby League community' chips in with facts from League 1 and Champ we could help collate. Stuff like this takes a lot of reading as I'm sure you can imagine.
  10. Hi guys, like you all. We're adjusting to the rigors of self-isolation. Here's a little antidote for the Rugby League aficionados around. Presenting the self-isolation chronicles. 5 random facts about your club. Your job? Reel out and flex your knowledge and share the weird and wonderful. First up: Hull KR. https://www.totalrl.com/the-self-isolation-chronicles-hull-kr/
  11. You all prove the cynical nature of Rugby League guys. Playing or not, a 19-year-old HULL-born lad, is prepared to help a developing nation and represent the country of his deceased g-father.
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