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  1. What where coolie, bsj , and graham live
  2. Same with all clubs to be fair , glory supporters , you'll never see em week in week out , however they do provide that injection of cash that the clubs need plus it looks good on t v .
  3. Good solid middle , after his injuries I hope to see a bit more from Ronan next season.
  4. I like at a lot of folk think you'll go great next season , but for replacements I feel charnley is half the player Kristian Inu is .
  5. Just shows , top of championship gets promoted same for top 2 of league one , begs the question whether the playoffs are fair or needed at all .
  6. Agree , will miss Leigh in a funny kind of way next season , entertaining , exiting , frustration from the opposition and its supporters , good luck in superleague and enjoy
  7. Maybe , but not for a few years yet I hope.
  8. that acko bloke , sir radio york to us
  9. think leigh will want this game put to bed pretty early on , 20 points up by halftime , then just go through the motion and enjoy.
  10. Donny v swinton 2pm this sun , great to have a reunion with Connor rob next season.
  11. Brendan has been very unlucky with injuries , no player deliberately gets an injury hopefully things will improve next season and you will see the class player he already is , as for akuma ta'ai, at 35 you've got to look at fui fui moi moi 40 and still a weapon , oh and let's not forget Stanley gene wasn't he reputedly about 53 when he hung his boots up . just my views of course
  12. Ukuma tai,i amazing signing , up the kneets.
  13. Free parking is massive , very positive move by the club
  14. To be fair Leigh have only done what any other championship side would have done with the opportunities they had at their disposal .
  15. Great resigning , tackling machine and useful at numerous positions.
  16. Jack teanby has steadily improved each year , the type of prop who just does the hardwork without being flash.
  17. Looking at his tackling reminds me of kriss brining in his prime
  18. good point , probably thats the aim , then we can go buy a load of NRL players
  19. of course theres a balancing act , and yes we know it,s a business but the deal structure appears to have had little thought
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