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  1. connor robinson is 27 end of this month , can also pot a goal or two
  2. quality player , blosommed at F C and always stood out at leigh, hope this comes off perfect to fill captain fantastics boots
  3. good post , keep up with the passion and keep posting.
  4. Nail on the head ( when fit) shame for the lad.
  5. cas were the last side we did dual reg with , winning the league one title dualing with H K R WAS VERY GOOD , like you not a fan but if they are all doing it youve probably got to copy.
  6. the bash is a one off , derbies, crowd retention thats what counts
  7. left york because he wasn,t guaranteed a place in the 17
  8. as long as it works, it will be good to see them back
  9. juasamee, vicky says he looks like a 70,s porn star , i wouldn,t know
  10. summer bash in july will be fantastic , hoping for newcastle , great atmosphere and crowd.
  11. good , no better than what we previously had.
  12. many of the fev team are getting on a bit now so expect some leaving, to avoid being the bridesmaid yet again they need to buy some younger quality players for next season , my top 6 next year, leigh, newcastle, widnes , fev ,york and bradford .
  13. Will had defense issues at York, if he has improved that would make sense.
  14. one of the most consistent performers , pleased he,s back must be a few superleague clubs sniffing around.
  15. I support and love R L so to me 3 quid a week is well worth it to watch.
  16. Solid and now maturing nicely
  17. As said before by far the best two sides in the championship this season , so don't see how you can call this one , iam just gonna sit back and enjoy.
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