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  1. Lewis peachey played for cas last night after a couple of outings for us , so as you suggest all parties benefit
  2. Me and vicki booked ours a while ago , if the knights get there that will be a mega bonus
  3. Hotels are being snapped up in Northwest London July 15/16 , get in lad's
  4. i personally would keep marsh and dean , their pace and agility will count against a rams halfback partnership your never going to match for experience.
  5. You tight person deano , was a solid flawless performance , even though swinton were tripe
  6. It's our year Wembley here we come
  7. Good looking squad again , I think we will do it this time
  8. Players don't roll around on the ground or limp off after a shoulder to shoulder clash , not in rugby league anyway
  9. Never been cuthbertsons style , plays with more brain than brawn , just the player we need to open the defense
  10. We probably expect too much after the amazing season of 2019 , we must enjoy this season as hopefully we will be back in person soon , watching the knights live again will be a priority over results , an 1895 cup appearance and top 8 are my hopes for this season
  11. Can't fault the effort from Atkins , Dixon and Jones bishop , but they need good ball and space , pack and halfbacks need to work together to create that platform , simples
  12. iam still trying to understand why o hagen and dean were not our starting halfbacks , trained and played all pre season stuff together and looked to gel on the few occasions we have seen them together , joe keyes is a very good halfback who iam sure will be of great benefit to us , but surely he needs more than one or two training sessions to get used to our players and structures.
  13. Could be right BSJ , you and dog's could shock a few of the pretenders this season
  14. Always rated Joe , hopefully he may stay long term.
  15. Totally agree , iam going for Batley by 28.
  16. Now lewis peachey taken on another 2 week loan from cas , we must have some serious injury list or covid problem , god forbid .
  17. Was so in grossed with the game I didn't realize Ronan Dixon never came on as an interchange , even better performance then
  18. So proud of York tonight , fordy puts out a very patched up side against a very strong Wigan outfit , great commitment from all players and great coaching , our future is bright , by the way well played Wigan a very professional performance , up the kneets
  19. riley dean was recalled by wire for their cup squad
  20. York have at least 5 first choice forwards absent , clarkson , kirmond , teanby , baldwinson and brining , also no Jason bass or Riley dean , Wigan by at least 30 but York will put up a fight
  21. if sam scott is fit it would be good to see him feature against wigan , also barcoe and some other fringe players , let,s be honest 1895 cup semi has got to be our priority in the cup .
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