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  1. stadium car park £30 , not too bad if theres 4 in the car.
  2. Only if you qualify for Wembley
  3. All going well over there then
  4. Did exactly what we had to do today , very professional and workmanlike performance , made mine and many others day , Wembley here we come
  5. Not shafted , that's unfair I am more than willing to pay 5 pounds which incidentally runs from 10.30 am till after the game has finished, not bad value these days , the problem lies with the club and council not working together to make this seamless , we live in hope .
  6. What a load of whinging , couple of months ago everyone couldn't wait to get back , just get in the stadium , sing , shout , applaud do what you will to get the knights to Wembley.
  7. 100% commitment , great effort beaten by the better side , you'll be stronger from this, well done the knights.
  8. That seems to be the normal , the knights and the stadium management company need to work better together.
  9. 70% of games played to qualify for playoffs , so promotion and relegation could still not happen this season .
  10. Minimum game structure would stop tat happening.
  11. No worries , they will be in superleague next season so won't give you any concerns
  12. Announced final at Wembley , months a go , match before challenge cup final , see you there
  13. Cheers will check it out in future , my persistent wife has now got the ticket sorted , thanks.
  14. Got my tickets for swinton semi no problems ,, but try and get a parking ticket , no chance , get your act together York or you'll never gain fans .
  15. Time slots were issued sat last week , nothing mentioned yet as to whether it will be the same , enjoy the game
  16. Plus being a supporter means just that
  17. Hope you go to Wembley if we win
  18. Attendance's are going to be affected for some time yet , Fan's are still wary , and I don't blame em .
  19. The mudbath in the early 80s at elland road was nail biting , I feel with discipline and passionate home support we can do this .
  20. reiss butterworth right under your nose , halfback waiting to happen
  21. Got it out of his system now , more penalties given away than he'll concede for the rest of the season
  22. Different ball game in league one
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