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  1. It's not all about who put's the ball down over the line !
  2. Next weekend can't come quick enough , surely we can't be as bad as this again, yes in fordy i still trust , but by hell he's got one hell of a job on to get this team on track again
  3. Where have you been ? ???
  4. georgeb1

    D r

    If the guy from cas play's He's hardly forcing anyone out , as said we have 3 first choice winger's out injured , dual reg actually been used correctly???
  5. Heavy conditions at the shay on sun may suit us as arguably our 3 first choice wingers will probably not feature.
  6. Good luck to the lad , no chance of a place at hull.
  7. Sheffield in the cup was played at Wakefield , I will be sitting so will give you a wave , up the kneets???
  8. Well done kneets , hung in there , tenacious effort through out, roll on fax away next week will be awesome when the knights barmy army assembles at the shay???
  9. when fully fit joe porter adds the pace in the middle ,a big threat when running lines , as for halfback i feel ben johnson will be fine given time, as said previously 2 of the top 5 out of the way on their soil .
  10. Great performance by your guy's today , enjoyed the game but shows we have a long way to go to be up amongst the playoff contenders this season???
  11. Workington game on as is bull's at the tetleys , hardly bowling greens???
  12. Hopefully with their hybrid pitch and modern stadium things should be o.k . Going to listen to radio York at 10 ,normally on the ball , see you there, up the kneets???
  13. Correct , Connor banned for Leigh game, still should be a cracker hopefully looking forward to seeing sharpy at fullback , up the kneets???
  14. Bronco's away , hopefully at least 2 coaches full???
  15. looking forward to another visit to the lsv on sunday , hybrid pitch , covered seating , free on site parking, nice pub on site, excellent motorway access. what could possibly go wrong, up the kneets.
  16. georgeb1


    Lovely forecast for Wednesday evening , might be an option if today is off.
  17. I just hope all club's make a decision as to whether matches are on or off at least 3 hours before the advertised kick off time . surely it's time the speccies were thought about.???
  18. As much as I respect and enjoy watching Tim Spears , I feel he needs resting occasionally.
  19. My team to beat the bull's , injuries permitting . 1 sharp 2 bass 3 keinhorst 4 salter 5 Whiteley 6 Johnson 7 marsh 8 baldwinson 9 jubb 10 teanby 11 washbrook 12 Scott 13 stock . Sub's 14 brining 15 clarkson 16 green 17 porter. Good luck lads , roll on Sunday at the crescent ???
  20. We lost the first game last season , the rest is history after that . Onwards and upwards???
  21. Early days mate , Toulouse are a class act , we will and are still learning , thought it was a decent performance from a knights side with quite a few still missing, hopefully Bradford will feel the wrath of a dissatisfied team next week.???
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