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  1. i live elsewhere now , but york born and bred , could never support anyone else so to travel and watch is a pleasure
  2. Aye Jake the peg , had a good game should go well for you guy's next season.
  3. Donny gets my vote , quality stadium with good on site parking , easy drive but more important another Yorkshire derby and hopefully 2 league points
  4. Superb signing , this is the type of halfback we've missed since Elvis hung up the boot's
  5. enjoy fellas , ijust hope theve got plenty of the hard stuff in stock to numb the pain
  6. don,t call him jack to his face , decent enough player but as said nowt special
  7. all halfbacks need cover , was never that bad at york ?
  8. nice to see the club has held the price at 175 for adults and 144 concessions next year , a big signing or two announced would help with sales.
  9. agree about walmsley ( like how you class the 1 loss between you)
  10. could not have done anymore , strange decision
  11. it,s a bit like a cat with a mouse
  12. I think that it will be Morgan Smiths agent who negotiates the deal , if you were offered 10k more to sign for another club in a very short career would you turn it down ?
  13. Whatever it was kept us above the ram's , also what fev and fax spent will only keep them in the championship , nothing more .
  14. Good luck guys enjoy the playoffs
  15. yes , and he,s not predicted murrell to be their next halfback when he does a few more years maturing at keighley .
  16. shame for you guys , best backrow forward you,ve got by a mile
  17. now,t to write home about , apart from toulouse and fev it,s been pretty shabby all round
  18. if true would be a great signing , fast , strong and the right side of 30
  19. jamie ellis is a class player, we would be very lucky to get him on board
  20. fantastic player , great to get the 2 year deal , up the kneets
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