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  1. If you think about it though in respect to the championship, some clubs could well turn a profit if the season is canned. In particular those who don't own their own stadium. Incomings - Sky money (isn't it something in the region of £150k to £750k depending on last season league position), season tickets and sponsorship (a number of spectators on here have said they don't want a season ticket refund) Outgoings- stadium hire for a few games, coach hire for a few games and 20% of your players and staff wages (for the bulk of the season). Personally, I think if the season is pulled then clubs should refund season tickets and sponsorship even if the fans want to club to keep the money. It would keep good faith between the club and the fans & sponsors ahead of next season. Plus, it would be unethical for any Directors to take payment from any profits if the club doesn't refund this money. For clubs that own their own grounds then there is the additional outgoings on the costs associated with that or clubs that have paid their stadium hire in full for the season. Then these clubs would be less likely to turn a profit.
  2. You say a second wave but, if you look at their number of cases these second waves are blips, as I said in my post. For example, South Korea's maximum daily number of cases was 1062 back in March (significantly lower than here and lower than our current daily cases) and the maximum daily number of cases in this second wave is 79 (27th May). Google Covid-19 cases in South Korea (and also Japan) to check the numbers. As you say though, it hasn't gone away but, has remained fairly low.
  3. It isn't necessarily increasing in the north west. There was a lot made of the R number being greater than 1 for the north west but, that is based on a prediction not real data. The margin of error in that prediction is quite large. Other scientists working on the R number prediction predicted lower R numbers for the region. In addition, active cases are low now so fluctuations in the number of positive cases have a big impact on the R number. Other countries ahead of us in the pandemic have only had a blip for a second wave and the virus has faded away. I reckon it's likely we'll head the same way.
  4. I agree. My point is that this furlough limbo, may help the finances of many clubs and is good to keep many players getting paid during the lockdown, but it isn't good for the game. Routes to getting the season back on should have been investigated with more effort rather than only setting up working groups to look into it 2 months after the game went into it's hiatus. It's expected that the RFL will approve training in groups of six with no contact in line with the government statement from the other day. Therefore, amateur teams will be able to start some form of team training whereas, pro teams can't because the players are furloughed and training is work from a players perspective.
  5. Some fans and sponsors will be happy waiver their season ticket money and sponsorship but, I suspect not all will. I guess it's an unknown that we'll find out if the season does get pulled. Maintaining that financial support next season will be more important than ever so clubs may feel compelled to return the money to maintain the good will into next season. I guess all that is hypothetical at the moment. On the player bonuses. Some players are on little to nothing contract money and rely on match bonuses, especially in League 1. For some clubs, especially those more likely to win games, I reckon this bonus money could be up to £1000 per month. Those players relying on that money are getting nothing at the moment. I think the impact of Covid across the whole game (pro, amateur and kids) could leave a bruise that may never heal. I don't mean on a financial front, I mean on participation in the sport from fans to players. I worry that everyone isn't going to come back.
  6. Personally, I think the clubs should be more pro active in finding a way to get the season back up and running, within government guidelines, instead of sticking with the furlough limbo that they're in. I was a bit disappointed to hear that the working groups were only set up a couple of weeks ago. I reckon the working groups should have been set up, to investigate routes to restarting the season, weeks before they did. Although the players are on furlough it is likely that some will be facing financial hardship since no match or win bonus are being paid. This could account for the main rugby income of a significant number of players though out the championship and most players in league 1. We're at risk of losing players as they seek to make up this loss through work outside of rugby. It may not be so easy for these players to return to flexible hours or to drop their hours to fit rugby back in. Also, if the season does get cancelled then I guess the clubs will be liable to repay the sponsors and season ticket holders back unless they have contractual clauses protecting them.
  7. He’s 100% angry on the pitch but a great chap off it. Hope he stays safe and well ??
  8. The restrictions put in place by the government could be in place for 18 months, as mentioned on BBC News. If rugby league is to be paused for that amount of time then the only way clubs could survive is to make everyone redundant (players, coaches, staff ...etc) and pretty much go into hibernation. Hopefully, the community game can restart because we're not talking big crowds. If not I think people would just drift away from the game over that period.
  9. I've seen it too. It looks like just a run of the mill defensive tackle. A young lad in my son's old youth team fractured a vertebra in his lower back playing rugby. The lad didn't realise and went to school for a fortnight before it was diagnosed. He was strapped to a bed in hospital to stop him moving the moment it was discovered. Fortunately, he's fine now, although he quit rugby as a result. However, Mose's tackle was so innocuous that I wonder if he'd already done something prior to this and hadn't realised. I hope the big fella has a full recovery.
  10. There were 2 incorrect play the ball calls in the Salford - Swinton friendly. Although, neither were given as a penalty but, as a scrum. However, there were numerous play the ball's that weren't played with the foot that didn't go unpunished. Just seemed like 2 random decisions, one against Swinton and the other against Salford.
  11. Both teams played the bulk of their available players. I thought Swinton played very well for the first 25 mins or so. They defended well and opened up the Salford defence a number of times but, lacked composure to finish their chances.
  12. Personally, I don't understand why the Hornets are doing this and see it as the route to success. If you look at saints for example with their superleague success, grade 1 academy and large number of juniors playing the game in the town they still only have 2 to 3 St Helens lads in their starting 17. My opinion is that Hornets should just look to build the strongest squad they can on their budget irrespective of where the players come from and try to generate some success on the field. The better the team become the more it generates interest in playing the game so should have a knock on effect in the amateur league. Eventually, Hornets should start to get quality Rochdale lads coming into the team every year instead of losing them to other more successful clubs.
  13. Mayfield's second team collapsed last year (losing 18 out of 18 and finishing on minus 13 in the NWML prem), I'm assuming, due to a number of players having to play up in the first team following the departures to Hornets with no one to move up to replace them. That could be a real problem for Mayfield if they don't fix it because a lack of second team will leave a rung missing from that pathway ladder.
  14. This upcoming season is a difficult one to predict. It's great that we have kept the core of the team together. Look how well those teams do who maintain consistency, such as the likes of saints in Superleague. I think just maintaining that consistency in the team should get us off to a good start. Also, other seemingly stronger teams have potentially weakened from last season, such as Bradford due to their off field troubles, Widnes with their drop to part time and even Featherstone with the loss of Ryan Carr. However, we'll miss Matty and we don't know who we will have from Wigan dual reg. yet. But, I reckon we could surprise people again.
  15. Oscar Thomas. I believe we signed him on a two year deal last December.
  16. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/off-the-record-rugby-league-rumours-and-gossip-184/?utm_content=bufferb6792&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer ? Bennion wasn’t the person I‘d heard about. Looks like the other clubs are circling for our players.
  17. I don't know. It's just what I've heard. Maybe the club have agreed a release?
  18. I've heard that at least one of our squad that were signed up for next year have signed elsewhere, could be more. With no news on new players, we could be down to only 11 players signed up for next year. Doesn't sound too positive to me ?
  19. SL: over Salford, under Leeds. I thought Salford's small squad depth and low budget might seem them fighting off relegation but, they have proved me very wrong. Leeds should do much better for a club their size. Ch: over Swinton, under Barrow. Almost every pundit had Swinton bottom of the league but, I reckon new signings such as Gav Bennion, Hatto and Matty Ashton, although not big name players at the time, have fitted perfectly to the way Stu Litter wanted the team to play. Barrow spent big money on players who haven't played to their value in my opinion. L1: over Whitehaven, under Newcastle. Whitehaven are another team that have shown that spending big isn't necessary the answer to success. I recon Newcastle will probably still gain promotion through the play offs. But, they should have done better on paper.
  20. Rochdale have pretty much pressed the self destruct button this season. Based on current performances Rochdale will struggle to get above the bottom 4 of league 1 next year. With the Sky contract due up at the end of 2021 and rumours that the funding for league 1 will go then it is a worrying time for Rochdale. Hopefully, the club have a plan!
  21. Looking at the team listed in the League Express I can only see 3 lads from last years team still playing in this team. Shame as the core of that team were pretty decent. They just missed a quality centre to replace trigger when he went to Batley and a old head in the halves to lead the team around. Instead, almost the whole team has been replaced and then replaced again half way through the season.
  22. About 25 mins into the first half, while at 0-4, Danny Richardson sparked into life for Leigh and caused us all sorts of trouble. I know that Lewis Hatton was subbed off at 25 min with Jamie Acton coming on but, I don't know what changes Leigh made around that point but, it certainly worked in Leigh's favour.
  23. It is only mandatory for the home team doctor to be at PT championship games. So doubt that the Swinton doc was there.
  24. I think that's the point. There wasn't a facility to enable that to happen at Sheffield given that the lad was on a stretcher. Barring loading him onto the team bus.
  25. I think it would have been the Sheffield club doctor and I presume he was still strapped to a stretcher.
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