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  1. Indeed. Even when it’s a young Leeds player with his first game back after injury and a Newcastle player….
  2. In that case it depends on how many fringe Leeds players we get and it looks like just 1. So this’ll be a problem
  3. Who in the Championship are running reserves this season? I think its mandatory for clubs with academies - so Bradford, London, Newcastle. Halifax have run reserves recently - they continuing? Anyone else?
  4. It'll be equal at half time - say 10-10, then Bradford will bring on a bunch of reserves & u19's and lose the 2nd half 18-6. So 28-16 to Fax.
  5. Darren Gough on Talksport was saying that YCCC are not a wealthy club. So this hit on revenues along with sponsorship withdrawal will hurt. Can a County cricket club go into administration? Is there a holding company?
  6. Halifax Town have been fairly steady last few years as well. They get about 1900 (+/- 200) fans. I think they could get a few hundred more if they got out of the conference into div2. I assume both clubs have equal rights at The Shay?
  7. Bulls have signed an exciting back line. If they're misused and we continue with 5 drives and a kick then I'll be unhappy. My other concern is with Broughy, his early season mobility was what I expected with a guy with over 500 games under his belt and in his late 30's, but he more than made up for it with nous and tactical kicking accuracy. The last half dozen games he played once his bicep injury had healed, he was down on everything he had shown pre-injury. Mobility was less, kicking wasn't as accurate. Maybe he was getting less time as the forwards were carrying injuries as well, he was getting pressured more, Lilley was helping out but he was struggling.
  8. There'll be people on this forum disappointed that there isn't a £1 halftime gate at Old Trafford! (please tell me there isn't one...)
  9. I think a lot will depend on how the game is reffed. Both teams will try and slow down the play the ball when they are defending, loads of wrestling with 3rd man on top until the defensive line is set. Both teams will throw their arms up at the ref when attacking, complaining about the slow ptb. If the officials clamp down on it and let the game flow, one of the teams will win. Otherwise, the other team will win.
  10. Zero hours contracts hadn't been invented then
  11. I'm going to say Bradford. Couple reasons - John Kear & knockout rugby and we can't possibly defend as badly again as we did in that last 45minutes.
  12. Sam Hallas for starters, is the rumour on our board
  13. Right then, you guys need to be giving a bit more knowledge about this. With Full time status, next years squad should be quite exciting. I've already heard a rumour that you've got one of our current squad for next year.
  14. Looking at the Bulls squad, they’ve gone for an old style u21’s squad with a few over 23’s returning from injury. Not wanting to disparage the coach, but it looks like we’ve decided this is an unwinnable game and put the kids out…
  15. I suspect Bulls may be one of those. No figures yet I don’t think. But if main expenditures are staff & stadium then furlough helped with the first and Bulls were very lucky to have handed back the Odsal lease at the end of 2019 and be on a “pay as you play” deal at Dewsbury for 2020. Also about 80% of ST holders were happy to leave their money in the club. Central funding stayed the same. So, income remained strong and the 2 main usual expenditures were minimal. With the losses that the SL clubs absorbed in 2020, I can see why they felt £1m to the promoted club was reasonable
  16. Brough may be available for this one.
  17. 3,500 seems to be the hardcore "base". About 3k stopped coming to games when we dropped from SL to Championship. And we've lost about 1k per admin event over the last 7years. The last group of potential fans need to be able to trust the board before/if they return. The other group may just need SL standard games to return. Or they could be lost to professional RL for good. I know a fair few switched to watching amateur RL. A lot found other things to do on a Sunday afternoon. But, the potential is still there. Needs a period of stability.
  18. I'm not entirely sure you are following. I agree with the match review panel, yellow card sufficient. The two things I'm not comfortable with are the Bradford partisan view - "Gale deliberately and viciously set out to knock him unconscious" - which is patently nonsense And the Featherstone partisan view - " Gale gently tackled him with his left arm whilst he'd carefully detached his right arm (like Insp Gadget) so there was a greater chance of the earth being swallowed by the sun rather than the miniscule possibility of accidental contact with his head...
  19. As someone else has said, all moot now. Yellow card - whether for ball steal/professional foul or accidental contact with the head, it's all the same result.
  20. Would you like to retract any of your “ absolute certainty “ 100% nonsense and accept that only death and taxation are certain and there is a possibility that over the next few frames, when his rt arm goes behind Keyes head, there is a small chance of contact? Accidental, of course, as I’m fairly sure he’s trying to lock up the ball
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