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  1. Need some new shirts for Spain at Christmas
  2. I like some of the new T shirts and polo shirts, going to treat myself for Christmas.
  3. Got to agree, I won't bother next season, first time for years.
  4. Don't like the away shirt, the home ones not too bad.
  5. Think that's about right, I wouldn't put a lot on either it's that tight.
  6. Don't worry I got barred nearly every week.
  7. Ronan Michael a prop forward signs on a season loan for 2022 from the Giants, welcome to the Knights Ronan.
  8. Pub O'clock seems to be the best pub for meeting up, they also do a good English breakfast.
  9. Hope they do well, some good players have come from them.
  10. Corey has signed for Wakefield, shame.
  11. B.J.B. signs for Sheffield, that's a bit of money saved and I think we have better for next season.
  12. Fev 6/5 Leigh 2/1 Fax 10/1 Knights 12/1 Bulls 14/1 Newcastle 16/1 Batley 40/1 Dewsbury 80/1
  13. At Blackpool I'd go for the weekend with a few mates and watch all games, at Headingley I'd only go on the day the Knights were playing and watch the other days games on TV.
  14. It's down as that on the Knights site
  15. Benidorm, it's got plenty of hotels, hundreds of bars, cheap flights and lots of sun, what more do you need.
  16. Summer Bash is not at Blackpool I've booked my hotel like a few more.
  17. Your coming to York Coolie not Fev.
  18. Is it the extra bank Holiday we're having next year with the queen's 75th anniversary
  19. A lot of teams have 6 props, 2 starting, 2 on the bench and 2 more either resting, injured or suspended.
  20. We had two Dixons last season, Ronan a prop who's re-signed and keiran a winger who has not.
  21. They are showing 40 games a season, what makes you think the Knights will be 8 of them, Fev, Leigh, Fax, Bulls and Newcastle will be shown, they will also be showing league one as well as the Championship.
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