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  1. 35 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    No prizes for who's going to win this one. Think we should rest Sykes as his competitive instincts might get him sent off. And hope we don't get any more injuries.

    In first time in 40-odd years, I am thinking of not going despite being a season ticket holder and having a car park pass, so wouldn't cost me anything to go. 

    Feel I should go to support the players who always give 100% but Fev will win by 50/60 in a totally one-sided no contest. Doubtless we'll get Fev fans on here telling us anything could happen but it won't. They know it and we know it. 

    Hopefully a decent crowd though even at £10 for Fev season ticket holders it's still paying to watch a no contest. 

    Have faith

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  2. 1 hour ago, coolie said:

    Next season if we survive (not looking possible at the moment) we have to do 3 things

    Quality experienced coach (just in case we go down) 

    Sign 2 quality halfbacks (unless the said coach above can get the most out of what we've already got🤔

    Rather than saving money for players during the season that just won't be available when the $hit is flying and struggling like we've done this season.🤔

    And another thing bit fed up of fans saying "nobody will buy the club" 

    Only way to test this is to put it up for sale, and see if there is anybody who would buy it.. Rather than dismissing the idea🤔

    Bit like selling a car.. Nobody will buy my car... Unless I put a "for sale" sign in the window 🤔🤔

    Keighley have just signed a decent half back.

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  3. Agree about Pauli, he does a lot of great things during a game, knocking players out of the way on a barnstorming run, then does a late hit on a player, just stupid.

  4. 7 hours ago, POR said:

    That's true AB but lets be fair you weren't exactly playing the creme de la creme 🤣

    You can only beat what's in front of you, the Knights have spent a lot less than Fev n Leigh, I'm happy with how our seasons going.

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