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  1. The best thing about being the York City Knights is we're not Leigh and we're not just a bus stop in Wigan.
  2. Didn't he get sent to the bin a couple of years ago against us at B.C. and cost Fev the game.
  3. Latest player to join the Knights is Hollie Dodd, Hollie is 18 years old and has played for England, welcome to the Knights Hollie.
  4. Looks like Chizzy could miss the start of the season with an 8 game ban for calling the Oldham physio a not very nice name.
  5. Adam Cuthbertson has started his own business making low/none alcohol beer, would like to wish him good luck and if you would like a taste, Plonkers are selling it.
  6. Welcome to the Knights Tilly.
  7. Went this morning to have a look at the new gear, don't like the home shirt it looks dirty and I'm not a fan of the away one either, got a hoodie and a bobble hat to go with the T shirt and the polo shirts, can't wait for the new season just 11 days after I get back from my holidays bring it on.
  8. Anyone remember Dave Peterson the loose forward who played 7 times for the Knights in 2019, he has signed for Donny for next season.
  9. Fantastic for the club to do that, we'll done Haven.
  10. He was poor for London at York last game of the season.
  11. Bradley Ward, a winger who started off at Heworth and went to HKR, has joined the Knights on trial, Bradley played along side Myles Harrison, A,J, Towes and Toby Warren at Heworth, welcome to the Knights Bradley hope it goes well.
  12. Kieran Dixon is going to play kick and clap, Adam Cuthbertson could be playing for a league one club next season.
  13. Looks like Joe is still getting over his injury, if everything's OK he could be back playing by the end of March.
  14. Think your right Phil about it being the best season yet, you only need Fev or Leigh to have an off day or a couple of players in the bin, there must be 9 or 10 clubs in with a shout of making the 6, I'm hoping we're one of them.
  15. Fingers crossed John, so hope your right, that would be the best start to a season in a long time.
  16. Need some new shirts for Spain at Christmas
  17. I like some of the new T shirts and polo shirts, going to treat myself for Christmas.
  18. Got to agree, I won't bother next season, first time for years.
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