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  1. The first of 4 hard fixtures coming up and with a bit of luck we may have one or two players back for this one, Barrow started off like a house on fire but then have had a few injuries and the odd suspension, which has seen them lose the last few games think we will have to be on our A game to beat them.

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  2. True John a good entertaining game and well presented by Premier Sports again, think the crowds are decreasing at the Bulls and I don't blame any away supporters not going to Odsal, it's a dump and so expensive.

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  3. 48 minutes ago, andyacko said:

    Can't quite believe what I'm reading on here about our halves.

    Have a listen back to Jimmy Elston's analysis of the game and the influence Liam and Brendan were having yesterday.

    Think some of our fans expect too much from some players Andy, if they were perfect they would be in super league, I'm happy with how our seasons going, your always going to have the odd dip in form but we won, Fordy will let them know it wasn't good enough.

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  4. 2 hours ago, phildog said:

    Can't decided whether I'm happy or deflated to have won 38-10! Intensity and system seemed to drop off, but it was dominant from the off. Whoever are 3rd, be afraid, be very afraid!

    The team that's 3rd have already beaten you at your place without a few of their  better players.

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