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  1. Think all the players will already be signed on. J.F. said he wanted the squad completed by the end of September, so maybe another signing tomorrow.
  2. Holds the record for most offloads, it will be like watching Brenden White again, great signing need a good halfback now.
  3. Adam Cuthbertson the Rhino prop is the latest player to join the Knights experience, welcome to the Knights Adam.
  4. Still think we're a prop halfback and threequarter short
  5. BIG signing to be announced tomorrow at noon.
  6. Myles Harrison is the 24th player to sign for next season
  7. 12 Noon tomorrow the latest player to put pen to paper will be announced, who's your money on?, think its either Myles Harrison, Tim Spears or a newby.
  8. Toby Warren second row Adam Cuthbertson prop. Tim Spears loose forward A.J. Towes winger. Myles Harrison fullback.
  9. A.J. Towse signs on fo another season, thats good news.
  10. 22nd player to sign for next season is Toby Warren a second row forward from Heworth.
  11. You never know there maybe another player announced tomorrow and one or two after that, theres no rush, we wont be playing for a while.
  12. James Green is the 21st player to sign on for next season.
  13. 6pm today the 21st member of the Knights squad for next year will be announced, think we still need 3 props, a halfback and a threequarter.
  14. Thought he had gone to Donny but he cant have.
  15. A.J. Towse winger. Jordan Baldwinson prop. James Green prop. Joe Porter back row. Adam Cuthbertson prop.
  16. Joe Porter is the 20th player to sign on for the Knights crusade in 2021.
  17. 2pm today the latest player to sign for next year will be announced
  18. Why would he want to go there?, he's full time with a great chairman coaching a squad he's built going into a state of the art modern stadium, fans will give him time to progress and not demanding he gets the sack because hes not at the top of the league unlike at the Giants, stay Fordy we love you.
  19. Jordan Baldwinson is the 19th player slto sign on for next year
  20. 12 Noon Sunday another signing to be announced
  21. Big Sam Scott is the 18th player to put pen to paper for next season, thats great news.
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