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  1. What are you on about, people are complaining about games being played at other times than 3pm on a Sunday, all I said was just as well we're not in S/L as a lot of our games wouldn't be at that time, sorry if your offended by that.
  2. Next season will be the same as this in the championship, no matter what time games are played people will moan.
  3. Let's hope we never get into Super League then.
  4. Both teams defences have improved since we beat them.
  5. The Knights will be on Premier Sports on Monday 11th July at Halifax, Monday 18th July home to Batley. Also all Summer Bash games will be shown live by Premier Sports.
  6. Good luck for the rest of the season, you have a good one in Chris, loved him at York a few seasons ago, just get a couple of big forwards in and you'll be O.K.
  7. There were at least 30 Knights fans at the game, well done to them, at least the journey home would have been enjoyable
  8. Played well by the sounds of it.
  9. I remember you having Fui Fui(spelling) a few years ago he caused teams problems
  10. After nine games played in league and Cup, O'Hagan is finally fit and getting his game each week, the lad is class also like the look of young Edwards.
  11. And Barrow getting hammered
  12. 26 . 18 to the Knights 20 mins to go wake up York.
  13. H.T. 20 . 0, sounds so much better than the Whitehaven game.
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