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  1. I left before the end of the, can't call it a game, for the first time in 60 years. Won't be spending my pension on that garbage again this season. Sadly, I can't see an Oldham side competing next season. RIP A great club.
  2. Just get there and cheer the lads on. I'm sure Bradford will be there in numbers. Is the bar open?
  3. Just need another 11 to be out. Game cancelled we get two points and 24 points.
  4. Always the optimist - you must take after your mum.
  5. Sadly, like I have said on previous posts the future of our great club is nearing its end. I feel the blame for our demise began with Batty and Quinn then compounded by the total despotic attitude of Hamilton. RIP Oldham Rugby League Football Club.
  6. It's a sad indictment when there were 4.1K views and 78 replies to the Dewsbury game to the views and replies to this topic. Is anybody interested?
  7. 41 missed tackles - at this level that can't be acceptable. The coach doesn't miss tackles the players really do need to look at themselves - are they proud to wear the Oldham shirt?
  8. £360,000 in debt, 300 spectators paying £6,000 per home game with most going on outgoings , no assets, soon no Sky money so how long can we stumble on? Goodbye Diskin and goodbye Hamilton.
  9. Tandle if you know something let the rest of us know, then we can all stop mailing the forum.
  10. I believe there was 1400 at Rochdale with most of them from Waterhead, St. Annes, Saddleworth and other amateur clubs. Well done to them for realising the importance of realising the need for getting the youth and the amateur clubs involved. Looking at the "crowd" at Stalybridge, probably about 250, there wasn't anyone under 40 there. The club is in a terminal state. Surely, the RL must do something and quickly - but are they interested.
  11. It's so sad seeing the players giving everything they have got, week after week, waking up on a Monday morning with a battered body all for nothing. I feel the forwards are good enough but Diskin's use of them is hopeless. We need better halves but we haven't a chance of getting anyone. To get rid of Diskin is a great idea but who in their right mind would come to a club like Oldham. No spectators, no development plan, no ground, no money. All we have is two kits and a bagful of balls. Sadly, I can't see a future for our, a once great club. We will be a Bramley, Chorley, Kent Invincta, Mansield Marksmen, Huyton, and more - just a memory. Let's look on the bright side it's only Toulouse away next week!!!!!!!! The bookies will be generous and give us 100 start.
  12. So Graham you're going to win then!
  13. A game we have to win. This isn't a game to mess about with the team BUT I'd drop Bent, put Charnock in at loose forward and play Green at stand-off. Return Bridge to the second row with Langtree. Sadly, I can't think who else we can play at fullback who can catch the high balls, that's the only reason why Abram is in the side.
  14. Why not? I think it's great and it shows who's putting the work in. Keep it up Brooksy!!!!!! Let's hope your stats show lots of try scorers for today's game. For Oldham not Gill.
  15. Could be worse, we could be Swinton or the Hairnets!
  16. All those going upnorth have a great trip and come back with 2 points.
  17. Thank God - I didn't sleep a wink after last week. I kept seeing Bent take the tackle wit two players outside of him with only one to beat.
  18. So sad to hear of the plight of Salford. Two great seasons. Grand Final and last year at Wembley are what dreams are made of. Like Oldham and Swinton and Salford, once you've lost your "home". Watersheddings, Station Road and the Willows our clubs were on a downward spiral - some a lot faster than others. Do you remember when sooperdooperleague was first mooted that our three great clubs should merge to become Manchester - it makes you think "what if?2 All the best Salford hang onto the memories.
  19. For our sake too! I'll be there, shouting my support for the ref. explaining were he went wrong again.
  20. If we do what we've always done we will always get what we've gotten - a right pasting!!!!! Diskin has lost the plot and the trust of the loyal fans. Is it time for him to go before it's too late?
  21. Where will we get a decent stand-off? I'd have thought Diskin would have strong links with sooperdooper league clubs, especially Leeds, but it doesn't appear so.
  22. Spoke to the manager of the bar, he said they couldn't sell any beer using cash and they didn't have any card machines. He said they will have them for the next game. Good to see you've got your priorities right!
  23. What can Diskin do to change things around with the players he's got? I have been told the bar will be open.
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