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  1. We seem to be getting injuries early on in almost every game to disrupt any game plan - the same today. It looks like Croft is out for a while with Langtree a worry.

    You have to give credit to Whitehaven they forced the very basic errors we made. I feel with Hewitt off the field the team loses any direction and like what was said earlier, the team doesn't have any leaders. A win today would have given us a bit of daylight from the bottom two places not now we are right in the mix.

    Three very worrying games coming up Featherstone and York away with an easy home game against Widnes at home.

    With a fully fit squad I think we are OK but that doesn't look like for a few games yet.

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  2. With all of this rain it should be a no nonsense forward battle. It appears they are a bit short of forwards and we seem to be getting our best pack together. Travelling down in the rain for about 3 hours isn't the best preparation, so we have to smash them in the first 15 minutes and hopefully playing uphill in the first half.

    No fancy rugby, keep it tight, no stupid penalties, a good attacking defence and I can't see us losing.

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  3. Thanks Dave it's very clear about win/game percentage, but how do they bring a draw into the equation?

    Also, with London being prevented of travelling to Toulouse last month does that mean Toulouse also lose out?

    Why does the RL keep messing things up? I long for good old days.

  4. Bent is worth his weight in gold. How he put so much into every game is beyond me. Again 49 tackles. In yunion they go mad when somebody does 15 tackles in a game.

    My only worry is the amount of tackling Charnock does, again 30 tackles. Gregory must be the find of the season he turns every game when he comes on and besides that he made 35 tackles!

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  5. I am not clear about this % idea. Looking at the table, Sheffield have 5 points but are below us on 4 points.

    Can someone explain ie. Tandle what the hell is going on!!!!!

  6. We must have a great chance of winning this one after the great win against Halifax and a good game against London. Just hope we don't have any more injuries - Hewit didn't look too good when he went off.

  7. Great win and what a great game. The credit must go to the defence - it is getting better and better every game. With a little more luck we could have scored a pan full, but credit must be given to 'fax for their defence. 

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  8. In every game we are getting better and with a couple of old heads returning to the side I can see us beating 'fax.

    I would stick with Green at the back and bring Gregory on after 20 mins - he always makes a massive impact when he comes on.

    Just a wild thought, play both Langers and Bridge in the centres.

  9. A game of what if and maybes. As daft as it sounds it was a game we could have won. Several of their tries were fortunate to say the least. I feel the real change occurred when Gregory came on.

    Get some players back and I feel we will be OK.

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  10. How many. if any, players will we have back?

    We can't afford another embarrassing defeat like last week. I hope Diskin has read the riot act about the number of penalties we gave away so giving them field position and even more possession.

    If he hasn't and we are thread bare again, can we say we can't fulfil the fixture and lose by 24 like London did last weekend?

  11. Great never say die attitude from the Yeds even when we went down ten points to some bad decisions.

    One thing that really concerned me yesterday was the constant talking and questioning the ref's decisions by almost every player. I thought the only player who could talk to the ref. was the captain. I felt some pity for him yesterday but not too much!

    A  week off and then Batley away - easy-peesey!

  12. Well we have had two friendlies now the fun really starts!

    According to the press, Barrow haven't had ant pre-season games which should suggest we are better placed.

    It will be very interesting what team Diskin puts out. Theoretically, it has to be his strongest side with the forced omissions of Leaming and Joy. But will he? He can't afford to lose to Barrow but he can't continue tinkering with his side either. The new season begins the week after, so he must have a settled side for Swinton, again a game against a side we can't afford to lose against.

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