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  1. I've just had a look at the Bull's results record for this season and this waffle you're giving everyone on here doesn't hold water. You're correct in saying Leigh are the only team the Bulls have lost to away from home. What you don't mention is the other games away have been against the bottom four clubs in the division! The home games the Bulls have lost have all been against teams above them in the league. The one home game the Bulls have managed to scrape a win in was against Batley who are above the Bulls in the table. These facts suggest the pitch has nothing to do with their poor results this season. It's more likely to be they can beat the poor teams but not the better teams apart from an odd one off occasion.
  2. Fordy said on Radio York an hour ago Livl had a scan on Tuesday and waiting for result. He didn't say what the injury was.
  3. Is that on the web edition S.K? We have today's Press and it ain't in there.
  4. I hear Kear's left the Bulls. Any further news on that?
  5. Yes Andy, but Jimmy knows what he's talking about.
  6. It's alright having a load of decent players but it's keeping 'em all happy that's the problem!
  7. Don't forget Premier t.v. 700pm tonight anyone who can get it. Should be worth a look seeing as we play Haven next game.
  8. I was thinking and hoping along those lines myself S.K. Hope we're right!
  9. I agree with all that plus Clarkson ran his blood to water!
  10. I thought the energy and determination levels from the Knights last night was brilliant and the main difference between the two sides. Newcastle certainly didn't look a bad side and I wouldn't have used the word "poor" to describe them at all. In my book that ignores how good the Knights were. I hope O'hagan is ok as I thought it was quite ominous that he went off with nearly half an hour left to play but on the plus side it was good to see Teanby come back on after his head knock assessment must have been clear.
  11. According to the timetable for tomorrow which I've just looked at on line, buses depart Monks Cross P+R at 800pm, 830pm and the last one is 900pm. As for tickets I haven't a clue. I would have thought you can pay on the bus.
  12. Looking at the Saints team in the paper this morning S.K. they only had about 3 missing and they could have been injuries.
  13. I suppose the alternative is to watch the ladies on the Our League app then go to the men's game. I think the ladies game is free and the men's is a pay job.
  14. I see 3 Knight's lads in Rhino's reserves team against Wigan this weekend. Harrison, Towes and Warren.
  15. I agree with all that S.H. apart from Fordy wanting out of the Cup. I think he thought the team he picked was good enough to win the game. Now he knows it wasn't. As you say, we still should have had enough to be better than that score line.
  16. Pauli suspended the rest either rested or niggles as far as we know
  17. Ellis, Kirmond, Brining, Jubb, Oakes, Pauli.
  18. Nice to see you mention Sam there Andy. As you say, he was first class and complimented your commentary brilliantly.
  19. I believe all season tickets are the same when it comes to cup games, that is it's all pay. I also fully understand why and I don't mind but I was told to get them from the ticket office and not the club shop. That's when the problem arose. I only became aware of this when I received the email at 515pm yesterday which was a bit late when they've been on sale all week and I'd already bought ours. .
  20. I went to the ticket office yesterday and told the guy we were PremierClub season ticket holders and we wanted our tickets for this Sunday's cup game. He said no problem and sold me the tickets for our usual seats and I paid the amount due, 5 x £15 (seniors rate)= £75. I then thought to ask if my annual pass for the match day parking was valid for the game and he said it wasn't so I forked another £5 out for a parking permit. At 515pm today I received an email from the club, one that looks like it will have been sent to all Premier season ticket holders, informing me if I want access to the Premier club lounge I need a Premier Club ticket at the concessionary price of £20 (seniors rate). It looks like a two tier pricing system has been introduced for Premier members for cupties now but hadn't been very well publicised until the email this evening unless we're the only ones who didn't know. I thought I'd mention it on here in case anyone, as we do, arrange to meet in the bar for a pint and a chat before the game and find they can't gain entry. Incidentally, after buying a car parking permit for Sundays game yesterday, I received another one today by email so I've ended up with 2 permits!
  21. If it's like last Sunday's 2nd half that might not be a bad thing!
  22. Don't tell me Johnny Presley's been bulking up Peter!
  23. As you know Andy, Pat and I sit just across from you and we were talking about the media accomodation. How you and Mick coped in those conditions yesterday was amazing. We were asking the question 'why on earth aren't you on the back row'. With all the wires and stuff around you must make it potentially dangerous in the wet as well as rediculously uncomfortable. It's bad enough just being a spectator never mind doing your job in it, what with all the soggy team sheets and notes etc. It's a nice stadium but in our opinion, unfortunately, it's built the wrong way round. In the summer sun, (remember that!). sat in the main (East) stand, you get frazzled and blinded and in the rain, blowing on the normally prevailing westerly wind, you get soaked unless you're one of the fortunate ones in the rear half a dozen rows Without a doubt, we agree with Georgeb1 when he suggests giving fans a choice by opening the West stand and an end one but unfortunately anyone with a Premier season ticket who wants to use the Premier lounge and facilities is stuck with the East stand.
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