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  1. The bloke sounds like he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on
  2. One up 5 drives and a kick predictable rubbish. No offloads, no 2nd faze, no ball movement.... this really is awful to watch. NZ are missing some of their best forwards too.... get Bennett gone
  3. Wane as head coach with Ian Watson and Powell as his assistants
  4. Bennett’s style of 5 drives and a kick will not beat Australia. Add to that it’s awful to watch and his very questionable selections means it’s time for a change. We’re going backwards
  5. My thinking is trying to fit him in the team somewhere. He’s a very talented player but for some reason it doesn’t click with him for England... we don’t have anyone currently good enough who is a natural 13.
  6. Idd start with Hodgson at 9 for the opening 25-30 mins and then bring Clarke on at hooker and move Hodgson to 13
  7. I’ve got a feeling he will be back playing in 12 months time.... because of the infection he can’t have any type of surgery on his shoulder. He’s still only 30 so still got time to come back.... in his statement he says he won’t be playing in the NRL next season. I don’t think he will play for souths again (salary cap complications) but wouldn’t surprise me to see him in super league In 2021
  8. SL Champions - St Helens GF Runners Up - Warrington League Leaders - St Helens SL relegated - Wakefield Challenge Cup - Wigan Champ Winners - Leigh Champ Promoted - Leigh Champ Relegated - Oldham and Whitehaven L1 winners - Doncaster L1 also promoted - Newcastle 1895 Cup - Halifax
  9. That’s what I thought at first but this app is legit. Few RL people have been retweeting the link
  10. Read on Twitter about a new app called OVO that has just agreed to start streaming international RL matches starting with England vs Jamaica and it’s free.
  11. Karl Pyrce had all the physical attributes to become a top player but unfortunately that’s where his talent ended
  12. This is a much improved Donny team than earlier in the season. Horne has finally realised changing the team every week using various DR players doesn’t work and it’s no surprise our form has improved now we have a more settled side. Rangie is improving game by game as his match fitness improves. There’s a chance last seasons player of the year Brad England could make a return after a few months out plus E Hodgson may return also. Idd say a Donny win but will be tight
  13. As someone who lives and breaths RL, I have hardly seen any promotion for this year’s final up to now. I always attend England games, so would have thought I may have received a phone call/letter or even email about the game, but no nothing.
  14. Rangy Chase expected to make his debut for Donny on Sunday. Just a shame the game is at Fev
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