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  1. As someone who lives and breaths RL, I have hardly seen any promotion for this year’s final up to now. I always attend England games, so would have thought I may have received a phone call/letter or even email about the game, but no nothing.
  2. Rangy Chase expected to make his debut for Donny on Sunday. Just a shame the game is at Fev
  3. Saw a headline from today’s League weekly suggesting Super league could be set for a private cash injection. Not had chance to pick up a copy as yet. Anyone know what was said or is it more pie in the sky ?
  4. Doncaster and Newcastle.... donny have the money to push on again should we go up this season
  5. I watch the majority of NRL 360 episodes and Kent is up there with the most negative people involved in RL. Hardly ever talks the game up and talks down any RL that isn’t NRL at every opportunity
  6. Be a good replacement for George Burgess. I’m guessing a lot cheaper too
  7. It’s no surprise to finally see Donny performing well now Horne has stopped tinkering with the side and is naming a settled side each week. With our best 2 forwards Brad England and Frankie Mariano still to return from injury, plus Rangi Chase in a months time, expect a strong play off push from the Dons.
  8. Great news for Samoa... the kiwi squad named for their game with Tonga is still pretty strong
  9. I usually cast from my phone but I’ll try casting from my tablet or laptop and see if it’s any better... strange thing is, the quality only drops for live action
  10. I’ve never had an issue untill last week or so and I t’s only on live streams. I get on average 60 mpbs so Its not my internet. Might try resetting my google chromcast device
  11. Does anyone else have the watch nrl app ? Recently when ever I watch a match live on it and stream it to my TV using google chromecast the quality of the stream goes from HD to bring blurry every 30 seconds or so. My Internet is pretty fast so not sure what his reason could be... anyone else have this problem ??
  12. 2 half backs away from being able to beat the very best
  13. O Connor, McDermott, Clark, Cummings and Angela Power’s all need to be let go at the end of this season. I like carney as a presenter and Wells doing what he does but a whole new commentary team is needed.
  14. Just my opinion but every time I’ve seen him play, I feel he’s massively overrated.
  15. Make this a yearly event against a different super league side each year
  16. Those Butlin brothers were on a programme by Danny dyer a few years ago. Was called Britain’s most dangerous men I think.. they seemed a right pair of nutcases.
  17. Coventry Bears 28v 14 London Skolars Keighley Cougars 16 v 28 Doncaster Oldham 22 v 10 Hunslet North Wales Crusaders 32 v 20 West Wales Raiders Workington Town 34 v 18 Whitehaven
  18. Not sure if this has been answered already but say New York sign a multi million dollar deal TV with say ESPN. Would they keep all the money it would it be shared out between the super league/championship clubs ??
  19. He is a massive improvement on Angela can’t string a sentence together Powers. Idd imagine Bill Arthur might take over from Eddie untill the end of the season. Arthur lives near me. Nice bloke but don’t think he’s the answer as long term commentator.
  20. I’ve just watched today’s NRL 360. They said we tried to organise a game vs Australia but as they pay their players 20k a game, they said it wouldn’t be cost effective
  21. I’m sure gledhill makes it up as he goes along... enjoy the show with him and Craig Harrison but that’s just for Harrison. Gledhill makes out he’s the most connected man in RL.
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