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  1. I went to the game. Man for man, there was nothing in it. Raiders made lots of daft mistakes, including 3 unnecessary yellow cards. Cornwall took good advantage of it and made them pay. Fair play to Cornwall.
  2. I'm driving 6 hours from West Cumbria to Llanelli for the match so Raiders had best win
  3. Great result. They've worked really hard and not given up, even when getting absolutely walloped. My lad ended the game with a bandaged head but was absolutely buzzing afterwards.
  4. C'mon fella. No need to be salty. Your lads won and WWR looked more competitive. Isn't that what everyone wants from them? It seems like you do. By the way, I got the impression of the 80+ from every post in this thread; someone even predicted 100. No WWR player suggested that. I think there's something to be said for magnanimity in victory, rather than lashing out at the ref and the score board.
  5. From what I could gather after speaking to players, is that Keighley also had a couple of dubious tries allowed. I think ultimately, WWR are trying to improve, Keighley came expecting to get 80+ on the scoreboard and found themselves frustrated that their opposition are actually giving it a go and not rolling over.
  6. Well my son was supposed to play, first game back after concussion at Swinton. He showed me the team list and was raring to go. He felt they had a good chance of making an impact this week against Doncaster with some injured players fit again, and suspensions back alongside a couple of loan signings. As for what the issue with doctors was, it might be worth waiting for a statement from WWR before jumping to conclusions.
  7. Cheers both. I'm sure he will be fine. Probably out for about three weeks. He gave up his trial at Workington to move to Llanelli as he just wanted to play every game he could, so he will give it everything he has in every match. No point moving that far across the country to ###### around eh You have to feel for the other prop. Completely knackered his knee in literally the first run of the game. He's a solid unit as well. Just sheer bad luck for the both of them tbf.
  8. Good to see a moderately positive opinion on the team. There's loads of work to be done but the fact that heads didn't drop was a positive from the game. Fwiw, my son played his debut for them against Swinton. He was the one who came off after being knocked out just before half-time. He clashed heads with another WWR player in a tackle and got concussed. He'll is raring to get over his concussion and back to it.
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