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  1. cant see the full programme getting completed. will they revert to average points to get final positions? not sure how many game sky need to keep contract complete. also having one team short makes a problem anyway.
  2. so how many left in? comp looks unlikely to go ahead. share the cash between championship & league 1 clubs
  3. chase sky up, they usually help just to keep customers. but best leave till a couple of days before the games you want. £15 seems a lot for a game on sky. for the cost of a game a week at £15, you could get a full sky sports package with everything else also.
  4. masks must be compulsory, restricted attendance though, perhaps seated areas so large groups cannot gather together. i would go.
  5. if new york backers buy toronto, i assume that the toronto team will become new york instead. so no extra n american side then
  6. in group stages do we vote for any of the 4? or are there "matches"? so voting for each team in a match (eg france v australia).
  7. i think that would likely be a cricket teas world cup! anyway nothing beats a bacon sarnie!
  8. i think spains got a good run to semis also. new zealand would have got there whoever they had been put with iMO
  9. i'm up for a wine world cup! is it countries or specific type of wine? either way i;m in!
  10. dont think i've seen any of them, but will keep a look out for a taster if i come across any of them
  11. didnt fancy going through countless pages to find it. what was the general opinion
  12. i got the impression TWP were happy to see the season cancelled, but when the go ahead confirmed they pulled out. IMO minus 12 points if in SL, or start afresh in league 1
  13. its just the lateness of withdrawal that is the main issue.
  14. what is the cut off date for entering the championship/league 1 comp? 16 teams seems very optomistic IMO.
  15. how do toronto fit in next season? pulled out after losing 6 games, relegation very likely (if season completed), so a points penalty must be applied surely. 12 points sounds right as they had lost 6 games that were played this year. as it was mainly financial, it should be the same as any other club that had gone into administration. you cant just drop out then carry on as if nothing had happened the next season.
  16. which ones? i go on taste not where they come from!
  17. not a big fan of tet;eys, but i do like the jennings. needs reviewing on a regular basis to keep brewers on their toes & in buisness. drink out to help out!
  18. thats ok if the government give go ahead. i'm all for that. there must be no exceptions to face coverings. if for any reason someone cant wear a mask/covering, unfortunately no admission. could mean no food/drink sales either, difficult to eat/drink with a mask on!
  19. its original copies i require to complete my set, i have copied those on RKC website (which is what you sent), many thanks anyway for your help.
  20. glad i didnt watch the link! a shared stadium is a must, not wait & see. make sure its a venue that can be used every evening also. its times like this you need to be adventurous & "go for it", everyone wins. astro pitch can be used 7 days a week. another earner.
  21. i will be giving some of my beer contenders a test tonight!
  22. the article said its the concourses are the main issue, entrances are not the main issue as fans turn up over a period of time, but all leave pretty much together. hopefully if all goes ok with 17-33% it can be increased to 50%+.
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