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  1. I’ve worked one out. Also got one with all time top division 1895/96 to 2019. Done one for top 4 tiers also also all time top 4 tiers in one table (just finishing that one, will be completed in day or so).
  2. Do Cardiff’s results stand? With results awarded? Or record expunged?
  3. There are plenty of stadiums in London of varying sizes. No point playing in a ground of 30k+ capacity. Leyton orient holds about 9/10k and is easily accessible on the underground. Should the club need a bigger ground in future there’s plenty about. Also Leyton is close to central London so travelling fans could make it back home on into London quite easily. Ealing is out on a limb.
  4. Perth is sensible choice. A large market to tap into. Huge ex pat there also. Everything shuts early in Perth, city centre a ghost town by 6.30, so early ko would suit east coast viewers. When cricket expanded their 20/20 big bash they just added another team to Sydney & Melbourne! Where the largest populations are. Similar to the extra team in Brisbane, hotbed of rl, rather then new market.
  5. What league will be silly enough to take West Bank in? If they do get into a league, a league official should attend as a neutral at each game to verify the tactics. These issues deter players from playing, and kids will not take up the game, and I don’t blame them
  6. Only Adelaide has a grass bank now, the only other last year was Perth but that’s been replaced with the new Perth stadium. Only one end at Adelaide also
  7. Perhaps Leeds should have moved to a new venue, rather patch up an old ground. A purpose built 20k capacity ground, with built with possible expansion built in.
  8. Are York city knights sharing with York city F.C.? I would assume so, it makes running costs lower
  9. Ground share is the most sensible option for all grounds, where possible, whether with other rl, ru or football teams. Getting new grounds built in any sport seems to take years & years to get there.
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