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  1. Nope I haven't missed it at all. I'm just pointing out that if RL was more relevant in the UK then they wouldn't need the Kangaroos constantly touring to know that RL is one of the biggest sports in Australia. I'm also pointing out that RL in the UK is over reliant on internationals, but that's an aside.
  2. If the current struggles that the Broncos are facing, if you can even call them 'struggles', is enough to make you throw in the towel, then you're going to hate supporting almost any other club.
  3. It is not Australian Rugby League's job to sell Rugby League to the masses in England, and it's a sad indictment on English RL that it's reliant on internationals to remain relevant.
  4. While that is true, it sounds more profound than it actually is. Aside form recent immigrants pretty much everybody in Australia is of mixed ancestry (often very mixed), and next to nobody particularly identifies with their English ancestry over any other. That's not to say that the cultural influence of Britain (and particularly England) isn't still strong in Australia though, we're part of the Anglosphere so of course it is, but that is less to do with the peoples ancestry than it is to do with the countries ancestry, if you know what I mean.
  5. Because of all the inherent advantages that the club has the Broncos have never experienced a truly tough time in their existence! I mean in their 30 years they've only missed the finals 3 or 4 times and they've never missed them back to back, if I remember correctly they've never finished in the bottom four, let alone won a wooden spoon, and I could go on but I think you get the point. Take the last decade (their least successful), they only missed the finals twice (2010 and 13), every other year they made the finals and they even made the GF in 2015. Most other teams would give their left nut and their first born child to have a record even half as good as that... The Warriors have only made the finals 8 times in their whole existence and if you put all the GC teams together they've only made finals 4 times, so in their worst decade the Broncos matched the Warriors total and doubled the GC's! In my opinion the way that many Broncos fans are reacting to the teams current bad form is more of a reflection on their character than on the club's, and most of them would never make it as fans of any other club.
  6. It's quite ironic that in dropping them you are showing the same lack of 'mental strength' that you claim they are.
  7. If the other teams had the depth in a position like the Raiders do in the front row then they’d do it as well. They might not realise it now, but at the point that those guys are in their careers it’s a win-win for them as well. Even if they don’t cement at spot at the Raiders they’ll be a known quantity, with a good record, and lots of NRL experience that they probably wouldn’t have got under other circumstances. In other words, even if they don’t land a permanent spot at the Raiders they are being set up to land a spot somewhere else.
  8. I wouldn't. Ricky will keep cycling him and the others like Guler, Lui, and Horsburgh through giving them game time and keeping them match fit, but he won't really commit to one of them really cementing a starting spot until Soliola retires or some of the other guys move on. The pack's more flexible that way, and it's easier to replace guys that are injured or suspended.
  9. Going to the Roosters would be the biggest mistake of his NRL career. They'd chew him up and spit him out as soon as the next best thing comes along. If he truly wants out of the Broncos and he's smart then he'd try to get in with a team like the Knights, up and coming team, good culture, and don't have a brutal, dodgy, corporate attitude like the Roosters. The Knights and other teams like them, would be patient with him and nurture his game as he builds into a better player, the Roosters would be looking to replace him with the next best player that comes cheaper as soon as they sign him.
  10. Burleigh already have beaten their first grade side, and if given the opportunity they could beat a few of the other teams in the lower half of the NRL as well! Many of the other better teams in the Qld cup and NSW cup could beat weaker NRL teams as well if given the chance, because in reality there isn't that much of a difference in standard between your top Q and NSW cup teams and your bottom of the table NRL sides. And just because I say they could beat somebody doesn't mean that they'd necessarily be convincing in doing so, or that they'd necessarily have a better win-loss ratio over their opponent. Let's put it this way, if Burleigh can beat the Titans, then they'd probably finish somewhere between 7th and 10th in your average year of Super League, but they'd definitely "shock" a few of the stronger SL clubs along the way.
  11. I agree that many of the NSW cup sides wouldn't be out of place in the SL either. With the exceptions of Ipswich, CQ, and the Hunters, all the Qld cup sides are reserves for NRL sides as well, so maybe stop talking about things that you know nothing about.
  12. The best thing for them would be to run teams in the Mal Meniga cup and Hasting Deering Colts for a few years to build up some players before launching the Qld Cup side. That'd probably be financially restrictive though. To be honest I can't really see where the money's going to come from to support the club at all. I can't imagine that there's a great deal of sponsorship money on offer for RL in New Caledonia, and I doubt that sponsors from Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, etc, will be too interested in supporting the team unless it's based in their country, not initially at least. Relying on grants from the Australian Government to support the club is just a really bad idea, but who knows, maybe the French government have some sort of grant scheme that they could apply for. They're probably going to be pretty reliant on money coming from Australia and maybe France initially, so it'll be interesting to see where the money comes from.
  13. They really wouldn't what? You're either delusional or totally ignorant on this subject.
  14. Yep, and if given the opportunity they could do in a bunch of other NRL teams as well. They aren't the only team that is capable of that as well.
  15. The top Qld cup teams could beat many of the NRL teams on their day, so suggesting that they would be competitive in the SL shouldn't be taken as an insult.
  16. I don't know if the Qld cup is stronger than the Super League, but it's a lot closer to SL than people here are making out. Most of the top half of the Qld cup wouldn't look out of place in the SL. The only club that they'd really struggle with is St. Helens, but that's true of rest of the SL clubs as well.
  17. It's an interesting idea, a bit like the Wolfpack in that it's come from left field. Whether it'll work or not completely depends on how much backing they can get to support it, and I can't see where the money will come from. I also think that it'd be best for them if they started at a lower level and built their way up like the Silktails were doing in NSW, but that would be harder to do in Queensland. Good luck to them though.
  18. Thank god they lost it as well, if they'd have won it the ACT government would be using it as an excuse to shower them in even more money.
  19. There's no actual evidence of a mass exodus of RL fans picking up other sports that they didn't already have a prior interest in because of the SL war, it's just one of those things that has been repeated so many times that it's become "truth". What actually happened was just as the SL war was blowing up the Swans came good. They went from cellar dwellers to perennial competitors and won their first premiership as Sydney soon after that. Success draws interest. What you don't understand about the AFL is that they are loaded and they are patient. They know that GWS and the Suns are going to cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in the short term, but to them it's a long term investment, they'll pay hundreds of millions now and get all that money back and more 20-30 years from now.
  20. The idea that the AFL has hit it’s peak is silly, there’s still plenty of room for them to grow. Playing for your country is highly overrated, most people would prefer to be payed a ton of money to play a game that they love, and there’s not a lot of love or money in soccer in Australia.
  21. Even if they do have to pay the Lions a few extra million it isn't going to break the bank, and participation is down in almost all contact sport.
  22. The initial core fan-base of almost every expansion club for the last 60 years of Australian rugby league can be describe as a mix of people who are already fans of other clubs picking the team up as their "second team" (before it inevitably becomes their "first team"), and curious locals. So yeah, it'd be surprising if it were any other way. The Titans struggles, and for that matter all the other GC clubs failures (except the Chargers), have been mainly because of chronic mismanagement. Not only have the Titans struggled on the field, but they have disenfranchised their fan-base at almost every turn, so it's not really right to say that their crowds dropped off just because they haven't had much success.. If the administrations of new bid clubs are as inept as the Titans' has been then that is a failure by the NRL for not dotting their Is and crossing their Ts properly.
  23. The acrimony from the SL war doesn't even resonate with most older people anymore, let alone young ones. Most people under the age of 30 either weren't old enough to truly understand what was going on, or don't even know what it is. At this point it's really only older hardcore fans who can't get over the SL war. Besides, there's more than one way to create a point of difference. Class, geography, general attitude or feel of the club, etc, could all be used as points of difference. One of the main reasons that you hear from people for not liking the Broncos is that they don't like the Broncos' brutal corporate nature. Making the second club more community and family orientated would be a great point of difference that would attract a fair chunk of people in of it's self. I honestly don't want to get into the Titans problems at the moment, but if we stopped progress to wait for everybody to catch up we'd be waiting forever. So they are just going to have to adapt to change like everybody else has too. Besides the added competition could be the making of them. As to whether expansion will effect their support from the NRL; well it could, but things would have to go very, very wrong for that to happen, and even if it does go very wrong it's much more likely that one of the new failing expansion clubs would be on the chopping block than the Titans.
  24. I think that is extremely wishful thinking. Sure a second NRL club will hurt the Lions in a lot of ways, especially in the sponsorship department, and maybe the AFL will have to spend a bit more on them, but the AFL can afford it and the Lions have their market and what happens in RL won't effect that a great deal. I'd be much more worried about a second Brisbane club's impact on the Titans and Suns honestly.
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