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  1. 'Monumental mistake' over Rugby League museum at Huddersfield hotel - YorkshireLive (examinerlive.co.uk) Have Kirklees Council been giving funding on its commitment to the George hotel & Rugby League museum ? if so then the money should be paid back & RLC should open the tendering once again.
  2. The fact its on Change.org should answer your question plus people from down under have signed it, has for Kirklees taxpayers yes if the council don't stick to the agreement the lottery funds wont happen.
  3. Petition · Allow a Rugby League Museum in The George Hotel, Huddersfield · Change.org
  4. I Believe both clubs where looking to stage at least one game at a neutral stadium with a large capacity & try to entice many French people to the game, not on a Thursday nite.
  5. To help with the attendance Leeds could do a early Valentines ticket for your Spouse/Girlfriends with a free Red Rose or a Champagne Bar to attract more female fans, not that Rugby League needs to attract them but something along that line could help.
  6. Anything is better then Location Location but do like the prog about houses done up.
  7. See didn,t take long for the SL self interest to show its ugly head.
  8. Can't have a Monday night show will clash with Championship nite, the idea is to spread the word not compete with each other.
  9. So where are all those Rugby League supporters who shot me down when i suggested talking to C4 because they had moved to Leeds, in your eyes Rugby League wasn't good enough for somebody like C4 Quest or ITV4.
  10. My hotel i had to cancel was in between both stadiums.
  11. my problem is i have tickets for double header games & due to Xmas plans cant book till New Year so i hope Newcastle hotels don't take the money from the home office.
  12. Something to do with migrants being moved all around England & putting them up in hotels.
  13. yep had hotel sorted for WC 2021, but wasn't expecting such a big hotel being taken off bookings sites, apparently once the home office take over members of the public not allowed to stay at such hotel.
  14. So the World Cup schedule has been announced & great the double header is on in Newcastle plus Magic Weekend is on in July but i have a question is both these events going to suffer due to a lack of hotel bed space, i ask this due to last week i was in the Leeds area & couldn't get into my normal hotel due (a big hotel chain) to the home office using it has part of there dispersal policy. I understand this is happening across the North of England is Newcastle one of the City's where this is happening?
  15. Easy answer because the Rugby Union lot don't want to share with Truro City, certain people over the years have kicked up a fuss about building the stadium & if you come from the Cornwall & Devon area you will be aware of who these people are who have held up the stadium always in the papers & likes of spotlight (BBC)
  16. From my travels with Buckland Athletic in the vase i believe its the price of a coach for the team & 90% help with cost buy filling the empty seats with fans.
  17. Why does Rugby League clubs need paying to travel ? does it happen in other sports ? its not long ago that the Cornish Rugby Union side used to travel up to the likes of Otley where they helped with travel costs.
  18. The only hard bit is from Exeter the rest from the North is motorway, trains plenty of direct from the North, take in the M25 & getting into North London then no difference.
  19. if you read my post properly you would see i pointed out i was at a Rugby League game in Cornwall, so the interest is already there its up to the club to raise the profile to attract others to the game I WISH YOU RUGBY LEAGUE FANS WOULD STOP BEING SO NEGITIVE ALL THE TIME.
  20. Why not, i bet most teams go to the Skolars & back in a day. only thing i would be asking Cornwall to do would be play on Saturday instead of Sunday to help teams & players due to work on Monday.
  21. I think you will find the London thing is down to them keep moving get a home like when they where at Fulham & they might get some of the lost fans back.
  22. Devon Sharks recently played Hammersmith Hills Hoists at home & the Hoists travelled to Newton Abbot by train from London & back in one day they found the money how ?
  23. Sorry what's that got to do with Rugby in Cornwall, was making a point about been aware there is Rugby League fans in Cornwall keep your sarcastic remarks for somebody else.
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