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  1. are you being Ironic there Matt or do you actually believe that??
  2. I don't think they will go belly up Paul. Around 1991/2ish they were in the balance and struggling. Business wise they have a massive share of the market now and are unlikely to go that way. However, I'm not sure their continued involvement in RL is assured as we may believe, and tho I'm not one to closely scrutinise the markets and economy etc, it does appear that all our eggs are in a basket with "rupert" on the side of it! If murdoch's 'suits' decide RL doesn't represent value for money, then it most certainly will withdraw from RL. If there is to be an ending of the relationship between sky and RL, (and i've no evidence to suggest there will be, it's more likely to be for the above reasons than a collapse of murdoch's empire. You're right of course. I have other issues with murdoch, but his involvement with RL does indeed play a part in my feelings towards sky.
  3. If I was a salford/wakey fan I'd be cakin me sen! I note Salfords recruitment isn't earth shattering. Perhaps they're already preparing for the news that they are doomed!
  4. t'other way round for me paul! I can, and do live without murdoch! I'd miss the Beeb! If Sky went the way of setanta, would there be no RL to watch ever again in this country??? The championship survived the collapse of the monkey and Saint's finest benidormer!! I would suggest that RL would survive the collapse (or withdrawal) sky but accept that we are so tied to murdoch at the mo there would be some casualties if that relationship broke up suddenly. There would have to be some severe re-structuring at clubs and an almost certain return to semi-pro for what is now SL. As we're still no nearer the Aussies I wouldn't care if we stopped chasing that holy grail anyway. Daft thing is, I think some of the championship clubs could probably stand the [hypothetical] storm better than some, if not all SL clubs! I should probably care - but I don't think I would if sky did eventually pull out.
  5. I didn't hear the interview but it's interesting if true! http://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?t=436817 I would have thought Salford's position looks precarious if an axe is to fall on one of the SL teams.
  6. it may be a waste of time colin, it may not. My angst against sky goes much deeper than rugby league, but nevertheless, is a contributing factor. I am a supporter of fev, not super league! Taking my bat home? Perhaps. My lad, born 1983 doesn't totally understand my view point. Then not many others do either.
  7. each to their own kirkie. I would rather not have sky! C'est la vie. I'll live with that. I wouldn't expect anyone to do as i do. I'm just a grumpy old sod who will not support murdochvision. Firstborn however...... Youth today eh! Won't even support my grumpiness!
  8. anyone caring to look at my house will note the only dish in our house has fruit in it! You are nothing if not predictable my little bouncey friend. The need to keep trying to prompt a response suggests some effective disorder similar to ASD! I'd go and get that checked if i were you, you small ovoid oaf!
  9. it would be interesting to see how the game would progress if that was the case ernie. We would feel the impact down here in the world outside the 'holy grail', but I would suspect it would nothing in comparision with the impact it would have on SL! We'll see!! Sky my fat ginger @rse!
  10. But, in agreement with Sliggster1, your sneering contribution to this thread was not necessary, and contributed little or nothing to the thread.
  11. for the pure exhilaration of coming from so far behind and winning in the last minute, and after the "easy easy easy" chants from the fax fans that were eventually rammed back down their throats that fantastic friday evening, the fax away game in the league got my vote. It felt like i flew home that evening!
  12. there's a few contenders there owd co-ck!
  13. I feel a bit sorry for G'head, as some of their fans were ace and I genuinely enjoyed the trip to the toon. It's a great weekend away! But Leigh will make for a much better competition!
  14. there's no evidence (i can see) to suggest we wouldn't have been treated any differently?
  15. i take it that's a maurice quote from 1994 matt?
  16. i watched the highlights on the beeb this aft. Seen nowt to change my opinion that the aussies are still at another level to us. We're nowhere near good enough to get close to them over a series. However, a "one off"? Possible i suppose.
  17. a double edged sword. Losing revenue into league is an obvious downer if that in fact happens! However, murdoch being given some shoe??? Oh i just live in hope!
  18. workman like. Didn't break any pots last term when given the opportunity. Steady away squad player but nowt more than that on the limited opportunities he got. Wouldn't be in my 17 last season or this coming one unless we were carrying injuries from the few chances I had to pass an opinion!
  19. aye it is, although I couldn't honestly see him getting a look in at Fev next season!
  20. As most of you will have realised, I have stopped using this forum and only use it now to pick up my pms. However, I have been talking to Jimmy (a conditioner with the club) and he and one Jamie Rooney are now joint owners of :- www.jmsports.co.uk I have been asked to point out that there will be some very special deals for all Fev fans coming soon. This promises to be a fruitful business venture that I hope will prove successful for the partnership and all fev fans! Good on you lads!! Now I'm off back to my hole!
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