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  1. Presumably if an academy player is good enough they will go straight to the 1st team Reserves/A- team can provide a game for those too old for Academy but still with potential and/or a role to play
  2. MASWARLA (Midlands & South West) & North West Counties
  3. As a Saints fan must admit Halifax outplayed us that day and deserved the win I still have nightmares over Mark Elia not scoring that try ! Good to see Halifax fortunes on the up - hopefully no repeat though this weekend
  4. Tbh I dont know why some of the bigger union outfits havent tried the dual code thing more whole heartedly. The likes of Wasps, Bath, Exeter etc must have som nay lads in their systems and some will not make it in union but may be better suited to league. A league club playing in summer gives all year use of the stadium, drinks, merchandise etc is not really in competition. Make it to SL and you get the TV revenue as well I know it is mainly due to bias and prejudice either way but if say a Bath team were in SL playing at the rec in the middle of town against Saints, Wigan etc they would definately pull a crowd.
  5. All SL should have a team in except overseas teams Championship clubs - why not. Perhaps some of the smaller championship clubs could field a joint team as I think Hull KR/Hull did at one point so wouldnt need to field as many players each Look forward to it as used to like A team rugby. A mix of triallists, stars recovering from injury, new signings from Union etc always made it interesting
  6. Well done to all involved with West Wales I hope they enjoyed celebrating this last night Who knows where things can go. Doncaster eventually made it to the top. As a Saints fan I remember them beating us at Knowsley Road at the start of the season with one Vila Matautia running wild.
  7. I remember Chorley playing Nottingham in front of about 150 fans at Victory Park Freezing cold and as the paper described it, a game for the die hards
  8. Jeff Grayshon played into his 40s in Division 1 if I remember right back in the 70s
  9. In all seriousness probably quite a lot How to get a load of punters to turn up to 100+ home games, sit still for 5 hours, buy shed loads of merchandise and help all the food/beer stalls sell out. How to expand and/or relocate failing teams. How to deal with franchising and feeder clubs. How to have an exciting play off series and in the middle of the season have an all star game as well.
  10. Going back as said above the major change was Union becoming honest and admitting they were paying. Before that Wales had a great team and remember well a sell out World Cup semi final v England at Old Trafford As hostilities between the codes are less these days and we are not bleeding the Union team dry there should be potential for a league club to exist side by side with a Union region especially given that the seasons do not fully overlap. We should not be trying to base clubs in smaller valley towns. From a marketing point of view SL should be capable of having a viable club in the capital Cardiff. Capital city, great weekend trip, draw players from Wales and the South West etc etc Needs an Argyle with deep pockets to come along and fund it as a proper long term project
  11. Football has the advantage that when lose one big city club there is often another to replace them; Newcastle, Cardiff, Swansea, Sheffield, Norwich etc etc OK some smaller clubs ie Burnley, Wigan, Bournmouth but in the Premier they have novelty value
  12. Can't see Leeds finishing bottom as the cynic in me suspects that they may start to get the rub of the green with some refereeing decisions to avoid the possibility If they do however whilst it would be great fun it would cause some issues for the game as a whole Do we really want to lose a club like Leeds to the Championship at a time when we seem to be focusing on big city clubs as a means of attracting the international element If Leeds went down would we be opening the door to the Union club. probably not but they wouldnt half milk it Depending to your answer to the first question to make sure we don't lose the high profile "bigger" clubs are some clubs to be treated as too big to fail. I don't think so as would be unfair but then again Leeds is not my team Would they be guaranteed to return quickly. Who knows - Leigh and Widnes havent and with Toulouse pushing hard for a SL place no guarantees Interesting times !
  13. I think with sport you are brought up having one true love. Whilst you might stray and show interest in other things this is probably on a take it or leave it basis and when push comes to shove you go back to what you and most of your mates know As we know in Liverpool football is huge. Fans will dabble with other sports as a one off event but week on week I think most scousers would rather watch a non league football team Marine, Prescot Cables, AFC Liverpool, City of Liverpool etc than watch a new RL team establish itself in front of small crowds
  14. The logical thing is for Salford to change their name to Manchester then you have the Manchester "brand" automatically in Superleague and playing at the top level of the game. I know that may not be palatable to Salford supporters, I know they are different cities but I do think it would benefit the club in the longer term in terms of marketing. A few might get the hump but lets face it there are not many of them going as it is so what is there to lose ? I think a Manchester SL club would be helpful in terms of marketing the game. The Salford name could survive with perhaps a reserve team in the Championship ? As a strategy this is probably better than a new Manchester club like rangers taking 5-10 years to develop or forcing some of the suburb clubs like Swinton, Oldham and Rochdale to rebrand. No one would be fooled by that If went with this no idea what the name would be City and United out. Something to do with the manchester Bee ? In saying this I support a small town club in Merseyside. I know how I would feel if we were told to rebrand as Liverpool !
  15. Big TV deals dont always keep ticket prices down. Look at the Premier League in football. Massive TV deal and majority of regular fans priced out of games
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