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  1. Seem to recall a couple of Van Bellens at Bradford in the late 70s early 80s
  2. Wide to West without a doubt given context of the game george Mann following the John Harrison header was pretty good too!
  3. It’s not futile it’s called contingency planning in saying that I agree wholeheartedly that the future structure is not top of the priority list at the moment. Let’s all stay safe and enjoy this forum as a welcome distraction
  4. Depending how long this lasts a whole load of sports may be forced to start again if clubs fold or end up in severe financial crisis could see a situation where we leave insolvent businesses behind and have brand new franchises an auction for player contracts and a new competition format could easily see Union and cricket going the same way
  5. Plenty of old classic games to watch on youtube Off to start with Saints Wigan Lancs Cup Final 1984 - Mal Meninga master class
  6. Well played Cas and Danny Richardson Saints need the season suspended now !!! ideally all games so far null & void and start again
  7. SL would then just play the adverse PR card. Global corporation screwing clubs over corona virus. Doesn't look that good I think SKY will take a careful approach to be seen to be doing the right thing
  8. If the virus is due to peak in 10-14 weeks and then there is still a tail, I really cant see a great deal happening until Autumn Challenge Cup may have to be written off If we could get back again in say August you could squeeze in say 8 games or so before the GF date that must be set in stone. On that basis you could perhaps start again, split the league in half and have 2 conferences. Play teams in your conference once then top two semi leading to GF. Pretty poor but would get us through and then maybe start next years SL earlier ie Boxing Day & New Years day to help with cash flow. In the circumstances would scrap all P&R. All very messy but all for the greater good. Finances are going to be a real mess. Was going to ask older posters what clubs did in the war years to keep going. Suppose very different then as clubs part time and on winning/losing pay as opposed to salaried contracts
  9. I dont agree with this move by clubs. A programme is part of the game and a physical momento. Will be interesting to see if decent quality fanzines try and fill the gap. There are some decent articles/insights written by fans and a reasonably priced alternative might sell very well.
  10. I agree with Manfred Mann Having Toulouse in SL and a "local" rival for Catalans would be a positive move for the game and for them
  11. Our League reporting that Barrow are trying to boost crowd numbers to get the buzz back in the stadium Apparently they have given a free junior season ticket to every youngster in South Cumbria and have a promotion that if an adult brings 2 kids they get a £5 food voucher Have to say hats off to them. Hope it works as getting kids back in grounds watching live sport rather than e sport needs to happen Barrow also need to push hard to make sure they don't lose out to the Barrow FC who look like being promoted to the football league Good luck Barrow
  12. Not sure you can compare Sale and Salford crowds like that If you live in the North West and want to watch professional rugby union at the highest level you have one choice ie Sale. In theory they have a free run at fans living anywhere north of Stoke and south of Lancaster. That is a big catchment area with very little competition from smaller union clubs. It also includes some very affluent areas ie South Manchester and the Cheshire set Salford by contrast has a catchment area of about 10 sq miles. At a similar level they have major and more successful competitors for fans ie Wire, Wigan, Saints. They have Leigh a few miles away and die hard local rivalries such as Swinton, Oldham, Rochdale etc to deal with. Locally as well Salford City with the Man U connections is an up and coming new kid on the block. Salford probably do well to pull the crowds they do with little scope for a major upside
  13. Football is starting earlier and earlier these days. Most football fans only have to wait a few weeks before their team is into pre season friendlies then off again. Not enough time without football for them to start getting bored and looking elsewhere
  14. Maybe Salford should have signed Israel Folau - that would have boosted crowds and social media hits ! :-) Seriously though you are right about big city kids. They have loads of choice what to do at a weekend and a RL club is not the same draw or focus of attention for them Unfortunately most kids given a choice would rather play X box for a few hours than step onto a terrace and watch real live sport. Sad times but not sure how can reverse that trend
  15. There are many teams around the country that have lost a generation of fans. Lots of half empty football stadia around outside of the prem (many of them former big clubs) I have 3 kids and I must admit that I am struggling to generate the same amount of enthusiasm for RL as I had when their age. Just far too much choice now and football dominates local discussions. None of their mates know what RL is so all discussion revolves around the Prem or Fifa. It is a big issue for our game Also we need to look at pricing. I was at a loose end yesterday and thought about taking the kids to watch Widnes v London. I support Saints so this was very much a spur of the moment lets just go and watch a game somewhere. The pricing though was off putting £20 for me and about another £25 for 2 young kids. If we are going to get a generation back we need to look at pricing more. Season tickets are great value but to get them hooked we need to get them in first. Need an across the league push to get families back before it is too late. Kids should pretty much be free if with a paying adult. Clubs won't lose out on this that that much. If entry free parents will be much more likely to buy programme, burger, scarf etc I cant be the only one getting put off. Only 3k at Widnes yesterday for a top of the table clash
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