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  1. My sentiments entirely we had some great years with him but his best days are behind him now signing him out of nostalgia would be a mistake and similar to Everton feeling obliged to sign Rooney at the end of his career
  2. They have reformed - check them out on social media They look like they have a great set up I was in Bath as a Northern Expat and have now returned to my roots Great days though Good luck with it all
  3. I remember playing For Bath against Aberavon (not Irish) in a few lively MASWARLA games back in the late 80s memory very hazy but seem to remember you having a huge prop ( ex Olympian ?) also even hazier memories of drinking challenges involving a tea pot good to hear RL still alive and kicking down there
  4. Go back in time a bit. Most sports had trials- probables v possibles Ahead of tournaments or test series 3 match series England Probables v England Possibles could be fun everyone would have to up their game and may help settle a few positional debates
  5. Not worth pushing lancs v Yorkshire again. Does nothing to help expand interest in the game saying that some additional rep games would be good north v south origin would be good. Marketing would be easy, the media would love it Lms would be a good captain for the south and am sure plenty of players have a southern parent
  6. Bet on it can watch it live at any level on tv bores me senseless
  7. Covid 19 may ironically take us full circle Back to the start of SL if after this we have a host of insolvent clubs and a tv company handing out desperately needed cash what if any changes might they demand? Beggars can’t be choosers and who knows franchises, new clubs, more international clubs mergers etc may end up back on the table
  8. Paul Davidson vila matautia sonny nickle les boyd roy haggerty wonder with this xiii how many would be left on the pitch at the end
  9. Forget Yorkshire SL Look West and contract to a SL of Saints Wigan Warrington and rejuvenate Widnes big derby games every round. Would still never be Warringtons year
  10. Great news he has been so positive throughout all of this and good to see the progress he is making Well done Mose
  11. Agreed Harry we all want sport back but there are much bigger things at stake German football playing behind closed doors reckon they still need/have 300 in attendance. Not exactly social distancing. i want RL back ASAP but just can’t see it happening any time soon. For the time being will just have to settle for horse racing
  12. With climate change and mild winters we should start the season on Boxing Day take advantage of the huge Boxing Day and New Years gates Have a mid season break
  13. Great news re government loan support big decisions now here and in the corporate world in general. Do you bail out clubs and businesses that were failing or would have failed even if covid had not occurred? If we want business rugby or whatever talking about to come out of this strongly should cash be allocated only to businesses with a viable underlying business model? some interesting business and philosophical discussions to be had
  14. I live in Liverpool and have done for many years the locals love their sport but football is the be all and all here. There are a few local rugby teams but union and league a very much minority sports. That has always been the case going back to the days of Liverpool City, Huyton and in Union Waterloo. Liverpool St Helens RU was a merger with the Liverpool club moving out Some of the schools play rugby but usually Union You might get odd fans to odd games but not week in week out. Football rules here and no marketing budget in the world changes that saints have tried playing at Anfield. Crowds were about the same so no extra revenue and the extra costs of renting the stadium marketing budgets will be heavily squeezed post covid so return on any spend will need to be good Gambling on trying to convert die hard football fans will probably not be high on the agenda
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