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  1. After the Koukash debacle there is a solid set up behind the scenes at Salford ie Watson, Blease, Rowley and the lifelong fan turned director King. Tbh Salford have not really missed Hastings as much as many thought they would do and again thats down to the acumen of the coaches, they are really quite an enterprising team, notice the speed of the counter attack against Leeds which led to the Williams try as an example, I think they will keep Watson for another season or two, maybe longer if they can consistently compete, as for next year, Escare and the winger from Wigan are onboard, they have got the quality of Watkins and Sarginson in the centres and I dont think they are too far away from having a truly top side if they can add some quality in the pack, maybe an Ashton Sims type forward, Salford deserve a lot of credit and respect, they have shown with or without Jackson Hastings that this season, like last, they can compete. 

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  2. On 07/10/2020 at 11:44, tonyXIII said:

    Forgive me for this, there is no offence intended and I certainly don't want to belittle Huddersfield but, I don't really care what happens.

    There is no relegation this year and we are in the Challenge Cup Final in ten days. Fill yer boots Huddersfield, 'cos I don't care.

    PS. I just hope we avoid any injuries.

    Totally agree, play the fringe players, its all in to land some silverware for Solly.

  3. Cannot read too much into Salfords hammering at a team that would not be out of place in the NRL, Saints are head and shoulders above anyone in Super League thats for sure.

    Could be a long season ahead for TW however and they will do well to stay up given this season is going to be something of a learning curve. as for the Salford game, you get the feeling Watson will have them fired up to come flying out of the traps after last week which is bad news for the wolfpack.

  4. 3 hours ago, Rob Nash said:

    I find it amusing as an atheist he thinks I'm going to hell. His views on homosexuals however are abhorrent. I feel he will help to portray our sport as a whole in a positive light with the inevitable protests. Catalans as a club however should be ashamed.

    Just to clear things up a bit, now will this get me a ban on here?? Everyone goes on about rights but clearly some are more taboo than others.1165627133_slide_19(1).jpg.b50008d7e34afc1002bb4014d30cdf2b.jpg

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