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  1. Hurray, it's that time again: Pointless Making Predictions Before Fixtures Published Based On Posters' Individual Bias Leigh
  2. I've heard Donald Trump is at a loose end and looking for a new (bigger) challenge. Make All Rugby Great Again (Regeneration In New Environments) MARGARINE hats now available - perfect for summer rugby.
  3. So, get yourself a nice shirt with a nice sponsor from Here and just stick your preferred club badge on. Problem solved HTH
  4. Indeed. He was unlucky with the illness that kept him out for a big chunk of 2019. Then covid struck and it was a while before he played again. His form on return was back to 2018 standards and he looked to have at least another year at SL level. Unfortunately, his contract was up and squads were reducing and a single year was maybe seen as a gamble in a squad with plenty of wingers. Good luck to him. He will be a top class player at that level.
  5. Indeed, cutting corners on pilot training and plane maintenance seems to be the main cause, although there are now a lot of domestic flights. Prior to 2001 there were only a handful of domestic carriers, until they deregulated and 7+ new companies suddenly appeared. The original airlines pretty much ceased to exist very shortly afterwards as they couldn't compete with the cost-cutting budget airlines. Back in 2000, you would very rarely see an Indonesian on a flight, but now with a growing economy and cheap flights (prior to covid) means foreigners are scarce. Garuda have clearly upped their standards, but their prices are slightly higher than others, so are usually a last resort for domestic passengers.
  6. Indeed, I am in Indo. First came here 21 years ago, and apart from a 3-year stint back in the UK, I've lived here ever since - half of my adult life. No pubs at all, only 'karaoke cafes' (aka knocking shops).
  7. Although I don't miss the cold weather and short days, I do miss the signposts of the annual transition. Living just 3 degrees south of the equator, the days are the same length and the weather is the same all year round, which make it most hospitable for humans. However, it really makes it difficult to keep track of the passing year and plays havoc with your memory of when things happened. The obvious things are still relevant, missing family and friends (particularly children growing up), live RL & the traditional pub, but less so as time goes by. I have a fairly short list of items that I bring from the UK which I can't get here: Yorkshire Teabags, Marmite, English Mustard and HP sauce.
  8. How about a change of tactics? Why has the Sunday Times been banned from covering the Rugby League World Cup in 2021? I've noted how well conspiracy theories have spread across the public consciousness in recent years. Start an online campaign of outrage at how/why the RFL have banned the Sunday Times from covering RL. I'm sure we can think of spurious reasons why the RFL would do such a thing and then we can spew bile all over twitter about freedom of the press and citizens' rights of access to information. Prizes for the best suggested reasons for the Sunday Times ban. Sow the seeds on 'celebrities' with large followings who are particularly prone to outrage.
  9. This is just not true though, is it? An 'investor' or 'sugar daddy' is nice, but it's not usually sustainable, nor does it guarantee success. A simple solution to a complex problem rarely works. Money is needed. but it has to be sustainable, what happens when they are no longer there? As much as it pains me to say it, Leeds has to be the best model for an SL club. They have money behind them which can secure loans etc. but they don't rely on it for their business model. Huddersfield have Davy and a nice stadium, do they lack ambition? Hull KR have Hudgell, do they lack ambition? London is financed bu Hughes, but didn't make a sustained presence in SL. Marwan at Salford - ploughed cash in, what happened there? Cas did have someone who didn't have the cash to blow on dreams, but at least did cover their losses. How long has it taken Warrington and Moran to get established in the top half? How are the rich, successful club from Odsal doing these days? Were they ambitious? maybe too much so and overstretched themselves. Leigh are the latest team with a backer and big words. Even at Wakefield we had someone throwing money around when Glover bought the club from administration. Crowds went up significantly, but only on the back of free tickets. Once those dry up it's hard to persuade all those fans that they have to pay the going rate. Within 3 years he realised he was losing 600k a year and we ended up back on the brink on admin. Clubs like Wakefield do not lack ambition, they lack a sustainable business model which can finance success at the top level. Their main target is to retain their SL place while developing the business to bring in cash all year round not just at 14 home games. This is a much more difficult task than you give it credit for. Relegation would be the end. Clearly, Cas & Wakey are further hampered by a lack a facilities to support the business, but replacing them with a cashed-up club with no infrastructure is not viable in the longer term. Both these clubs have put a lot of effort into remedying these deficiencies, but as yet have had no luck. This is not because of lack of ambition. Cas got relegated twice, but were strong enough to return. Wakefield have scraped by for 20 years trying to achieve their goals and have, at times, ridden their luck. If at any point a more viable club had been available based on the criteria set at the time, they would have been gone. The club at Wakefield is in a stronger position now than at any time that I've been following them since the early 70s. They are closer than ever to achieving their goals. The final piece of the jigsaw is the stadium and ancillary facilities. If they start to build next year, they might be saved, if not, they will be removed next time round. Their ambition has never waned. They are not 'just happy to survive' but that is a fundamental prerequisite for success.
  10. How are you measuring this 'ambition'? In what way do you discern that the latter 3 have more than the incumbent 4? Did Leigh/London/Widnes/Halifax have more 'ambition' than those 4? How do you measure the level of the 4's lack of 'ambition'? It's easy to talk the talk of 'ambition', but walking the walk is somewhat more difficult. Ambition is fine until it meets the brick wall of reality. What remaining in SL needs is more money, and lots of it.
  11. Better than expected? They were still relegated having full funding and longer to prepare - we'll see. No doubt they'll pick up a couple of wins at the start, (probably at home against Wakefield in the first game) but it's a long hard season that tests your squad, often to the extreme.
  12. I'm still in the poisoned chalice camp. It's really set up to fail with reduced funding and no time to build a squad. If it had been Toulouse (or maybe London) I was suspicious that the RFL would somehow find the finance to extend to 14 teams. Good luck to Leigh, they'll need it. Hopefully they've learnt from previous experience how difficult it is to compete at SL level over a whole season rather than in one-off games. I'm not sure they can do anything but make up the numbers. Some fans think Wakefield should be worried, but the reality is Trinity's squad is way stronger than anything Leigh can cobble together under these circumstances. The bottom half of SL has improved significantly since last time they were there.
  13. Thanks. Found that eventually. It seems to be a NZ assertion of independence. In some ways technically it's a different land mass as the biggest microcontinent but on the same tectonic plate as Australia so for all practical purposes, part of the continent of Australia.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continent https://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/infopage/tectonic.htm Again, which continent is NZ in?
  15. so, Fev have a slightly better ground (at the moment), other than that? or is that the only criterion? Wakefield have the huge advantage of incumbency, so it's difficult for any club from outside to compete with one already in the clique. Other measures will be academy, community work, etc, non-SL clubs don't have much chance of competing. If it does come to franchising and Wakefield haven't made headway on the stadium, I'd expect them to be finally put out of their misery, but it won't be Fev who replace them.
  16. Good question. As far as Wakefield go, I can't give a definitive answer, but I would think GB were first. Wakefield played in blue with a red band from the 19th century. I think the 1959/60 season was the first mainly white shirt with red and blue bands. They won the 1963 cup final in the blue/red chevrons. Great Britain won the 1954 world cup wearing blue/red chevrons and I don't think Wakefield wore such a kit until the 1960s.
  17. I really don't mind who gets chosen as the 12th team as it seems likely to be a temporary arrangement. The odds are stacked heavily against whichever team gets picked. I chose Toulouse as my preference as they seem to be the nearest to a like for like replacement of Toronto and don't give perceived impression of RL retreating to the M62 corridor. I think so many threads deteriorate into Leigh bashing because their fans are guaranteed to give the trolls the bite they desire. Anyway, so as not to feel left out.. "#SUPERLEAGUEREADY"? why should we beLEIGHve you? You weren't ready the last 2 times* *[cumulative win rate 15.7%] P.S. I have put a cheeky 10-bob on Leigh winning the challenge cup next year though, after all they have won it every 50 years without fail - 1921 -1971 - 2021 - up the Leythers
  18. Not promoting them this year is just the first phase of the plot against the Leythers... When Toulouse look like getting relegated halfway through the season, the RFL will move the goalposts and expand to 14 teams for 2022. Suddenly, big city expansion will be flavour of the month following big increases in average crowds in 2021 (mainly due to the 3 all French derbies held at big stadia). Leigh win the championship GF, but that only counts as part of the new new criteria for promotion. After the new new super independent committee has met, they decide on York and London for the 13th and 14th team. Will they be angry then?
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