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  1. Ye, I agree, no Lee either and his defence is usually spot on. I suppose the coach will have his reasons for the selection.
  2. Anyone know the reasoning behind the missing players last night???? Selection amazes me at times.
  3. Thanks for that, look forward to seeing him perform. Good luck to Batley next season.
  4. Yes, seen that thanks? What's your view on him?
  5. Any news on Hunslet signings for this season? Straff, Tonka, Lee & Watson I believe on two year contracts unsure of any others. It's well documented that Donny & Newcastle have signed well.
  6. What's your suggestions? What team would you have selected?
  7. Because??? We require cover for sickness & injury. Equally it keeps the players competing for their position, that way you get your best 17..
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