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  1. Ye, I agree, no Lee either and his defence is usually spot on. I suppose the coach will have his reasons for the selection.
  2. Anyone know the reasoning behind the missing players last night???? Selection amazes me at times.
  3. Thanks for that, look forward to seeing him perform. Good luck to Batley next season.
  4. Yes, seen that thanks? What's your view on him?
  5. Any news on Hunslet signings for this season? Straff, Tonka, Lee & Watson I believe on two year contracts unsure of any others. It's well documented that Donny & Newcastle have signed well.
  6. Please enlighten us????
  7. What's your suggestions? What team would you have selected?
  8. Because??? We require cover for sickness & injury. Equally it keeps the players competing for their position, that way you get your best 17..
  9. Ye, thanks... they should have won it.. Try disallowed as well. Never mind. Good luck to the Knights in next round
  10. What a great game. Well done Hunslet you were very very unlucky.
  11. I can see where your coming from, but in order to win this division we need to play the best we have at any one time. In addition there could be a variety of reasons why individuals are not selected.. could be injured, holidays or unavailable for training. But regardless of team selection let's hope it's going to be a good season.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but Cain played the other week whereby he scored twice.. As a coach you should always go for the best 17 at that time. I would imagine it's a difficult decision. But as s manager/ coach that's part of the role. You can't please everyone all of the time. So very sad to hear about Richie Moore and I wish him well.
  13. Lots of money spent on players for this season, but the fact remains good individual players still need to gel as a team otherwise you don't get the results. However, don't think Jason as had enough time with them.
  14. Could be any one of them you previously mentioned...
  15. Again, unsure about your winners of the league forecast? Anyone of the six mentioned maybe but who knows...Good luck Thunder
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