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  1. I am so looking forward to coming "home" in 3 weeks time and being with UK and Cdn Wolfpack PLUS YCK fans at your shiny new stadium! There had better be plenty of bitter on tap!! On that subject what is the boozer situation there..ie a good one on site??
  2. You lot having same struggles as we are, tough opening stretch Hope both teams pull it together as we move on.
  3. Martyn Sadlers column on RL's management model and Elstone's role as CEO sums up the situation perfectly.
  4. It's what happens when the governing body is subordinate to the naked self interest of club owners. As Orwell says "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"
  5. I read that the test events are a 200 person dinner, a junior league tournament and a training session/open day. doesnt seem too onerous - just give everyone attending a trowel, a screwdriver and a sponge - job done!
  6. are they working 24/7? if not why not..it's "budgets be da**ed" time!
  7. in the photos you see it almost looks ready to go..what can possibly be the holdup??
  8. I remember being in Athens on business in 2004 just before the Olympics and thinking "no way will they be ready" and the entire city turned out to ensure things were indeed ready..hope those responsible realise this is one of those moments what with the RLWC coming up..
  9. I can't vote in the UK unfortunately and that is all politicians care about..but YCK and YCFC must be crawling all over them surely?? weren't you hoping you'd finish the season 2019 at LNER?? What exactly is "un-finished"??
  10. They have to be ready for the double header..think it could be a sellout what with Wakey, Fev, Kneets fans plus the loyal UK and travelling WP contingent heading in..will look spectacular on the box..head over with your bucket n spade Yorkies..spirit of Dunkirk and everything!!
  11. fly those Chinese hospital builders in..they will have it done in time for the bulls game!
  12. How many can you shoehorn into BC??
  13. yee gawds 2 of us have flights n hotel booked plus I have mates coming up from London to join us...whats plan B - double header at BC??
  14. my point is dont bet the farm against the Wolfpack. It;s the first game of the year, we will be fine
  15. at the end of the day it all boils down to one single question..does RL (and SL in particular) want expansion? if they do they should be supporting the North American beachhead..ie Wolfpack..if they do not then say so and David Argyle, Eric Perez plus NYRL can go about forming an international RL competition, invite Catalans, Olympique, Red Star, Valencia etc etc to the dance and show up the myopic SL owners by making a real success of it. Make me really sad because I'd really miss some of the fantastic and enthusiastic fans that we've had over here during the course of the last 3 years. The whole experiment rekindled my love of the game and generated worldwide interest in European RL something the current braintrust was unable to do prior to the WP coming on the scene. I'd say we were owed some respect and consideration..seems to be in short supply esp in and around Hull!
  16. A 5% increase in the cap would allow us to bring in perhaps 2 Quinn Ngawati level players and go to a 25 man squad. For a UK SL club maybe another Nick Rawsthorne level player, surely it's to the competitions benefit to bring in up and comers?
  17. again.he's a named marquee player .only 150k is going towards the cap
  18. agree with TBone last line entirely. A competition calling itself Superleague should empower their teams by enabling them to attract top talent and you can;t do that with a 2.1m pd cap.
  19. Well thank you for the clarification..it all sounds a bit "holier than thou" though. I hope common sense prevails, we had enough stick from L1 and Championship clubs when they couldn't field full squads, I wouldn't want to see it escalate now that the big boys are coming to town.
  20. Please stop pontificating. Unless you are a specialist in this area my opinion is as valid as yours. I will try and make my position simple for you. If an individual has paid his debt to society and poses no danger to the public as determined by a UK court what right does a Canadian bureaucrat have to deny that person entry to this country? And the reason I am "going off" on it is I do not want any visiting club or their fans to claim the Wolfpack only won because their team was short players. This has happened in the past and we can assume it would happen in the future. That is all.
  21. Balderdash. its not based on law at all..it's one bureaucrats personal interpretation of a UK court ruling or decision and it should never be left to an individual..an expunged conviction is just that, your record is clean - no rationale for denying someone entry.
  22. Disagree. improper completion and late applications - sure, no excuse but criminal records expunged by the UK courts should not mean our Government can unfairly deny entry. These players aren't emigrating they are here for a period to play a game.
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