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  1. see you are playing Fev on March 22 be a good game. but boy u have a tough round 1 Toulouse away! about time you beat them though bonne chance!!
  2. well that kinda seals it..just had lunch at the Pint-Toronto with a good pal of mine here on biz from Kent and he says his future daughter in law's family are Wakey fans so he is going to bring them to York March 22nd to see Trinity play the Wolfpack..so seems I am committed!
  3. Planning on having a few pints at this place in 2020 - March 22nd to be precise..gav, Deano and crew - be prepared..!!!
  4. if u chaps come back over bring me a pin..be happy to kick in the $10 = 6pds
  5. Place looks brilliant..can't wait to see it in person
  6. thats a fine looking stadium!
  7. yee gawds deano miles better than Lamport..wish we could copy it here!! just have to pedal yer bikes bit further....have a pint when you get there!!!
  8. A winning team (which is shaping up nicely) and a well marketed event (Gav will make sure of that!) will bring folks in...just have to look at the WP..our stadium is kinda shabby but the team is winning and the atmosphere is fantastic...come and see what I mean on Aug 10th Yorkies!!
  9. any chance the new stadium will be ready for the playoffs?
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