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  1. All teams are going concerns until the money runs out. This crisis isnt over yet.. Covid and 2021 will be the great leveller.
  2. yep there are a number of people talking rubbish about what will and will not work in NA in 2020 when they are still at home fighting battles from 1895. The world, in the digital age, is a village and a product as good as RL marketed properly could, if it wished, eclipse RU but those who claim to be it's guardians seem to want to keep it mired as a small time local pursuit.
  3. And that folks is why RL continues to lose ground to RU. League loses a promising young player to the other code and because it's a kid from outside the heartlands it's of no consequence. We should be bemoaning the loss of any player to Union not dismissing it as "no big loss' .. sad attitude.
  4. I want to do the Hurtigruten Norwegian coastal voyage. Last did the Fjords on one of those school trips from North Shields many many moons ago
  5. all this political correctness has done away with wet t shirts contests too..I remember going to one in the ballroom of the Queen Mary in Long Beach California..winner nearly took my eye out..
  6. well they got Papa Johns and rumour has it players will be able to order 2 additional toppings in 2021..so obviously their top marketing people are on it.
  7. Bus from Toronto to Cochrane and then onto the Polar bear express. ofc lotsa stuff not running at the moment aviation museum in Winnipeg and also one in Ottawa. Churchill is great for hiking in the summer..winter its too dangerous you might end up as a meal If you want a great hike do the Cabot trail in the maritimes spectacular!
  8. very expensive to visit Hudson Bay/Churchill and more of an attraction in winter when you can see polar bears (from an elevated bus!) Hamilton Ontario has a fantastic warplane museum (flying Lancaster bomber which visited the UK a few year back. Halifax NS is nice and has a WW2 corvette at the marine museum of the Atlantic. Quebec city and Montreal are fantastic you can ride the rapids in a jet boat in Montreal. Newfound land has a Viking settlement. Plenty to do..we did have Rugby League here in Toronto .
  9. Think you are missing my point and are you entirely sure the heartlands would welcome Toulouse? and crowd into Old Trafford and Wembley in record numbers if either of those two cups are contested by Toulouse and Catalans. I wonder about the size of the bond Elstone would demand for that!! UK is leaving the EU..you don't see Canada bailing on the commonwealth.
  10. I don't think indecisive is the right word..the guy(s) running the show(s) are conflicted and diametrically opposed. Elstone is there to protect SLE who, despite the E in their title" are suspicious of any outside the heartland expansion thinking it will dilute the origins of the game. Rimmer and the RFL embrace expansion because they think (correctly in my opinion) will broaden the appeal of the game and invite investment and therefore growth. A commonwealth country like Canada with similar cultural and personal ties to the UK as Australia should nurture RL given enough time and support and the fact that can we are about to embrace a second RL team in 4 years would seem to bear this out. Not so sure about the US given that they have 10 times our population but if NYRL does not prosper there after 3 or 4 years the proponents could always relocate it to Montreal or Halifax (NS) where it would, I am sure, be as well received as TWP or the Aces.
  11. There is massive affection here for all the traditional heartland teams..you simply had to attend one of the Friday night rave ups at Northern Maverick hosted by the TWP for visiting fans..we helped them put their team flags up over the bar and hoisted pint after pint together. If you werent convinced RL had a place in Canada before you came I bet you were on the flight home..if Elstone had bothered to show up to one he'd be singing a different tune to the one he sings now. Just ask Matt Shaw or Simmo.. they were there...just too bad some of the SL teams supporters never got the chance.
  12. While Elstone mentions "the viability of SuperLeague in Canada" the SL written statement specifically states "Rugby League in Canada" so either someone cocked up the release or Elstone misspoke..so which is it??
  13. "The CFL, I'll say it again, is a league that's been on life support for a number of years" Richard Powers, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management
  14. Think they need to be doing a "stress test" for every club similar to how they assess the strength of banks during a financial crisis..if this plague and attendant upheaval persists well into 2021 the Toronto issue may be moot. I cannot see the UK Government throwing more money at sport..ours said no from the off and while the NHL and MLB have massive resources the much smaller CFL is on life support.
  15. I can see a bunfight between Elstone and Rimmer may well be inevitable..question is would it be big enough fracas to cause a SLE/RFL split??
  16. It is indeed.. not much money rattling around, a large administrative overhead for separate organizations (both having different agenda's) for one sport is asking for trouble..add a pandemic into the mix and you have the potential for a bona fide disaster. Come 2021 you might get it.
  17. You're limiting it to Toronto...based on the terms of reference mentioned by Elstone and stated in the press release they will be asking Ottawa/NYRL and CRLA that very question...now CRLA and its members are doing it, admittedly on a smaller scale than what you have in the UK, but we do have nascent RL programs here..
  18. I don't see Elstone as a visionary, more a CFO charged with making sure the incomings exceed or at least cover the outgoings. Given the scope and range of what they have to cover in the next month working together there is the potential for Elstone and Rimmer to come to blows
  19. it certainly seems that Ottawa will also be under the microscope...do we take it SL (ie Elstone) will be double checking the work RL (ie Wood/Rimmer) did back in 2016 and in 2018/19 prior to approving Perez and the Aces. Can assume they will also be putting NYRL on the petri dish. Will Canada Rugby League and Bob Jowett be called as witness? that's a lot of work to be done in 4 weeks...
  20. Certain parts of the statement don't make sense...are they reviewing the viability of Superleague in Canada/NA or the viability of Rugby League in Canada. If it is the latter surely Elstone would supporting Rimmer (as head of the RFL) in the deliberations..if they are looking into whether SuperLeague will work over here then it is all on Elstone and takes us back to the great debate prior to the 2019 MPG when they allegedly told TWP "you can come in but no SKY money and you have to continue to pay all related travel etc." To me it all goes back to the silliness of having 2 seperate bodies running the sport..one trying the grow the sport (regardless of whether you agree with their approach or not) and another solely focused on maintaining control of a shrinking single source revenue stream.
  21. Locals support a hockey team (20000 regulars with a season ticket waiting list) that hasnt won a championship since 1967..there are enough fanatical supporters like me who DO know the game to drag along the newbies who by the way are catching on fast..eg 12000 in a 10000 seat stadium.
  22. will be making the Aces a bit nervous..spend a lot of money and then get shafted..and then there is NY...
  23. do what I do..take her to a mall with lotsa shoe shops..women cannot pass a shoe shop so its a given they'll buy a couple pairs..then when you spring it on them they dont have a leg to stand on..game set and match!
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