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  1. Les Dracs badly need a win here yet with Moa and Batieri out for months and the absence of Gigot, it dosent look great for my team, particularly as Wakey have rediscovered how to win. Wakey by 12pts. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Out of interest if Hastings is going to be on 250k per year at Wigan any idea what he's on at Salford and what he was on for the 8s last season at Salford Pro rata?
  3. There are too many tackles of collar grabbing or contact with the head. Or the 3rd man in diving downwards onto a players neck or head. RL I agree can clean the game up on these tackles and clamp down on them.
  4. Agreed. In the pack we could probably put out 20 players of a very good international standard. The likes of McMeeken won't be likely to make the squad yet are very good players In the backs there's less depth. In the halves even less. Given Gales injury, and Widdops too, Hastings would have to be in contention for GB.
  5. It all fits in with the general feeling in RL the game comes first and it's about winning and in Union the social aspect and being there and the culture comes first. Both different approaches and I feel RL like Gridiron is a game you can't really just play rather you compete in. It's all out really.
  6. Quick question about Lui. Is he still at Hull KR for 2020? And any idea if Salford got a fee (I'm guessing they did) and if so how much for Lui? Great signing by Leeds tbh. Who I now see as Staying up. Huddersfield and London look like the two who may be battling it out against the drop as Hull KR too look like they have enough and Wakey too. My team, Les Dracs are fortunate 2 wins will probably be enough to stay up on 24pts. They are out of form now!
  7. I agree. Tbh Gigot is the most interesting player they have and won the Lance Todd for a reason. He does turn up in the big games. He was immense at Wembley along with Drinkwater who the Dragons should have tried harder to keep too. Tony is a match winner and interviews very well too. Game needs characters. Would be sad to see him leave SL. Something isn't right behind the scenes it seems. Hence he's out of the side and his performances haven't always been consistent at the best level .Yaha being dropped as well is interesting too as I get the vibe him And Gigot are buddies. Gigot and Tomkins maybe isn't gelling like he did with Drinkwater? Maybe the two of them don't work so well together so Tony is on the out as Tomkins is on a big contract. Tomkins played very well with Escare so maybe dovetails better with a speed merchant than a Kicking / Passing FB? Gigot would have options, he actually would suit Union more than most RL FBs as he has quite a boot on him and hence would fulfill the kicking role of a Union FB well and is good at running the ball back and making metres after contact.. Theres also a number of SL teams he would suit. He has options I would feel.
  8. What is going on at Les Dracs? Another loss, no Gigot and no Yaha. As far as I know both are fit? Something seems like it's gone wrong at the club and the next win is hard to see. At this rate If they win another 3 games all year that would be good. Worryingly 14pts is relegation zone, so by the end of the season this could be 22 and Dragons have a poor points difference. Dragons need to start winning again!
  9. Yes I have heard this one too and feel it probably doesn't help morale or team building. Gigot as the Lance Todd Trophy winner and a quality FB should be expecting at least 100k pa UK money minimum and probably more.
  10. Is he underpaid? I mean compared to Mead and Tomkins and Bird how does he earn? If he's on 25-35% of Tomkins salary I can see why he wants more money tbh.
  11. That's true, he's been pretty well behaved at Les Dracs though from what I hear.
  12. Wigan racking up the wins... Have they turned a corner and are going to compete for the GF now?
  13. I agree it's like Gridiron in terms of brutality. You can't really slow it down like say Union can be at a social level. I'm 39 and fairly fit yet would not dare go near a RL pitch for full contact RL.
  14. It's a top issue this one! Got it in the post today
  15. Its the Wife who would blast me for the last minute change of plans!
  16. Agree if the WC in 2025 is streamlined a bit to say a max of 10 teams and 5 games max for the winners ie Group x 3 games, Semi and Final. You could have France, Wales and England as Auto qualifiers from Europe NZ, OZ, PNG as Auto from the SH. All 6 play alot of home born players and as such merit being in a WC above others. Then 2 from Polynesia guaranteed. Probably Fiji and Tonga. 1 from the Americas guaranteed, maybe Jamaica or the USA. And 1 final team by Repecharge. Probably Samoa win this over Scotland and Ireland and Lebanon.
  17. Damn. Wish I was up north. Would love to see Wigan at home. Just it's 300 miles away for me! I hope someone enjoys the tickets
  18. Wondering if someone can clear this up. RL World say the Mecurial Genius that is Gigot is out of contract. I'm pretty sure I read on the BBC site a while back he had a new deal, this may be as far back as when he returned from that unfortunate incident and ban. And the contract may have only been 2 seasons however I thought he was under contract for next year? Could anyone say what is the situation?
  19. Tbh as Huddersfield are near the bottom now a top quality forward who offers flair in attack is worth bringing in. The contract does seem maybe a year too long but I guess they really wanted the player! Steve Price rates him highly and apparently wanted him at Wire and he has done well for the Dragons imo. Maybe given how well paid the NRL is now, 100k pa is minimum for a quality second row unless they are coming under a cloud of controversy.
  20. I don't feel Smith is doing a good enough job at organising tbh hence hes only probably playing as Bird is injured and Tomkins to me as a FB/HB is more of a runner. Josh Drinkwater made alot of difference last year. Shame he's gone. They need a player like him.
  21. Danny Rich Tea aka the Biscuit Richardson would be a interesting signing. He's got alot of skill however I feel would not be the best choice right now as Les Dracs need a Chad Townsend or Adam Reynolds (I know both unrealistic more a player like these but not quite as good) type player. Richardson is not the best at organising. He seems very good when he's confident however he's not matched his early to mid season form of 2018 since. His decision making V London Broncos a game I saw live, probably cost Saints the game. Risky signing.
  22. Is the move instant? And if so does this mean Les Dracs may use Cap space to bring in a decent NSW cup Half back ala Drinkwater last year to help the side have some structure in attack? Edwards is a good player, however a HB is needed above all right now for Les Dracs.
  23. Hull had some beautiful passages of play. Lovely interchange of passes and support running. If they can play like that against Saints and Wire they can win something this year . As a Dracs fan I'm worried. Team seems to lack energy and mentally be not where they need to be. They were in this till 30 mins gone then fell apart . Something needs to change as the last few games have been poor and it's hard to see where the next win is coming from.
  24. Admittedly I only watch TV games, however Les Dracs are on more than any other team and I did go to the Broncos game in London to see Catalans. Overall I feel his season has been OK. A few weeks ago, on this board some of us myself included were saying he's Les Dracs game breaker. He may throw up a not so great prefromance here and there however he's got alot to offer and his passing is good and he can drop a goal to win a game or two. His games v Wigan and Wakey were both very strong and he clearly cares and is passionate about winning. The Maverick is a big asset to SL as a whole I feel. I would not say he's having a bad year. Just he can have bad games which if he did not, he would probably be seen as a NRL player. Escare back at Les Dracs, would be good as off the bench he offers alot of dynamism out of the halves or at FB. Would like to see him back. Lastly if he, Gigot doesn't play Tommmorow, ie no Gigot or Tomkins, as well as Bird still out, unfortunately I See Les Dracs getting beat by a clear 24pts or more
  25. It will be interesting to see how they go without him. Gigot will be expected to pull all the strings and may well come up trumps. I think Les Dracs seem to look tired so it could also be a physical thing for them and as ever Mentally staying focused game after game. South of France is quite a relaxing place I would imagine.
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