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  1. He certainly has to be in contention for GB honours now as he is doing it for a team who do not have a monster pack to play off. His kicking game is very good, the spiralling bombs he kicks are never easy to cope with for opposition defences and he can run the ball too.
  2. Sadly I worry you are right. My 14pts was influenced by I'm a Dragons fan. Bird seems to be missed alot more than I thought he would and does anyone else think Albert deserves a game as Smith isn't doing it right now at this level so may as well give Albert a game.
  3. I worry about Les Dracs. They have gone off a bit of late. Hull look strong. I see Hull by 14pts. Really hope I'm wrong.
  4. It will probably mean England start to win a few against OZ . Look what having alot of players in the NRL has done for the Kiwis. Hopefully we can get some backs out there though as can't win a game with 13 forwards! SL has many second row, and props who would be solid in The NRL and a few who would be star turns too.
  5. My story is at secondary school my best mate in year 7 was a big Rugby Fan and watched both codes. Used to talk alot about Rugby so I started to pay more attention. I got into watching all the rugby of both codes that I could and found the free flowing style of Wigan and Saints to be compelling on the rare occasions it came on BBC. I loved watching Offiah in particular and of course the big hits that are standard in RL. I much preferred it to the slow 1990s RU. I played Union as a kid, wasn't that good a player however enjoyed it, but would get bored on the wing in those days as saw little ball back in the 90s did a winger in Union! Going forward, I was always a fan of RL and would catch it when it was on free TV however only got into it in a big way in 2015 when I got finally got Sky and saw the Dragons spank Wigan 58-16 and thought wow, this is more watchable than the union I was watching a fair bit of at the time. These days I have a Broncos ST, watch the NRL and SL 2-3 games a week and read alot about RL. I still watch Super Rugby and like the All Black's in the other code, however RL is much preferred particularly once you take into account the atmosphere at a game. RL is a great game bevause of the people off the pitch as well as on it! I feel the NRL isn't matched by any other league in either code of Rugby and SL is often thrilling in its drama.
  6. I'm 45 min to a hour depending on traffic. Am looking forward to Thursday. My Wife is too, she finds live in person games very watchable but not so much on TV, does anyone else feel like that about watching RL?
  7. Escare and Sarginson would be good signings for London I feel. Not sure Escare would want to live in London, however I think Sarginson is open to a move back South. Hopefully London can stay up and build more in Ealing to be getting the crowd we saw v Saints for every home game ie over 2500. When they can do that, it's probably worth looking at a different location or working with Trailfinders to make the ground a bit bigger. Lastly I definitely agree there is a real chance to stay up now. How many points do you think would get a side to 11th at the end of the season? 20 maybe?
  8. I agree given the travel distances involved it is strange to have a FT team against PTimers. I find the TWP at home games not particularly interesting as the result seems like a foregone conclusion. Hopefully TWP win the Playoffs and we can at least see how them being in SL will be for the Sport of RL. It would probably have been better for them to have gone into SL off the bat with a franchise for say 5 years guaranteed as long as they brought revenue to the table upfront. That way they could also build a strong roster. As right now as they don't know for sure which league they are in next year, its hard to plan.
  9. It's a good article and insightful. It makes sense that many union players will be impressed by diving RL winger tries, I would think players of either code generally respect each other for the toughness it takes to play. I would love to see Cipriani and Care in RL unfortunately salary will be a big issue as these two would want Widdop wadges at least and would be unproven in RL so a big gamble for a club. I hope Burrell goes well in RL and we do see others come over to RL from union.
  10. They missed him badly. Richardson had alot of responsibility here, more than Fages and consistently made poor attacking kicks. He is struggling to boss a game at SL level this year.
  11. They are missing Coote and Lomax. Richardsons missed DG set up the fast set of 7 for the score before HT. Game on! London are in with a real chance of the upset as Saints look out of sorts here.
  12. I hope Golding moves somewhere soon. He's a good player and as Leeds don't fancy him, he could do a job at another SL club. Its good for Walker to have a long term deal. Shows Leeds have high value for him and gives him a platform to kick on from.
  13. Sadly as a Fan I also agree. I feel Wire even missing a few players are a very tough proposition at home. Hull showed last week if a pack can front up to Les Dracs, they have a good chance. Wire to win by 14pts. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. Thanks mate, appreciate you mentioning it. I'm a bit little for that size unfortunately. I would be a small /medium or large at a push otherwise It will drown me!
  15. Given how few teams have won the GF in the SL era, 4 of them if I'm right, and it's 7 teams In total who have made the final itself, the Cup is in comparison very competitive. Hull, Sheffield, Catalans have all won it in the SL era. Hull KR and London made the final. Saints haven't won it in 11 years if I'm right. Bradford didn't win it during their dominant phase. The final also gets big crowds year after year and has history. I say keep it as it Is. Not much else in RL in England is as successful as the final at Wembley. With the attendances, at clubs, its some vital extra revenue and while I can see why season ticket holders should get a discount, I don't think Cup matches should be included.
  16. Why isnt Offiah on Sky every week for SL? I know not everyone is a fan however, he's still a household name for over 35s and is a decent talker. Good to see him supporting Nigeria RL. Hopefully they can get a team out for a game in South East London soon and build the brand in the UK.
  17. This looks great, just if I can get my Wife to agree to 3 days straight of RL!
  18. I agree. I feel there it would be a big gamble for a NRL club and to be value for them, Watkins may not feel the salary is worth it. He may also not want to be so far away from Family etc. He Just a thought, given he's from Manchester, and salaries are higher in Union does anyone think Sale may come in with a offer for him? 200-250k in Union is not the same marquee salary it is in SL so Watkins may be worth the money as a project player.
  19. Sarginson was in good form at the time wasn't he? Watkins isn't so I don't see an NRL outfit going for him unless its a 1 year deal on a modest salary.
  20. I think Wane used him well, as a impact player off the bench who would then mean Tomkins would go to HB, with Escare at FB. He would also get used on the wing if injuries occured. Wane is too good a coach to be out of SL imo. Wigan miss him. Escare too good a player to not be a first 17 regular in SL. London for one could do with him.
  21. It really does seem to be the case Lam Dosent rate Escare as he's not getting a look in despite his game breaking talent. Wigan at times could do with a change of pace and the option of putting the ball behind the line. He offers that well And surely merits a bench spot some weeks at least. With Escare at the Dragons unless he plays half back a position he's not really suited to, I don't see him at FB with Gigot, Tomkins and Mead about, unless Mead is off and then there is a need for more depth? Fages seems to be doing very well at Saints so wouldn't make sense to Leave unless an NRL offer materialises. Zeb is a very good SL player and a team can not have enough good second row talent so would not be a bad signing at all. Only issue is what would it mean for some of the French lads coming through with getting a game?
  22. Didn't one of them beat Hull in 2018 and a first half one this year was the difference in a home game too? Gigot has reasons for the DGs, probably one of the cleverest players in SL with in game strategy. This is a hard one to call, Hull are at home, and need a win, Les Dracs want to hold onto cup.... I see Les Dracs by 6pts in a hard fought game.
  23. I feel the majority of Aussies come to SL as they can't get a decent deal in The NRL. As soon as one is on offer they go back. Theres some exceptions to the rule however this applies to many. Barba got alot of issues, and hopefully he can straighten himself out with the right help. However I agree he's burnt too many bridges for RL.
  24. I'm beginning to believe they will too. They have beaten Saints this year and can get up for big games. Theres some size in the backs now and skill in the forwards. Williame is a top player and Langi is playing out of his skin lately. Consider Les Dracs missing Micky Mac and Tomkins and managed to pull this one out of the fire. They really have got more steel and commitment about them. Gigot was immense. Garcia had a very good game. All points scored by French players too. Big cup game next week, hopefully back on the way to Wembley!
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