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  1. Yeah agree the championship should be treated with respect and a grand final at a decent stadium such as Wigans jjb or headingly would be suitable for a 14 -16 team heartlands competition. A final Between Featherstone and Rochdale for example could produce a 15k plus crowd as it's a grand final. Below that.... I would say it's better for the clubs to be amateur in terms of sustainability....
  2. Yes definitely like the NSW cup and yes on free TV. ...I was setting up a wedding yesterday with my wife (she does events) and the hotel staff were excited as Martin Offiah had stayed at the hotel the day before .. I asked them if they followed league an they said not really but as a kid they remember Wigan and Offiah, Jason Robinson and Henry Paul.....tells you all you need to know about having a freeview presence -it's vital...... They saw these great players on BBC If only there was some free to air championship games on bbc2 once a week it would generate a new batch of fans..... I only like league as got to watch it on BBC..... I played union at school but my heroes were the Wigan and St Helens teams of the early 90s
  3. International game without NRL players?.... It may actually be alot more watchable..... Only problem is it would mean WC cannot claim to be a strong best of the best of Oz and Nz tournament... And this massively undermines it's credibility... The NRL players get paid well without international top up of 30k a game for Oz and not much at all for the other Polynesian teams... (not sure what Nz pay but would guess it's not thst high)... NRL looks inwards alot too, and isn't that interested in RL elsewhere, the kangaroos tours were all in the pre super league era where I would imagine being on tour with Oz was a good income bonus for the players as wasn't RL then semi pro in Oz? A non NRL world cup would mean Queensland cup and the NSW equivalent players, lots of SL players for Oz and Nz... and some amateurs for the teams who rely on heritage.... (the Italy side may even have a player or two with a Italian passport..) Overall there's upsides and downsides to no NRL players in a WC.... England and Nz and Oz without NRL players might be very close and France would not be whipping boys
  4. Am a fan of the Cats but at the moment not hopeful for too much.... Surely a home win here is a must... As the last 25 or so games have produced maybe 8 wins with the collapse in the 8s last year...... Hopefully the forwards can establish a good platform and the backs not squander the opportunities....
  5. Licencing as will allow teams to build over a few seasons and establish foundations rather than a panic against relegation. Review licences every 5 years or so and look to bring in more teams if money allows... Potentially a 12-16 team Anglo French league makes sense financially and travel wise... 2 French teams guaranteed to be In SL gives bein sports a home game every week and a derby....this may mean a TV deal there of better money. With the level below SL sell the TV rights separately and run it as a strict salary capped semi pro English league....so it will be competitive and keep travel costs reasonable.
  6. Fair enough, I will say having read your comments on here, you know a lot more about RL in the UK than I do....given what you say prehaps its best both clubs go on like they do currently..... That being the case, would you say its fair to say SL is not suitable for the Broncos as they will just be a team who attract small crowds, and play in a small stadium that isn't even theirs, and being in the elite could bankrupt them?
  7. Realistically 12 and long term up to 16 clubs in the top division, and semi pro below that makes sense........having teams in the top division in small half empty stadiums , dosen't sell the game to TV at all, and like it or not, sports these days at pro level cannot exist without TV money. The level below SL can still have a championship to aim for, just putting the likes of Batley and Barrow into the SL isn't going to help the game survive.
  8. Surely with London the team that needs to be pushed above the Broncos is the Skolars. I say this, as unlike the Broncos, the Skolars are not nomads, they have a ground they have had for the last 20 odd years, their own club house, and a clear regional identity, i.e. they are in Wood Green / Tottenham area of London..... Prehaps if the rich owner of the Broncos were to buy up the Skolars this would potentially create a team with a bigger following, a stronger identity, and maybe the possiblity of 4,000 average home gates, IF they could get promoted to SL...... I live in london, and have done for the last 10 years, and in all honestly, outside of the Rugby Union areas, which are all higher income ones (Barnet, Richmond, Surrey et ) there is not much interest in club spectator sport unless its football......Football is God here. The way forward imo in London, would be a stronger pro club as a amalgamated Skolars/Broncos, and then to try to develop more youth and amateur teams, so to have a base of the pyramid to feed into the Pro club.
  9. Okay fair enough about their Turnover at Leeds, however IF they were prepared to pay way over the cap on wages due to dispensations, they clearly aren't as the squad they have does not reflect that......If they were willing to shell out £500k pa on a marquee player, chances are they might be able to get the likes of Shaun Johnson to consider a move, and look at raiding Rugby Union for some talent too..... The current bunch they have, I would doubt anyone is on over 200k, and thats pushing it. From what I see, the owner does not want to spend a lot more, as 1. It can effect the clubs future badly (look at football as a example) 2.Castleford show this year, and others before them, that there is a lot of underrated talent out there to be found, and that paying high wages does not guarantee success.... All this being said, at to get back to the Man who this discussion is about, If I were Wigan, I would sign Gigot, as I think seeing what Wane did for Escare, he could work wonders for Gigot too, and Gigot would fit in well as a centre/full back into a squad that always seems to have star men injured (manfredi, Sam Tomkins, now Escare, Gelling etc etc) Same goes for Castleford, in that I could see him suiting their style.
  10. im interested to hear how Leeds staff costs assuming you mean playing talent (not including coaches and groundsmen etc) come to 4m? I could see it pushing it up a bit into the 2.2m range or so, but not above that. Leeds RL dosen't have enough income to pay 3m a year on wages without running up looses. I don't see how thats possible.........Some of their younger players have been quoted to be on low wages Jordan Lilley apparently was on about 16k last year. I also think if you go across all 12 teams, 60-70k is going to be more than many first teamer in the squad of 25 are on.......
  11. Surely there is enough money to support some RL Amateur set ups down south? I agree to keep the strong RL amateur northern scene has to be given significant resources, however as you said Hemel Produce talent, so surely London and Wales at least are worth funding. The biggest problem for producing more high level Pro talent in RL these days though is probably pay....For example look at what a average English RU Premiership player gets compared to Superleague.......This isn't something easy to solve though, as Union as you rightly say has the strong International team subsidising its clubs, and this builds a huge fan base. Prehaps a stronger RL international scene, ie England/GB playing minimum of 6 games EVERY year will help to spread the game better?
  12. Surely the best way forward is to build a strong regional AMATEUR structure. Ie a decent southern conference, focused on developing local players through getting RL played in some schools down south, and community clubs. Having to travel long distances to play for £50-100 is not going to really encourage the game to grow...... Paying players to play at this level probably dosen't help anyone. The work permit issues mean decent Antipodean or Saffa players who are in London and would fancy a decent level of RL to play will struggle to play for semi pro club as its paid and this creates all sorts of issues for tax etc..... Why don't the RLF focus on building a strong South, Wales/ South West, Midlands, and London Conference of amateur teams? This way given time, prehaps a player base will develop and more Junior players will go on to play top level for the traditional Northern Clubs. People have to be realistic about finances of these things, and where the money is best spent. Even if there were only 6-8 teams in each of the 4 conferences, the top 2 in each could advance to some finals with the winner to play the top Northern amateur team, for some national amateur trophy. RL in the UK is probably better off to have 16-20 Pro /Semi Pro teams (add in 2 strong French teams, not the Canadians as the trans atlantic travel is madness tbh* If the Wolfpack want to be a something they need to be part of a 4-6 team NAM league, who can then join the SL for playoffs, but not more than this - theres enough Rugby talent out there in NZ and South African Union, as well as OZ and UK league to provide players........Eric Perez is testing the waters on the cheap and this isn't good for RL really ), and below that strictly regional amateur RL.... Even RU below the Premiership and the top 6 of the Championship is very low paid semi pro.....Go down below the top 24 teams in RU and its amateur........yet these amateur teams do well,as they invest in better things than wages such as clubhouses, junior coaching etc etc.....hence the player base is much much bigger, and teams find their level.......
  13. Gigot is a class act, probably my favourite player to watch. Although he makes the odd mistake (which maverick player dosen't?), he's fiery, creative and a real fan favourite. His intercept try against Salford, and his 40/20s are great to see. He has good hands and timing for passing which many centres lack and is a useful goal kicker too. RL is a low paying sport, relatively in comparison to Union, Salary cap of 1.85m and up to 2 Marquee Players.This for 25 players so wages cant be too high. Given a average first teamer at many teams in SL is on around 40k, a above average player looking for 80-100k is not beyond possible, and a star man 150-200k. I would put Gigot in the above average bracket (i.e. very good player, but not one a NRL club would right now look at and say, I like the look of him), I could see him working well at most teams who could afford him, and agree with general views here that he is probably ideal at Centre. All in all, I think he can get around that Salary....... What is sad for Cats though, is that With Pelliser gone, and Escare gone, now another Talented younger French player wants to leave........A team of aging Antipodeans with injury issues isn't going to do too well.....IMO they should be looking to sign more French Talent, not to sell them.......And as a out there suggestion maybe look to South African RU for the odd player who is struggling to get the pay they want, but could do a job in the backline for reasonable money......Theres so much player depth there.
  14. This is a very good point about Koukash......Guasch can learn from this. That Cats pick players on reasons other than they are the best available is worrying.......
  15. Yeah agreed, you have to be on your game for the 80, and to restrict them by dragging them into a arm wrestle and stopping the fast offloads and PTBs. I for one, don't want to see that happen too often ,as feel Cas and DP are great for RL in general.
  16. I agree it would be good for them to play more Local Lads, so to make the games more interesting, and to develop the player pool in Canada. Perhaps they could play 7 of the 17, so that if there is some problem , they can always put more of the Pros back on? I do worry one of these semi pro teams, are going to take a 100 points plus pasting out in Canada. TBH not a lot of people like to hear this, but to expect semi pro players to fly 14 hours and play is asking a lot of them. Canada is not South of France. I know NAM sports are not like the UK, they do not care so much for if the players are local but it is good for the sport to see more NAM players.........
  17. Fair enough....I felt the Cas player was at speed, and prehap's expecting the pass, and could not have stopped in time, and just basically ran that line rather than obstructed him.
  18. Agree with this, It is very hard to get a RL pro team to survive at pro level in a RU dominated area. TBH its hard for the Welsh RU Regional Franchises to survive, - they are all partially funded by the Welsh RFU, who rely on International Matches for the real big Revenue. Wales RL was strong in the 1980s, 1990s, as economic reasons led to more and more really good RU players going to league. Jonathan Davies, Gibbs, Quinell, etc etc . Once Union went Pro, this source of players dried up. Even if some decent Union lads wanted to switch to league, the finances may not allow for this.....£100k pa for a decent squad player in RU in France or the Uk is not unheard of at all (a first 15 player would be on more) Prephaps best way forward is for strong youth development and amateur teams, playing in regional leagues, with good pathways to pro teams up north as a development structure. The National team can be strong without having a Pro team in Wales...it just needs 50 Welsh qualified players playing SL, and Championship.
  19. In fairness, Cas had a try chalked off for a debatable obstruction in the first 40 mins, and looked a class apart when running from deep, so it looked likely at some point, they would find their groove and rack up some fast points. I think the end scoreline flattered Leeds a bit. At the moment, the way they play at times with fast breaks, from deep, great support running, offloads, and sweeping cross the field movements , its like watching a New Zealand Super Rugby Franchise backline (think Beauden Barrett, TJ Peranara etc) Castleford right now are on their day unplayable. Hopefully they keep players fit, and can take this through to OT and win the GF as its time another team won the trophy ,and as Phil Clarke said , they are changing the way RL is played in Super league, (prehaps this sort of approach is how to beat the efficient Machine of the Kangaroos?)
  20. Yes indeed! We all like a bit of value! I mean as Ive got sky already and go to the international games (when they are in london) theres limits to how much my wife will let me spend on Sports.
  21. wow was just writing a post that they need a new coach, before I read this....It will be interesting to see who they go for.....John Kear Imo would be a good choice, but is he likely to leave Wakefield who are having a great season (on the field) mid season? I think a new coach, if they pick someone suitable, can do a lot more with this bunch of decent players. Inu, Gigot, Casty, Myler, Bird, Batieri, Moa etc theres some good players there
  22. Looking from the outside as I am not French, or local to Perpignan, it does seem the Owner is undermining his team. The Coach is in a weak position, as correct me if I'm wrong the owner has a habit of buying players, and making statements about who should play, and who not (Pelliser for example, who IMO is a decent player and very motivational for those around him, Escare, who is a damn good player but appears to have had his confidence shot at Catalans, and got it back at common sense Wigan with Wane) Cats need a new coach, and a new approach. Much like some of the French RU teams, they lack fitness, and seem to expect the Antipodeans to work magic, without putting in the proper structure. Look at Escare, how much bigger and stronger he looked for Wigan in the WCC match..weight training properly is basics of elite sport. Further, Yaha yesterday despite his talent, looks like a semi pro player as he's carrying too much body fat.... I am pretty certain someone like John Kear, would be doing a lot more with what is on paper a decent bunch of players. Problem is someone like him , would be unlikely to work with a interfering owner, who in fairness, bankrolls the team, and created them, so feels he deserves to have a lot of say......This though undermines the team, who right now look like they will struggle to win more than 3 of the remaining 9 games, and will find Hull KR a struggle in the 8s. Despite all this, I would say I am a Fan of them and feel its vital for RL to have a French presence, as unlike other expansion teams down the years, there is a legitimate historical RL culture in South France, and a history of success even if it goes back to 1950s-1980s its still there.......
  23. I signed up to this too mate. Thanks. Get to watch SOO and the RLWC17 for £25, and renewal after that for £60, for 12 months. They have College Gridiron too, so a lot to watch for me. Been reading this forum for months, finally signed up to it. Think its generally a great forum.
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