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  1. Yes and no. He is absolutely not to blame for what happened but he did some strange things. For the first sin bin he refused to look at or acknowledge one touch judge when in conversation and completely ignored them when they pointed a finger at Mamo. It was bizarre behavior and not one a quality ref should follow. I remember thinking how petty and it looked and then the rest subsequently happened.
  2. Yeah, it would be a pretty good idea.
  3. We have only 2 -- Wigan and Leeds. The entire Super League brand should be based on promoting these two pillars across the Pennines. Making them fully national brands (let alone global brands) would drag every other team upwards and forwards. Having many priorities means you have none. Pick your prettiest and promote them - petty personal team preferences shouldnt come into this. As much as I hated them, Wigan's decade of dominance made League's profile far higher than it is now and it is easier to develop household names for 2 or so teams than for half the league. Clubs like Saints, Wire, FC etc are incredibly important to the game but not the vehicles to hitch our wagons to in order to build national profile for the sport.
  4. Why shouldnt tax payers subsidise local sports teams in the short term?
  5. I enjoyed that. A human interest piece that showed women's league lookin good and didnt try to make League look bad.
  6. I was listening to the Super League Pod discuss this issue and I had a thought on the subject that hadn’t previously occurred to me. I played Academy League at a club with an A (reserve) team. I was also heavily involved with cricket at the same time. The existence of an A team definitely played a role in me ultimately attempting to pursue cricket rather than League. It was an extra step to the first XIII and a roadblock that made the first team appear distant. There is definitely an advantage to reserve grade league for those who are 100% committed to the sport and it provides competitive games but it disincentives staying in the game for those who potentially have other options. I wasn’t willing at 18/19 years old to commit to a pathway that had reserves as a hurdle to go through when I had other, potentially more promising options. If the system was Academy to first team then it makes it far more attractive to stay in the sport. I know people will say that if you are good enough then you don’t have to play reserves, and that is true, but it is the perception for the athlete that is important and reserve grade makes League less attractive for those that are not just League players. I would like us to try to find ways to make a career in League attractive for those who also play football, cricket, Union etc rather than adding what appears to be an extra hurdle. The vast majority of guys I played with were League through and through but we need to cast our net wider and attract those who play multiple sports at a good level and have them pick League. Adding an extra layer makes that choice less attractive. Hope that makes sense even if people don’t agree.
  7. Fair enough but people from Yorkshire still do. Make it a one off game in Yorkshire every year at a decent stadium with good transport links that would help with development. No doubt it would be a cheap knock off or the Origin series but so what? I love the idea of the annual Roses game at Keepmoat, Doncaster
  8. Absolutely. I was thinking of that when I typed. I never liked Union but part of that may be that Rugby Special made it look awful with one man and his dog watching a game separated from the pitch by just a rope. I’d keep 2nd rate League off TV as it damages the product. The real key should be getting more International rugby. Showcase our best in events and not something that looks village level. That stuff is perfect for the dedicated League fans who want extra content on the OurLeague app. We are not going to attract young kids to the excitement and glamour of the sport, or attract back those who have drifted away from the game, with Sheffield vs Dewsbury. However, plenty of us who love the sport would love access to that game. If free to air TV is like a Tinder profile then it isn’t just about getting something up that people can see. It is about your best photos and bio to sell yourself to someone who doesnt know you otherwise people will swipe left. How do we want an audience to view our game? Our best foot forward are Internationals. Championship League is "Us" but isn’t our best profile. People will not find us attractive. I think it would damage the game by presenting a side that people will think is a reflection of our pinnacle when it really isn’t. I hate the term but it would damage the brand. We need to be savvier. EDIT: Saying all that, a weekly highlights show certainly wouldn’t hurt if presented and packaged well.
  9. I am definitely not a traditional League naysayer, but is Championship League on terrestrial TV really what we want the public to watch? 2nd level rugby in third 3rd stadiums, watched by a few hundred people in some cases? Not exactly selling the glamour of the TGG while the real diamonds are still hidden behind a pay wall.
  10. Feeling a little nervous here. I would have triggered Roy first ball.
  11. I am sure there is a logic to it but how on earth does England international Rangi Chase count as an overseas player at Doncaster?
  12. I have a soft spot for KR but every time the high camera is used they look way offside at the ptb
  13. From Doncaster which I would consider outside the RL heartlands. Anyway, my story Grew up in the Yorkshire cricket system of which there are parallel streams. One is Yorkshire schools, the other is with Yorkshire County Cricket Club. The differences were stark. The schools cricket was run buy Public/Private school people who were also Union people. They were awful people who were, quite frankly ######. Even small things like making state school kids room together as we would be more comfortable with "our own"! YCCC was based at Headingley and was run by proper Northern working class cricket pros. How I was treated was completely different. One was about networks and contacts the other was far more about talent (though of course I am not naive to think that contacts didnt also play some role for some.) I was always the outsider in the schools system but the pro system was inclusive. Rugby League is both the outsider sport and inclusive and I gravitated to it, partly due to the Headingely link, for cultural identity and becuase the people who ran Union were terrible people (by which time I had met numerous.) To continue my cricket at Yorkshire I went to University in Leeds. Decided I wanted to play League. Made the First XIII as fullback and was at the Academy and A team of decentish pro League team. Ended up working for the Rhinos at Headingley during my student years and that completed the courtship. Essentially I fell in love with the sport as I identified with its cultural importance, its inclusivity, and challenge to the establishment combined with a reaction to differentiate and seperate myself from the public/private school network that had no idea what real sport or integrity was. Hope that makes sense. May come across as that I had a chip on my shoulder but I hope it doesnt. I fell in love with what the sport represented and how it sat as a counterweight to everything wrong with the old school ties establishment.
  14. I was in Doncaster for vacation last week and walked to the Keepmoat from town and was thinking the same thing about the Bash. Especially as there is all the room on the outside for a fan zone and the small athletics stadum right next door for other commuity rugby league events - whatever they may be. May not be the perfect option but an option still - with great transport links and a in town with a history of accomodating many visitors with the races.
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