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  1. Absolutely no chance. Great in principle but we can't even get a referee and two touch judges to games. Some interesting ideas for sure but it's cloud cuckoo land
  2. They seem to be going well down there in South America; great to see
  3. No idea honestly. I don't even use our own website unless i'm checking shop links work ?
  4. They do. The fixtures have just come through and there are Thursday games
  5. The times for the Super League games on Fox Soccer plus are usually 2.45pm Thursday and Friday and 10am for the Saturday game IF they show it
  6. The Mayhem have a small UK store with limited stock open for business. If there was demand we'd do a UK/AUS run with Jerseys, Polos or Singlets but at the moment this is all we have in the UK. https://www.freewebstore.org/tampa-mayhem-rugby-league/UK_Store/cat3906281_3875706.aspx
  7. I won't go into details on here but USARL has a LOT of problems at the moment that it needs to work through and they've done extremely well to keep it out of the spotlight. Reality is, remove the smoke and mirrors (bull....) the clubs left standing now are infinitely better run at ground level than they were five years ago and unfortunately some have been left behind and gone by the wayside. Frustration and USARL come hand in hand unfortunately but is it any worse than the problems currently between the RFL and Super League or the NRL and the RLIF? Rugby League seems to be built on power struggles and arguments and the USA Rugby League as a whole seems to roll from one to another
  8. It's one of those, if you have a resource you need to stretch it where it can be utilised best. Websites and forums like this are a dying breed to be honest, years ago these forums were chock full all the time and now I'd hazard the average poster is probably 35+ and one of the older generation. There's nothing wrong with that but to use that Kings example, 4600 people or something follow them through that facebook hub, there might be 20 here if they're lucky? Not saying they shouldn't have up to date websites etc but if you've limited resources you target where you're strongest
  9. Some teams just don't have the man power or time. Running a club even half properly is a HUGE commitment and it just takes so much time out of your daily life. Amateur clubs over here often have a community of 120 parents, coaches, people at the club. It's a different world honestly
  10. Here's their go to for Kings related updates etc https://www.facebook.com/kingsrugbyleague/?ref=br_tf
  11. Deluded mate I don't know where you're looking but the Kings have one of the best social media outlets going (if not quite what it was two years ago). They started the same time as us, have twice as many followers and have had people like Greg Inglis and other Souths players posting to it to give them content. They had a promo video last year that was just awesome and to be honest, I've nicked a few ideas from them in the past. Probably the best run club in the North looking from the outside without seeing the bank books FWIW OP I'd definitely reach out to the Knights or Kings and go to their sponsor bar, things like that are huge especially if you tell the manager while there.
  12. Cheers for the share. While at one time that was a concern and still is the major reason is that councils will not give us field time during youth American football seasons whatsoever. We have a great relationship with TampaCatholic and they really broke the mould allowing nvs last year. If the wolfpack hadn't been in town we wouldn't have got it
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