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  1. whitebank stadium does'nt help the situation worst ground i have had the displeasure to watch rugby at ...stood on your tiptoes to get a view and if its wet muddy shoes and 14 quid for the pleasure nah thanks !!
  2. Bring your platform shoes cos your gonna struggle to see the action at the vestacare with a decent crowd
  3. And that's why he won't sell but you may invest if you like !!!
  4. 2602 not a bad turn out
  5. dewsbury and swinton have beat these on their own patch so why not us on a good day.think positive
  6. think everyone agrees that if you change the W in whitebank for an S .That just about sums it up
  7. limpett


    we getting 2 loan players in tomorrow just caught CH interview on OCR after the match dunno who tho
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