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  1. Its my shorthand for Saints, Wigan and Leeds, I've only just read your post from yesterday where you make the same/similar point. Its still early for me.
  2. Feels like you could say much the same thing about the St PieLoins over here.
  3. I heard a tale that Steve 'Blocker' Roach loved to bear hug his team mates into submission just for fun. When he tried this on Ellery he would force his arm up between them and break Blocker's grip on him. With one arm. Sounds unlikely but he was unreasonably strong.
  4. There was a lot of tedious dull rugby with Bennett i thought. It killed me to sit through it. I once purposely let slip the latest score to a mate despite them pleading not to. They were still annoyed when they heard it was 0-0 in the first half.
  5. Ta for that. I often have sympathy for the defender in the situation where the ball carrier is falling into the arms of the tackler. This is yet another occasion where I am less sympathetic with Mcilorum in particular. Didnt see the following lifting/ragging incident which is a shame in a gory sort of way. As for JT, .......! Thing is, what actual damage/discomfort could he cause in that situation? That he chose to find out is good enough for me. Bye Bye Joel. As I understand it Officials can not be criticised because they don't knock on, throw forward passes etc. So I won't. If things were different though...
  6. Just occurred to me now that he reminds me of Tomas Bosc. A sort of relaxed, laid back magic type of thing. (I'm on my second whisky).
  7. Will get round to this hopefully but on a different point, whilst in a book shop once I came across something like '101 Sporting Heroes'. Don't want to cast doubt on Douglas Clark but according to this book no League player had ever done anything brave. Mmmmm!
  8. Id have watched more only i could never get 'series record' to work on this or Backchat. This would have been useful for me.
  9. Never really a fan of the points deduction. Taking points away from a club whose management has moved on? Either way, as a mechanism to hamstring a struggling club it is effective. I wouldn't have put a quid into any club starting with a 12 point deficit.
  10. I'm not sure he could call it back as Mal hadn't done anything wrong. He's told the Ref he's not going for a penalty kick, the Ref has presumably indicated this to the defence who had their backs to him and Mal taps the ball and goes over. Had a quick look on YouTube but can't find owt.
  11. As I was typing I realised I hadn't remembered this incedent but only remembered being told about it. It was a long time ago. As I understand it the defence switched off as soon as Mal pointed to the sticks which was the obvious option at that point. The Ref might have being doing a Borat impression complete with skimpy leotard but they were waiting for the kick.
  12. I remember Canberra getting a penalty in front of the sticks when Mal Meninga points to the sticks and says to the Ref- I'm not going for the penalty goal. The defence relax and he taps the ball and strolls over. Ouch.
  13. Enough, have to switch pubs. Now! Keep me informed if I get lost somewhere.
  14. I've been drinking beer, it's really tickling me for some reason. Hopefully will actually see the match in a glug or so.
  15. Been effectively a Tier 3 area since the end of the miners strike- sometime last century. Might not not overly good before then according to some.
  16. Cas got a penalty in the second half they shouldn't have. As PC remarked: 'Leeds were unlucky there. See!
  17. Just occurred to me that the Giro actually finished as Hindley crossed the line. You could argue that not only had TGH not worn the Rosa before winning the Giro but he still hasn't. Yes he wore it as winner when on the podium but the race had finished at that point. Good quiz question for the future perhaps.
  18. I'm catching up on itv4 and after Stage 13 TGH is still not in the Top Ten. This feels like it should be a record of some sort!
  19. I find your point almost offensive. These are Pro RL players reduced to mindless casual labour by your reckoning. I disagree.
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