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  1. I was getting very excited about this scoreline then I remembered I'm a Cas fan. Oh Hell!
  2. 18:10 HT. To Tolouse! Think I had more than I thought at the pub this afternoon.
  3. Às for the better sides- 50/50 question, I did notice this in 2017 in Castlefords favour. (Not so much these days though). What struck me then and now is the often weak correlation between a teams discipline and the penalty count. No, I'm not a qualified referee. This bothers me because I want to be entertained but find myself frustrated as any game drama hemorrhages away. Even if a series of penalties are fully justified I still wonder why the other side are deemed relatively fault free. No, I'm not saying the Ref should 'engineer' close games but at the same time killing off a game unnecessarily seems a shame. I often feel a pernicious quality to some decisions. I'm still not a qualified Referee, have no intention of being one, accept that it is a very difficult job, and accept that it's the players who drop balls, miss tackles etc.
  4. I remember watching highlights of Samoa v France. It was actually Frightening! Scary!
  5. I recall Stevo referring to him as Inga the Malingerer on his Pie debut. Worked out well I think. Was he better suited to league do you think? I'm thinking if a player is going to do something it's more likely to happen in a RL match than RU.
  6. I remember a Rah Rah match being on after he retired from RL and his name being mentioned often. It eventually dawned on me- he was on the pitch and playing, and I hadn't noticed. You knew when he was playing League! Grisly Stuff!
  7. There's a thing here, deservingly losing the penalty count is ok because it is - deserved. Complaining about the penalty count when losing is denying culpability. There is no rational argument against the penalty count. It seemed clear to me the game was over after 20 mins though Cas did not seem to be obviously dirty, feckless or unintelligent up to that point. It was desperate for Cas after this. I've said this before, if the Referee doesn't affect the outcome of matches then what is his purpose? Hadn't been a huge Williams fan but like Sneed last week he kicked Cas to death. Like last week this season may well last for ever.
  8. Faster than Greg Eden atm. Hopefully a quick nap to limit the damage. Whoops, suddenly an obstruction on the road to Sunny Cas! Wish me Luck.
  9. I was stood over the left hand entrance behind the sticks. Well jolly! Even when the game had gone circa 20 minutes there were some silly songs going on. Though tbf ....it was a long 80 mins.
  10. Was very jolly for a while but the game was in deep peril for Cas after 20 minutes. Did well to keep it within 30. I'd suggested 20 at one point.
  11. Not moaning but how offside were Wire then for that try? Oh, I am moaning arent I.
  12. From a Tolouse RU point of view they must find the P-R situation of SL very cheering.
  13. I really liked Monday night games. Great start to the week after the weekend. Then again I dont have Sky so this would involve time in a Public House. Hmmmm.
  14. I recorded C4 match on two machines and watched it live and told my 'gang' to do the same. Not sure if this helps though...
  15. I once just happened to look and i was right under a kick. How I didn't spoil my pantaloons I'll never know. Thing is an old bloke caught it without any drama at all whatsoever, about 10 yards away! I'd hate to be a Full Back. Or a Prop. Or a....
  16. Singer sings Viva Cas Vegas. Salford a touch too exotic for a sometimes stodgy Cas.
  17. Half hour to go. Cold. Beer Cold. Gene Pitney and Elvis being sung. Attendance? Good, Filling up constantly. (Somebody give Elvis a season ban). Sometimes wish I was a Leeds Fan, bet they play Gang Of Four!!
  18. And four different real ales on handpump. Got to get your priorities right!
  19. When I was young I'd always thought 'double vision' was a silly joke that people just came out with. One epic night in Colongne and I saw the truth of the matter. Twice!
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