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  1. 21 hours ago, fieldofclothofgold said:

    I would like to see Catalans win ,I would like to see Catalans  breakthrough.  I think it will be good for the sport . Nothing against St Helens thetey are a good team. I really dont know who will win .I hope it's a great final 

    I argued just this point on one of the FB pages. Apparently I am Sad, Bitter and Jealous. (Fair Cop). I replied that even if this is true it doesn't negate my point.  I suppose that without 'narrow tribalism ' it would be a different game experience. 

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  2. I was dreading a Pies v Saints GF but this is great news.

    I hear a lot about the quality of the competition when the St PieLoins aren't that strong but I think its a lot more depressing when two of those teams make the GF anyway despite a flat and unremarkable season. We'll Done HKR! A breath of fresh air.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Dave T said:


    The LLS is important. Those who moan about it are just being RL fans. 

    I found it interesting when I read the other day that something like 7 teams had won the LLS over the last decade. 

    Now there's a thing. I moan incessantly about the same clubs at/winning the GF and the derision attracted by the LLS, but 7/10 ‽!! That's good, that's actually quite a positive imo.

  4. So here's a thing, we generally agree that RL is the greatest game yet constantly comment on how short it falls of its potential. 

    For me the ugly wrestle, repetitive one out plays, random officiating kills the spectacle. 

    Away atm and didn't see last nights game but how can we 'encourage' a great spectacle? 

    Ok I'm on dodgy ground here but is it worth asking the question, Why was 60 mins of Warrington v Saints Fab and how do we make that 80 mins?

    Or should we?

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  5. 35 minutes ago, Johnoco said:

    It's also important to remember that one person's idea of what is good or attractive in a sport, isn't necessarily shared by others. 

    For example, I remember Paul Deacon being injured in a GB game at Huddersfield and the injury was likened to being in a car crash. To me that was like 'wow, how tough are these guys?' but I distinctly remember other people I knew being horrified about it. 

    So maybe what *we* think makes for an attractive and exciting game.... isn't shared by the majority? 

    I was there, didn't see anything in the tackle so I'm calling him soft when he stayed down. Eventually he gets onto all fours and what looked like a pint of blood fell out of his head. I shut up. A fractured palate I heard later. Still feel queasy about it.

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  6. I agree with your walking off the mark point. Such a lot of ugly slavver comes from this.

    Not sure about the offside/extra space argument though. I remember the 10m offside would create extra space for more creative rugby but it just allowed safe easy metres from repeated carting the ball in. 

    I think the ugly wrestle is there to allow the defence to retreat 10m, a completed tackle straight away puts the defence in a awkward position.

    Sounds daft but a 7m offside might help these situations. Might not either of course. 

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  7. 41 minutes ago, graveyard johnny said:

    i remember travelling 2 hours plus in the back of a van on a weekday night after a full work shift to central park - queuing with the droves outside to get in at the start and out at the end - getting home at whatever time- for wigan v leeds games - can hardly be bothered to press the tv on switch for this shee ite these days  

    Thing is if 'BIG' teams are required to make RL relevant then what's the point? If our game has to be qualified by 'BIG' teams rather than RL in general then I could imagine the game might suffer. 

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