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  1. Fair enough but does 10, 5 ....1 mistakes or obvious penalties let the Referee off with any responsibility towards the game? I'm struggling with the correlation between a Rugby mistake and a Free Pass for the Ref. So often I can't see it in a match.
  2. No. But I'd be surprised if a Ref did do what you suggest. But he can kill a game stone dead. Again and again.
  3. Sometimes we have to admit we have a great spectacle to offer.
  4. Noticed a thread on a cycling forum asking 'Should Cav swallow his pride and retire'? from 2019! Tbf it was a reasonable question a week ago.
  5. I commented on the BBC HYS that while Cav is the greatest sprinter, Merckx is the GREATEST athlete. What compares to a Grand Tour? Eddy won nine consecutive GTs that he entered. He won more One Day Classics than Coppi/Anquetil/Hinault.......combined etc. But who will play Cav in the film of his career?
  6. I can't imagine what will happen when him and JSL get to be mates. Spectacular.
  7. They did well enough last night. There wasn't a lot going on for the Cas attack and when there was there still wasn't a lot going on.
  8. Useful defence from Les Cats. Anything special from Cas being shut down time and again.
  9. Do we think that as a sport that we like to watch, that a result like this simply adds more depth and interest to it? Im not referring to the product on the pitch here but the dead band malaise of the last decade or so. For me anyway this result has cheered me up. No, I'm not overly looking forward to the usual occupants winning in the GF. Again.
  10. Great Game. Fell in /out of love several times during the match. Dont worry 'Winter's coming'. Well Done Warrington.
  11. For me it's the random nature of the decision to penalise. It may well be a perfectly justified penalty but then so were 50% of the previous plays. I prefer the S.R. to the full penalty but they seem to come a bit too easy for me. I quite like rugby apart from the officiating and the wrestle and the same teams winning and the....
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