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  1. Correct And a mentor of wilko Johnson. 'Goin' back home' is about him, and I think he helped to write it.
  2. One of my main men. He didn't play on the original version of shakin all over though.
  3. Brilliantly edited and directed by Ron Howard. A fine piece of storytelling. I liked the way he made still photographs 'move' by using tricks like adding 'live' smoke coming from people's cigarettes. The Beatles in terms of live performance paid their dues, and it was interesting to see how all the contributory factors that made them what they became slot into place. It's an often told story, but superbly told by Howard. Epstein sees them, Pete Best replaced by Ringo, George Martin seeing something in them, and the rest becoming history. For once I found myself not cringing when Paul McCartney was talking. They were a far better rocking band than they were given credit for.
  4. You mean you prefer it. I prefer the Johnny Kidd version, and the Pirates own version on the 'out of our soul's album. We all have different preferences.
  5. absolutely these two records were the cornerstones of British rock music. i'd put in 'Please Don't Touch' by Johnny Kidd as well
  6. say what you like, but Cliff was a great rock and roll singer
  7. Sandy Denny wrote it, and sang it when she was in the strawbs. It appeared on Fairport Conventions Unhalfbricking album when she joined them
  8. wonderful, although the last one isn't a cover
  9. maybe not the best, but certainly the creepiest version of this blues classic. I came across it whilst learning it. It starts of ok, but then you see this ominous writing in the top left corner. Then kaboom! Does she know what she's doing?
  10. Did you ever go to Carr's Kegg? I was the singer with the house band.
  11. I don't care if I never eat anything again as long as I live.
  12. One of mine as well. It was a victim of the old flat mate nicking your stuff trick in '71. Hugh Figges must still be looking over his shoulder.
  13. What happened to punk changing everything? It's a bloody hippy song. You'll be telling me they did a Paul and Barry Ryan number next.
  14. a cover version with the original artist joining in
  15. Boil em. Works every time for me. No need for any poncey forgiving about. Sprouted sprouts, bloody lovely.
  16. Bubble and squeak for tea. And that wraps it all up. Hardly a crumb of the whole bunfight wasted.
  17. Definitely gout. I've to drink lots of water and take these tablets, plus a blood test to confirm it.
  18. I really do appreciate that. I've already clipped my toenails in preparation for my trip to see the wonderful Dr Annette Bearpark.
  19. That's the general consensus in the household. I thought I'd stubbed it, but perhaps that just made me aware of it. The pain is around the joint, but the whole toe is red and shiny and twice as big as normal. Thanks for the info mate. What are the remedies?
  20. I love it when that happens. It adds to the vibe. We had an extra one plus a take away: my lad's partner's dad who can't get out. I was knackered and pleasingly sober at the end of it. Our Angus slept through the entire session. I dread the day when I haven't got it in me to do it. By the way is there any pie left? You inspired me.
  21. Well Christmas dinner went down a treat. Belting food even if I say so myself. Wonderful company. Lots of laughs.
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