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  1. Hello Robert.....I totally agree with you here, both regarding our bureaucrats and in winning our games at Lamport fairly. What I found somewhat ironic in all this however was a tweet in the thread to the denied visa individual from a supporter. I've pasted it below. Seems that some in the AI research community kind of lay the "blame" for these happenings squarely at the feet of the "British". Show that to the luddites..... Tweet from a supporter....."Not only in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK are the same. Probably something they inherited from the British which has no place in the modern world!".
  2. What I really enjoyed over the last 3 years on these Forums (I'll call them a "neutral" place for comments), was the interaction (positive and negative), with the other teams fans in the week leading up to the next game. For the most part the Championship and League ones Teams Forums here had plenty of "action" by their fans, and there was lots of spirited back and forth between us and them. Looks like that is going to be sadly missing (for me) this year. I looked at the teams Forums for our first 3 games next year and note that:- Week 1 - Castleford - last Forum action here - July 3, 2018 - you read that correct 2018 Week 2 - Salford - last Forum action here - October 1st. Week 3 - Wigan - last Forum action here - September 11th. Gonna be just us it would seem!!! I don't like going on the other clubs web-sites and twitter feeds etc. which I would think that must be where they all congregate to discuss their next game. Comments?
  3. x 2 x 1.61 = ~10,987 kilometres round trip. To be made 1 time over the regular season by each SL team.
  4. Thank you, thank you Denton Rovers RLFC. After about 50 posts of IMHO rubbish...........you have posted about the subject matter of the opening post and the thread.
  5. TWP are willing to organize games where ever they can do so realistically. But the primary need is that the opponent in question has to be in agreement. So Czech Republic would be a real stretch S.A. I wouldn't count on it. It would seem to me that none of the SL teams even want to entertain a short jaunt across to the Netherlands. Lordy, Lordy, they sure do have a teeny weenie comfort zone.
  6. As I understand things, only if "Hull FC, KR, or Catalans", or indeed any of the other SL Teams agree to the venue and agree to travel there. Don't know if that would be a "given". I personally think it is a wonderful idea and locale.
  7. Then there are the Toronto Marlies. I think they might "slot in" at #7 ahead of the Toronto Rock.
  8. I'll reach out to to a guy named Man of Kent and ask him to join!!!!!
  9. Note to RobertAM. Now that our Forum is in the "heady heights" with the rest of the Super Dooper League teams, and since this is pretty much the first time for me visiting these "heady heights", I decided to have a look at their "threads". I am astounded at the lack of action on their Forums. I think there is only one other team (Salford) with any posting in October. I wonder if our (TWP) inclusion will change that or if their fans will just go ....."ho-hum". If that is the case then you, K-man, ojx, Cdn rugger, Krzzystuff, RayCee, and all the rest of the Wolfpack faithful are going to have an easy time of things from now on. Thoughts? See you in 2020. Cheers.
  10. Robert....my "HaHa" is for your last headline here. Good luck with that coming to pass.
  11. I reached out to the Forum Administrator Team. Their reply....."The thread was removed due to numerous libellous comments having been posted within it". I never even read one post in it.
  12. Couldn't make it Robert. Was Nobby there?, and did you chat with Coach Brian Mc?, and, if yes, what is your take-away from your chat? I know, questions, questions.
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