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  1. Also.....according to the poster it is not even "live" coverage.
  2. Robert, I can see the concerns re. time in the U.K. But, to turn that around, go back to 2017 and think of our young 'uns then like Blake W., Jonny P., Nick R., and our maybe not so young 'uns like Liam K., Jack B., and even QLT. The consensus from them was that this was like a dream come true for them.....getting paid good bucks to play rugby and spending part of the year in Canada doing it. Turn that around for any promising CFL players and would the same not apply? They get paid to play a sport with the added bonus thrown in that for a lot of the time they'd be in England along with a side jaunt to France. Where I can see conflicts is if they were on the steep curve in a professional career and they'd not want to jeopardize climbing the corporate ladder so to speak. Interesting times.
  3. Robert, and what was the result of your discussion re. the bit I've underlined above?
  4. Bolding/Underlining above is mine. Re. Gaz, I agree here unless as he stated he genuinely wanted to give Blake Wallace a crack at the position. I think Brian Mac's plan really is to lose the first 5, maybe 6 games, lull everyone into a sense of security, then blitz them all big-time.
  5. Thanks manu. So, are you saying that the SKY deal with RFL/SLE runs for 2 more seasons but the SKY/Sportsnet deal ends after the 2020 season? Or that even that is not clear? Miracle Spray?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the current Sky deal ran to the end of the 2021 season. If so, then to quote K-man, this year and next year are transition years. If that is so then I can see the Arrows and TSN (if the Arrow games are on a non-subscription platform - i.e. basic cable), just hoovering up many more converts to Union than TWP have converted to TGG so far in their 3+ years existence. I'm not a happy camper with how any of this is playing out including as TIWIT pointed out, the lack of a well-known recognizable Primary Shirt Sponsor. How the blankety-blank were the Arrows able to lock-up Honda anyways????
  7. OK....for the next 3 games our options in Canada as I see it are:- (1) Feb 8th. vs Salford - BBC Radio Manchester.........(2) Feb 13th. vs Wigan - SKY Sports TV on Sportsnet World......(3) Feb. 21st. vs Warrington - not on SKY, I don't have radio info. yet, but it would seem to be carried by something called "5live Sports Extra". I have no idea what this is - can someone enlighten me? And, can we get it in Canada? And....have I got it right with/for these 3 games?
  8. Not at all dkw.....not at all. I just don't want to see what we had here before (John Drake created this thread), re-occur. That....plain and simple.
  9. Should this not be in the General "Toronto Wolfpack" Discussion Thread??? Mods, please move.
  10. That is why i said......."don't beat me up for them". But please modify them at your discretion Dave
  11. I've read with interest the last 15 or so pages of this thread dealing primarily with the Pros and Cons of granting TWP additional Salary Cap (S.C.) room/space. I have not commented since most of the posters (say about 8 or so in number), are much more knowledgeable than I on all the rules and regulations around the S.C., and the ancillary maters like the many and various dispensations of one kind or another that are available to clubs. The following is a back-and-forth dialogue that I had on a Wolfpack Facebook Fans page on January 4, 2020 with a gentleman from London, England on what I believe is/are an arguable merit(s) to granting TWP some additional S.C. room. I'm prompted to share this due to Mr. Hudgell's assertation that "match day revenue will likely be lower for home games against Toronto due to lack of travelling support". Michael Hall I really hope there are no major injuries during the season. A 23 man squad is far too small for Super League, and they have no reserves to call upon. I wonder how close to the cap they are. Imp sure any potential players would want a higher salary than a UK club would pay them, given the amount of time spent traveling and being away from home. Hide or report this Like · Reply · 1d Allan Carswell IMHO a 23 player squad will not cut it. As I've said several times before, in L1 and Championship ALL the teams played OUT OF THEIR SKINS when they played TWP. This practice will continue with the SL teams who will want to put the TWP upstarts "in their place" so to speak. Injuries are going to take a toll. TWP deserve some dispensation WRT the salary cap. 3 Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 1d Michael Hall How much, and for how long would you give them dispensation of the cap? Hide or report this Like · Reply · 1d Allan Carswell OK let's say we look at the SBW monetary benefit to the Super League collectively. Lots of assumptions of course. Season is 29 games. TWP will play 17 of them in England, 1 in France, and 11 in Canada. Assume SBW puts an extra 1,000 bums on seats for those 18 games out of Canada. I've seen that number (1,000) quoted several times and also that it is considered conservative. Assume an SL adult game ticket is Thirty (30) pounds. Revenue increase then for the other 11 SL teams collectively due to SBW presence = 18 (games) x 1,000 (extra bums) x 30 (pounds sterling) = 540,000.00 Pounds Sterling. Ergo.......give the TWP then an extra 540,000 pounds sterling on the Salary Cap. And for how long you ask.....for this year and next year (2020/2021) being what SBW has signed for. Now remember.....that 540,000 pounds of extra revenue will flow DIRECTLY into the 11 SL teams bank accounts AND, if dispensation is granted TWP will HAVE TO SPEND that much more money on player salaries. Remember that TWP get zero, zip, zilch Central Funding and I do believe they also still need to pay for the travel and accommodation costs of the other 11 teams when they visit Canada. Talk about getting the short straw!!!!! Remember, lots of assumptions here.....don't beat me up for them. 3 Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 1d Allan Carswell OH, and I forgot to say that on top of the extra 540,000 pounds in ticket revenue the SL Clubs' coffers will also benefit from food and drink income, possibly parking income, and maybe even some programme and merchandise sales income. Being as how there are survey results out just today that say that 82% of Rugby (both codes combined) game day spectators quaff alcoholic beverages at games, then IMHO you might want to double that 540,000 pounds. So......call it a nice round 1 million pounds added revenue to the other 11 SL clubs bank accounts thanks to SBW and the TWP!!!!! 2 Edit or delete this Like
  12. Verrrrrry impressive K-man. How about on/with a "Canada Red" background? Or maybe on/with a Silver background? Almost said "Silverback" there....had to catch myself.....
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