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  1. Winning Teams - Knights, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Eels, Storm, Panthers. Total Points - 348. Away wins - 5. Teams with 9 points or less - 1 or 2. Good luck to all.
  2. Exactly Where Is All The Money Coming From For All These Somewhat High-Profile Signings. I mean, just look at this guys career teams....... Maybe his best years are behind him, I don't know, but he was NRL standard only 3 years ago. WOWZIE.....
  3. Winning Teams - Rabbitohs, Panthers, Eels, Raiders, Titans, Cowboys, Warriors, Dragons. Total points scored by all teams - 342 Number of home wins - 6 Poll - number of teams that will score 30 points or more - 5 or 6. Good luck to all.
  4. I just hope it's not over "The Rainbow Bridge"......and I don't mean the one in Niagara Falls either.......LOL
  5. If you are looking for "likes" on your 3 designs then my preference is the middle one.....the gold lettering on the solid black background one......very cool.
  6. Biggest moaners and nickel and dimers of all the teams that came over.
  7. Winning Teams - Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans, Panthers, Eels, Roosters, Warriors, Dragons. Total points all games - 336. Number of Away wins - 4. Poll - Lowest points game - Warriors vs Cowboys. Good luck to all.....Cheers.....
  8. We do get aboot (around) ye ken.....LOL.
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