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  1. All-righty then, you have done just about all possible.
  2. Graham, have you tried to "Direct Message" him using the "Envelope" icon at the top right on the page. I have used it several times to communicate with folks and the main moderators John Drake and CKN. Just a thought.
  3. Pete, absolutely no apology is needed. I see that you have 59 posts to your credit, so you will not have been invited yet by the mods. (John Drake, CKN, et al), to participate in the cross-code forum. I think when you have reached 100 posts you then are allowed access to it. It's a "Union Troll Busting" kind of feature I believe. So, 41 more posts and you will get in to this forum, if I'm correct about the 100 posts. Now, having a "peek" at your posting rate, that is going to take you about another year at the same posting rate!!!!
  4. There is a whole separate thread on this on the "Cross-Code" forum....called "too many posh kids".
  5. Maybe so Eddie, but us "Colonials" had a blast for 3 years while it happened, and I do believe that most of the thousands of Heartland and Toulouse XIII fans who visited count their trip to our fair shores as being well worth their time and money spent.....
  6. Another low scoring game, of quite recent vintage, was the 2018 Championship "Million Pound Game" at Lamport Stadium, Toronto, when London Broncos beat the Toronto Wolfpack 4-2. And, though I was there, I can not now remember if all the points were scored at one end. This game also signalling the exit of Paul Rowley stage left, soon to be followed by the entrance of Brian MacD. stage right.
  7. And Pekin' over each others shoulders......do ducks have shoulders?
  8. All-righty then. That then MIGHT make some difference in perspective between the two individuals in question here. More than likely the pandemic had an impact, who knows whether a positive one or a negative on, on David's net worth, as it pretty well did for most people. But, even if it was a negative impact, IMHO, it would not take ones net worth from circa $2/$3 Billion to zero, zip, zilch. There would still be a few quid/bob available for pet projects. No, again IMHO, I believe that David, looking at all the obstacles in play AT THAT TIME, together with his having incurred costs of upwards of $30 Million since 2016, just said to himself......"self, I've had a blast for ~4 years but the foreseeable future does not look promising, so I'm gonna throw in the towel". Now, the way that was accomplished and ended up was NOT PRETTY, for everyone concerned, but let's not go down THAT rabbit hole again, especially since this is a Salary Cap thread and thus bears no relation to those happenings back then.
  9. That's as may be. But if, as you say, your owner is worth as you say, such individuals have not amassed such a value of net worth, to treat any part of them as “loose change down the back of the couch”. There is a limit for such individuals to xxxx assets away, and the head eventually overrides the heart. Case in point, David Argyle with the TWP. David, by all reports, was/is worth about 4 or 5 times the number that you quote above. Yet even he reached a point where he decided that he had poured enough of his assets "down the back of the couch". And I DO NOT want to dive down the Rabbit Hole here, again, about "treatment received" by TWP from SLE/RFL as an "influence-maker" in his decision.
  10. If you really mean that question.....then Queensland. If you don't, why'd you ask then?
  11. A sell-out!!! And, for them, a "cold" night at 7 degrees....
  12. This is a grrrrrrreat idea 2blackrooks. Even though I'm kind of far away.....I might just pitch in for one of the two lower levels of "ownership".
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