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  1. I will pick/predict:- Winners....Storm and Panthers Poll....Raiders Total Points....98
  2. Winners.....Roosters and Rabbitohs Points Total.....96 Poll....Roosters Thanks for the opportunity to participate......from a forlorn Toronto Wolfpack fan.
  3. I enjoyed the synopsis RayCee. With my Wolfpack's future in grave doubt I'm leaning towards the NRL to continue my 3 years old interest in RL. Such that I intend to take in all 4 NRL Finals games this weekend. In order of start time for me here in Southern Ontario that means 4:45AM, 2:35AM, 4:45AM, and Midnight. I don't know if SBW is picked in the Roosters 17, but if he is I hope he goes well. BTW you need to double-check your Cowboys and Broncos numbers in your mini-table in your article. A couple of fix-ups needed. Cheers.
  4. It absolutely BOGGLES my mind that a perfectly valid thread about Catalans Dragons suddenly morphs into yet another parry and thrust Toronto Wolfpack thread. Thanks folks.
  5. That was then RayCee but this is now. The proposed new ownership group, headed by Mr. LiVolsi have made it crystal clear I do believe that, 1) they are not going to take over the Wolfpack in any competition other than Super League and, 2) They require a full Club share (1/12th.) of the money pot that is distributed to SL Clubs. If not it is Hasta La Vista to the Wolfpack and if that is the case then so be it. It was a great 3 years and we in the Toronto area who frequented Lamport and its' Liberty Village surroundings all had a blast.
  6. This is not in answer to the OP question posed. But I got to looking at the numbers here below and got to wondering if Super League has improved tangibly under Robert Elstone's watch. What I have gleaned looking at the latest Super League accounts is that both crowds (8%) and commercial revenue (17%) are down in Super League under his watch. Also, the directors of Super League are not employed so the 15 members of staff are Robert Elstone and the people he employs - commercial, finance, marketing and of course Robert’s personal PA. In my humble opinion everything wrong about the Super League breakaway is here in black and black. Shocking is the word that comes to mind. Comments, opinions, and constructive criticism (if felt warranted) are welcomed.
  7. You are assuming here that the people who set and manage his KPI's know just how to do so, and what a KPI is.
  8. Good post TIWIT and I appreciate your posting it here and not on the 300 page Wolfpack monstrosity of a thread. I would say that since its creation I have not read any more than 20 pages worth, but I know that you post there all the time, (as I scroll past it you are very often the "last" poster at that time), and I admire your gumption in doing battle with all the luddites, flatcappers, ferret jigglers, whippet walkers, and black pudding and pie eaters. Now, don't get me wrong, aside from the historical luddites, there is nothing wrong with flat caps, owing a pet ferret or whippet, and enjoying black pudding (love it) and pies, it's just that this is how the "traditional" and "real" Rugby League fans would seem to be characterized....by themselves no less!!!! To your question here...."Did TWP get screwed at the last minute and if they didn't agree to a very one-sided deal they wouldn't have been admitted to 'SL'?" I believe that you are absolutely 100% correct with your belief on that. To today's news that the new Wolfpack ownership group have come to an "agreement" with the players GMB Union leadership that all unpaid wages due and outstanding will be paid in full with the proviso's that the Wolfpack is/are re-admitted to Super League next year and that they will receive a full share(1/12th.) of the Central Distribution money pot. I'm wondering if this is postulating to a degree by both parties here, since neither of these two parties have any role in the real decision making, it being solely up to the Board of SLE....viz....the 11 Super League Clubs representatives (the 11 Super League Clubs' Chairmen?) on that SLE Board. But....it certainly makes it crystal clear to said SLE Board as to what will NOT happen should they reject the Wolfpack re-admittance application. I don't know if they will feel like they are being put between a rock and a hard place but if they do....looks good on them. I says....good timing by Wolfpack and the GMB Union in making this announcement. Your thought and comments welcome TIWIT.
  9. I'm "liking" and voting for the first one shown above. Go ARIRANHAS. Done so on their Facebook page.
  10. Well said Robert. I agree with you as to the apparent lie of the land over in M62 country. Christine and I have enjoyed our chats over the 3 years with you, Phil Harris, John Gross, Peter John Atherton, Nicholas Mew, all the other fans, and the interactions with the Wolfpack players, coaches, and staff. It has been a blast while it lasted. Best of luck to you too. Cheers. P.S. one regret - I never did get to meet the infamous Kayakman in person....LOL
  11. Yes indeed we do. Only on the top side though!!!
  12. Not at all. I've just paid my annual dues to the Flat Earth Society so I'm a member in good standing for another year.
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