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  1. Robert....my "HaHa" is for your last headline here. Good luck with that coming to pass.
  2. I reached out to the Forum Administrator Team. Their reply....."The thread was removed due to numerous libellous comments having been posted within it". I never even read one post in it.
  3. Couldn't make it Robert. Was Nobby there?, and did you chat with Coach Brian Mc?, and, if yes, what is your take-away from your chat? I know, questions, questions.
  4. 2090. Their second largest home attendance from 5 home games. Only Leigh had more at 2245.
  5. 'Fraid not Robert....if you are, enjoy. We likely won't come in to Toronto now until the home opener. Got a crazy busy April on the homefront calendar.
  6. Yes indeed . And QLT + Dan Fleming in Blue and White. Interesting.
  7. And not forgetting...........................the steel Wolfpack bottle opener!!!!
  8. OK if you say so. Methinks I must be colour blind then today. Sure looks orange to me.
  9. Now that the dust has mostly settled on Sundays effort......and while I'm trying to forget about the second half, with some difficulty mind you, I thought I'd share with this group here of mostly TWP supporters (Dog forever and tandle being exceptions), an observation......I LOVE observations. While scrolling up the forums yesterday a "last post" on one of the other clubs forums (Featherstone Rivers) caught my eye and piqued my interest since the thread title was "Toronto thumped". So I looked at all the Championship Clubs forums and to my surprise no less than four of them had threads pertaining to the TWP loss to Toulouse Olympique. Viz............ Barrow (Pop. 56.7K) Raiders - "toronto stuffed" by "scrumhalf" with 3 replies. Batley (Pop. 49.4K) Bulldogs - "Well done Toulouse" by ernieone with 8 replies several being from our own RobertAM, but that's OK 'cause he's a Batley boy "at heart". Dewsbury (Pop. 62.9K) Rams - "Well done Toulouse" by EQUALIZER with zero replies. Featherstone (Pop. 14.2K) Rovers - Toronto thumped" by The Phantom Horseman with 10 replies. Now, I personally usually only view other Clubs Forums in the week leading up to TWP playing their team, just to get a "feel" for their opinions and viewpoints. I'd never expect to see threads like these on teams forums about a game that they were not involved in. And, no surprise, the general consensus is that they were all sooooooooo pleased about the game's result. You know, you read all over the place in articles and news-clips about the wonderful togetherness of the "Rugby League Family" blah, blah, blah. But it would seem to me that TWP are not yet part of this "Family". And yes, I know that this may only be from the "vocal minority" but they would appear to me to be a sizeable minority (is that an oxymoron?). Notice too that the larger Towns/Cities in the Championship (Bradford/Halifax/Sheffield/York) did not have any similar thread on their forum. I'm thinking they've got nothing better to do with their time in these small towns/villages than to gloat over any and every setback that befalls TWP. The total population of the four towns at about 183K doesn't even constitute half a Markham and even Barrie is probably up there now with all its recent growth. Rant finis. Comments?
  10. Make that 40 unanswered points DP.
  11. Irony perhaps Futtocks? You do know that they are not in the Challenge Cup?
  12. Kayakman....good going here even though that Police badge you show ceased to exist in 1998. But the message is good. I thought it was a TWP publicity stunt gag at first but seems like the costume was stolen from Lamport storage. Why they would not have stored it at the shop is beyond me.
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