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  1. I’ve heard from the Cas end that it’s a done deal for next season. I’ll admit to not being a millers fan but the issue is who do we replace him with on Trinity’s budget. Lino is rumored to be Wigan bound with a few more high earners out of contract, so it’s an opportunity to reshape an underperforming squad, IF this current mob can find it in them to fight for our SL future!
  2. It’ll certainly help the Wakey cause if TJ and the big bopper are both playing, can’t help but feel that Wigan will be too strong though in a one off game. I didn’t think we’d win at Warrington though either time!
  3. Tom Johnstone was unplayable during the 1st half, he tormented Salford every time he touched the ball. Didn’t return after half time, fingers crossed it was just precautionary.
  4. Important game for Trinity, it’s great winning at Wire 2 weeks on the bounce, but this is the sort of game we usually don’t perform in, especially after getting the fans back on side. Salford will also be looking at this game, fancying their chances. Could be close but fingers crossed for the Trin.
  5. Spot on mate. Wakey fans have posted for a while that fitness was lacking at the club for a few years & this year Clawson has turned up at Cas, let’s see how it plays out?
  6. Great win by Trinity today, it gets tiresome the amount of negative press they get sometimes. Top coverage by Ch4, mind you anything minus Wilkin is a plus for me.
  7. Must admit initially thought Saints had put out a weakened squad today but on paper it looks a decent outfit. Last weak at Belle Vue, Toulouse never really threatened against a Trinity side that never looked like cutting loose. Trinity today displayed a good kicking game today which I though was inspired by TO kicking game at Belle Vue last week, which was the best part of their game.
  8. And? Lots of players were missing for various reasons and but after a poor start they showed up for each other, the club and the fans. It’s not easy supporting teams like Trinity and a number of other clubs, we don’t expect Grand Finals but we do expect 100% effort even if we aren’t good enough at times. I’m sure you’re laughing thinking you’ve got a bite out of me but although I’d have preferred the two points, I’m more than happy with the lads efforts tonight!
  9. I also missed last weeks game on 4 but enjoyed the game & coverage today. Anyone unhappy with Leon Pryce today must’ve missed Baz tonight on Sky, it’s either inane or incorrect.
  10. Beat me to it mate, some of the so called ‘senior’ players need to take a good at themselves. New captain please Willie, step forward Jay Pitts! I’ll be fuming if Miller walks back into the team.
  11. Don’t forget Batley who have also done great things with their ground.
  12. Are you seriously suggesting that SL would be a better product for kicking out Cas and replacing them with York or Newcastle? Cas would be a big loss to SL and that’s coming from a Wakey fan.
  13. The funding package being agreed is a massive step forward but I just can’t seem to believe that there aren’t going to be any more twists and turns in this saga!
  14. Yeah I was at the game as a ‘neutral’ and seem to recall taking delight in Bradford beating the great Wigan team at that time, plus the the kid I’d gone with was a Wigan fan!
  15. I just remember the try he gave for Northern at Belle Vue in the Challenge Cup where the ball was grounded at least a yard short of the try line but he gave it from his position half way down the field.!
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