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  1. Toulouse & London will be 2 big boys with Fev & Leigh way behind
  2. Well said I'm more of a Union guy but always had a passing interest in Rugby league - coaching, defensive systems , lines of running namely But I got to say League struggled to gain my attention recently: Small teams in tiny markets, Long seasons - NRL started a month after SL & its season finished a week earlier than SL, too many repeat fixtures etc But the success of Salford & mostly Toronto has got me interested again If the grow isn't trying to grow, it's slowly dying as it becomes a smaller and smaller sport to the point of Irrelevance Well Done Toronto: New team in a big market with Money to grow the game Everyone is a Winner!!
  3. Fev have had a nice nice but Toronto had to be promoted last night A Leeds B team would have been a disaster for the Comp They're enough small Northern towns in SL as it is McDermott was spot with his comments Truth is hard to handle for some
  4. Millington is a more versatile player but Fifiata is more impactful hence why he comes off the bench. Very different players & skill sets
  5. Mata'utia is a MUCH better player than Hampshire McMeeken AND Oliver Holmes are also better talents than Ashurst and would also start in the 2nd row Millington starts and Big Dave Fifita goes to the bench BENCH: Moors, Fifita, Jesse SL Foster Pauli Castleford MIGHT have the best 1-17 in Super League in terms of quality ACROSS the Pitch. Only teams I see with comparable are Saints, Wire, Catalans & Wakefield in that order
  6. Of course it doesn't, but GUBRATS know this but is being obtuse Too many RL fans have this parochial mindset and hence why the game stays a MINOR sport in the UK. Unless you look to expand to find new areas for growth/expansion or else the game will shrink slowly over time as Rugby League has shown over the last 25 years
  7. Here we go again with RL OBSESSION with viewing figures/attendances on this matter It doesn't matter to SKY They'll be showing Super Rugby for the foreseeable future It fills a useful slot in their schedule with good content. Morning with Action from NZ/AUS, Afternoon from S AFRICA & Evenings from Argentina SKY have NO interest in broadcasting Pro Teams BATTER a team compiled of Builders & Personal Trainers by 60 points in a run down stadium with 637 fans Rugby Union commercially/financially is WAY WAY Ahead of League in terms of its International Approach They have an 8 team league in USA. Brazil are making strides in the International Argentina have a club side playing in Super Rugby so a new generation of fans are seeing games there. Japan is FULL of potential financially. Whilst in League we have Fans moan about Catalan Dragons not bringing enough fans to road games or other ###### about the focusing on the "Heartlands". Relying on "Heartland" clubs in small deindustrialised towns & villages who have NOT grown in OVER a Century will FAIL. These Zombie Clubs lurch from begging bowl to begging bowl. Let such clubs compete in Amateur comps, so we can focus on the Big Boys to grow the game. Catalans are the BEST success story in Rugby League this CENTURY. Then we have Toronto taking NO Money from the RFL having over 7,000 attend games & have ALL their games shown on SKY in less than 3 years & we have folks that moan about what they bring to the game. RL needs to broaden its horizons and look to expand Internationally for MORE growth & expansion.
  8. Boy does England miss WIddop and Gale. Is Gale injured or has he been omitted?
  9. He looks soooo slow. The Masters try he could have made more of an effort to fill inside but he was jogging,
  10. Calm down. Getting KO'd might get Connor to play to the whistle and not be a clown.
  11. Disagree, The act of foul play denied Conner the opportunity to ground the ball. Clearly a penalty try. DWZ is lucky he wasn't sent to the sin bin. P.S. Connor should have a HIA as well.
  12. A chin check would be him a world of good. Play the game don't be a punk
  13. There is a good case that he should be banned from playing Rugby League in RFL sanctioned competitions. He is a danger to player safety and if we take that seriously then he should be banished for good. His record speaks for himself. Get rid of him. He is a ticking time tomb with no defuse setting. Any reckless/malicious hits to the head & neck area should be punished severely. Acton being exiled would be a good starting point.
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