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  1. Your point about flying in 20 lads is Asinine TWP meant to fins a dozen Canadian RU players to suddenly become competent RL at the highest level???? I'll knock Hudgell for being a self interested fool who doesn't give a damn about the wider game beyond M62 + Cumbria These areas have had over a 100 years to do something and their ceiling appears to be a 1,000 home fans at the gates If you as a sport are not about looked to expand, then you're slowly atrophying Where's the next generation of fans - plenty of things to do as a kid nowadays, not 1990 anymore
  2. No Coincidence Just the 6 best teams in the Comp Honourable mention for Cas Expecting Turkeys to vote for Christmas is a sub optimal strategy RL in the UK need a independent style commission like they have in NRL A good leader like a V'Landys would be nice as well Elstone to date has been the Invisible Hollow man
  3. Hudgell typifies mickey mouse mentality of RL owners You might as well not bother with expansion Just have a M62 Competition + Catalans with a Cameo Appearance from London & Toulouse
  4. I'd agree if TWP was a one off but look at how London not been promoted Catalans who've been best success story in decades for RL were helped No relegation for 3 year AFAIK TWP have not been given a penny - They've essentially been set up to fail That makes SL and RFL look like Cowboys collective kick in balls for the sport Contrast that with the NRL and how it helped the Storm & stepped in when Knights & Titans had issues Even look at AFL who've pumped millions in Sydney area and Perth Parochialism seem to be SL/RFL speciality
  5. It's a case to quote the GREAT Ben Shapiro: "Facts dont' care about your Feelings" RL is essentially making it self irrelevant by not doing anything to expand seriously - failures of TWP, Crusaders, PSG etc are a damning indictment of the sport I've got no interest in RL if it's just a M62 membership No good in being a big fish in a tiny puddle
  6. Don't get it twisted SBW had SL & Betfred over a barrel What SBW wants, he gets SBW is biggest marketing figure in SL atm Just ahead of Folau ROFL!!!
  7. LOL!!! Did the poster have the same outrage/discomfort when Dragons had Monaghon, Bird, Edwards, Tomkins etc Does that mean he "comfortable" with paying to watch folks who abuse animals, beat up women, abuse people publicly etc Folks have strange moral compass nowadays WORSE to say dumb stuff than to allegedly whack people with glass objects in the face beat up folks or abuse folks verbally What strange times we live in when we tolerate actual violence on folks yet we howl in outrage over mean words from religious folks who follow Abrahamic Religions......
  8. Why would he be??? Maybe he's not a permanently offended victim who see Homophobia everywhere & is triggered by mean words Victim-hood Narrative is so nauseating Few things worse than others taking "offence" on behalf of others
  9. I see nothing with the question Guy is trying to emotionally manipulate Sadler The sexuality of his son is irrelevant to Folau playing for Catalans Folks way over estimate how much others think of them or their family/friends
  10. Empty Words If you want morality go to a Church Mosque Synagogue Temple Irony is SL is sponsored by a betting/gambling company How ironic....
  11. And a culture war they'll win Hirst is a nobody Folau is a world leading superstar in both codes of Rugby Right wing populism is rising Culture war is their primary Vehicle because of wedge issues like this I'm here to enjoy the party Let me top up my popcorn Back in a minute.....
  12. What difference I'd LOVE someone to explain how Folau's actions were worse than the likes of Bird, ,Monaghan, Lui, Barba etc ATM I'm struggling to comprehend how Domestic Abuse, Assaults, Animal Abuse etc are more acceptable/tolerable than saying stupid things...
  13. I'm heartbroken How's life in your echo chamber
  14. I don't give a damn about Keegan Hirst - a nobody who happens to be famous for who he's sexually attracted to than anything he's ever done on a field Nor do I gave a stuff about LGBT RL fans You're a RL fan 1st Anything else is virtue signalling nonsense I don't pander If the likes of Lui Bird Mongahan Carney etc have been allowed to play SL despite committing much worse crimes then I've no problem with Folau I don't let minority lobby groups, PC crowd & mental midgets dictate who I want to see play Pro Sports
  15. You betcha A backline consisting of Tomkins, Folau Mead, Maloney & Yaha is a MAJOR problem Folau does things few can even comprehend on a rugby field Add Mickey Mac as well & Catalans are a Top 5 team for sure if they click early enough LOVE likes of Guasch who takes pride in their teams & who're not willing to settle for mediocre talent
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