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  1. It's the same around here. It's frightening how many people still seem to think they can drive at approaching their normal speed in these poor conditions. I wonder if it's just suburban drivers- when we lived in Cumbria, I found people were much better drivers in poor winter conditions than they are here in Oldham. It usually takes me around 15mins to travel the four miles or so to Oldham town centre from Shaw, I'm expecting it to take me at least double that this afternoon and will plan accordingly. If other drivers took the time to do so I bet the accidents would be greatly reduced.
  2. Piling down here now, so work have just let me know we are now closed today! I'm not needed tomorrow either so I'm taking three days leave, staying warm and doing ###### all!! If only I didn't have to go out to pick the wife up from work later :(
  3. Well we have snow at last here in Oldham - not too much yet though!
  4. No surprise there - I can't think of anything or anyone who would want to settle in Hull :lol:
  5. I hope he washes his hands after handling his meat!!!
  6. Is that Featherstone's version of a 'Rossebuurt' :lol:
  7. Good God!! How poor was that game? Awful from Saints from beginning to end, says it all when their best ball-player on the night was Graham! Matty Smith will probably be farmed back out to a championship team after that performance. Wigan weren't great either but they didn't have to be to win that one!
  8. It's good to see everyone remembering the great player he was, as pointed out by many he was always up for games against the Aussies and they respected him for it. Sad the way things have ended, but Terry appears to have been a troubled soul during the last few months and this must be an awful time for his family. RIP Terry
  9. Leeds needed a play-maker, the fact that they didn't have one meant there was no way back after they conceded those two quick tries after the break. Sad fact is, they had enough ball in the second half to win two games but were absolutely devoid of any idea. I think Wigan deserve to be in the final after the season they have had but can't see them having enough to beat Saints next week.
  10. Doesn't matter how many off-loads you come up with, if they are to players stood still it's ineffectual. Leeds wouldn't win this game if they had the ball till midnight - they have been that bad.
  11. Reckon it's game over already, Leeds are awful and clueless! Wigan aren't much better and Saints won't be too worried by any of these two.
  12. Poor refereeing decision there, Tomkins should have been red-carded for that kick!
  13. Nasty collision, he looked a little better as he was being stretchered off. Have to say though that it was a totally accidental injury. Like you say hope he recovers quickly.
  14. I tried this in Argeles-sur-mer a few years back! I cannot for the life of me remember what possessed me to order it, but never again! It arrived looking somewhat like a large grey version of a black pudding,sliced open so that the contents were spilling out onto the plate like someone had disembowelled a small animal. Mercifully, I had ordered it with a covering of mustard sauce which made it barely palatable, and i managed to eat about half before I came across a piece of what I think was pork, but it still had coarse hair attached, I conceded defeat at this point! My wife later took great pleasure in reading aloud to me a graphic description of what i had consumed, from a guidebook - truly horrific
  15. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest! In fact it's a mystery as to why it's taken so long, and will sit proudly amongst the endless aisles of convenience ###### that Walmart likes to foist onto an ever grateful (and fast expanding ) US populace!
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