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  1. I think the moderator has now removed the posts. The offender had obviously never heard of Geoff Pryce and his family.
  2. Been reading the Racism & Rugby League Topic in the General forum and a certain contributer from a certain club states that York amongst 5 or 6 clubs have been historically against signing quote 'non-white' players! When asked for evidence he states 'living through the 70s 80s + 90s'! People cannot go around making statements like this without proof. Im seething.
  3. Yes the Yorkshire Gazette have a report Sat 25/3/1899 available on the British Newspaper Archive website.
  4. Not sure what the local paper was then. Yorkshire Gazette or maybe Herald?
  5. INL reached the 1st round in 1910 and as GB120 states York Groves United reached the 1st round again in 1911 getting a thumping away at Dewsbury. Two of York Groves Utd squad ended up signing for Leeds RLFC. Albert Dennis Leeds Rhinos Heritage #261. Then Leonard Leckenby #267 who had moved to York Leeman Wanderers then signed for Leeds. Sadly Len Leckenby was killed in action during The First World War and is buried in France. His name is on the war memorials outside Nestle and in Rowntrees Park as he had been working in the starch room at Rowntrees before enlisting although he had also worked as a butler.
  6. The info that have says that Groves gave up home advantage and played at Wigan.
  7. I will give you the year. 1899.
  8. As ive had loads of time busy doing nothing just lately Ive been geeking out on some social history, specifically local rugby league history and unearthed some gems of info. So im going to ask a question ' Which club where the first York amateur club to reach the Challenge Cup 1st Round Proper?'
  9. Thanks for writing this. Con and Rene were brilliant people and im glad to have known them. I remember some of Cons Welsh mates came to the Punch once in the 80s and we had a great crack with them.
  10. Boyny


    Still alive and kicking but very very bored. Not had a pint for 50 days ,never drank at home, always prefered the pub. Need a fix of live rugby badly.
  11. Boyny

    New stadium

    meanwhile...york city council pay off Chief Executive with a £400,000 goodbye kiss...
  12. Jeez i thought i saw it but convinced myself otherwise. Hope its ok after that fire.........
  13. Sonny Bill Williamson born 1912 died 1965. brilliant Blues harmonica player. Check him out on YouTube.
  14. So they are opening the Bootham End for Fev fans? Always thought this had been deemed an unsafe area....who cares?.....get em in ...looking forward to this as per. Punch before hand with my Fev mucka and one of us will be paying for a few in The Tav afterwards.
  15. sorry dint see the earlier post..beat me too it
  16. Its on in The Bootham Tavern 2pm ko Saturday.
  17. Set off from Prague {mates stag do} at 23.20 Saturday night,landing at Luton airport roughly 1hr 40mins later. My bus into London never turns up so i wait another 90mins for another bus. Gets dropped off at Baker St around 3.30am. Walk up to Kings Cross which is shut and doesnt open until 0530am. Wander around aimlessly for hours, gets a bacon roll and coffee from the worst Macdonalds in the uk , watching the addicts,beggars and homeless eeking out their lives. Manage to survive until 0700am when I can get a shower in Kings Cross station. £5 supposed to get you hot shower and towel. Shower was hot but no towel! Had to use my vest to dry myself. Anyway feel a lot better after that so wait outside in the early morning sunshine reading freebie newspaper until the 0903 to Leeds. Grab an hour or so, kip get off at Leeds for the Halifax train. On time, gets on then spot the first of the Hawaiian shirts then a palm tree then some bongos and a surf board. All off at Halifax, the tight wads go up to the local Wetherspoons i think whereas i head for The 3 Pidgeons as do a hundred or so other dodgy Hawaiians. Great beer, Yorkshire Blonde, great pork pies, I had 3 of em ,Pepperoni,Black Pudding,Cheese and Pickle. Atmosphere building, young Ryano on form. IntoThe Shay , some kind Halifax lad gives me and Bammo some hospitality bands so we head up there and join up with Billy Blackburn Roy Dicko and a few others. Great support in the ground. As what seems the norm we give Halifax a decent lead lulling them into a false sense of security then we turn them over. Good second half again , good to see a Yorkie get the winner. Well done Chillo. Back down to The 3 Pigeons where we had a heated debate about wether there should be a letter d in pigeon or pidgeon. Anyway back to York and as always finish off in The Tav, totally knackered. Things you do for love.
  18. Yorkshire Blonde in The 3 Pigeons was spot on, as were the pork pies.
  19. Boyny

    Ryan foster

    cant fault this kid
  20. Flew out from Manchester Thursday dinnertime, didnt seem to be too many Yorkies on board.Anyway i was lucky enough to have 3 seats to myself, stretch out. Got to Toronto about 7hrs later then minus the 5hrs difference and its 1430 we get there. The transfer was a drag as the traffic congestion is mental, this happened every time we got on a bus. Sheraton hotel was great, right near the famous TORONTO sign. Quick wash and out on the lash. First pub Duke of Richmond not bad. People talking to us straight away, this happened all the time on this trip by the way. Canadians are a friendly people. Ended up in Quinns bar which we learnt after 2 days was attached to our hotel Doh! First meal a hot dog. Didnt find a kebab shop until Sunday night. Friday set off for Niagra Falls. More Yorkies about, Peter G. and Mrs G on the bus before us. Niagra was brill, worth every penny. Got drenched, looked like pratts , but what a great laugh. Coach back was as i said a drag so we were late back into Toronto so we missed the first 2 hrs of the meetup in The Northern Maverick. Anyway got there to see more York fans and the flag draped above where everyone could see it. The event was nowt flash but good to see more people, including the legend that is Geoff Pryce. Saturday morning up at 8. Brekky then photo shoot with the flags in front of the TORONTO sign then taxis to The 3 Brewers. Got there early. It was shut....so got all the flags hung up..then it was open.Plenty of choice of beers..no Johns. 3 ex York lads come in, Midgley, Tansley and Gary Pryce,all players from the 84 semi v Wigan. Onto Lamport, crowd building nicely. Red hot.Counted 62 York fans. The teams come out led by Geoff Pryce along with the 3 afore said ex players. A great touch. York were off it today, make your own reasons,whereas Wolfpack were on fire. Glad we got on the scoreboard. Some new songs were sung, and sung to the end. ..Just cant get enough...Matty Marsh's Mam n Dad...Hey Braddy...etc etc etc. Stayed at the ground for 2 hrs after the game. Players mixing with us all. Loved it. Just had a great laugh for the rest of the night. Sunday up not so early but had a good walk around the Waterfront ending up in a bar that did pints of Guinness for 3 and half dollars for 3 hours! Get in!! Finished Sunday with a kebab at last. Monday not flying till late so had a look around BlueJays Baseball Stadium and then the Aquarium which was great. Did not touch a drop today..dont like drinking before flying. Got back to Manchester Tuesday a.m totally knackered but so glad we did the trip. Highly reccomend it. Now onto Fev!!!!
  21. The Punch Bowl in Lowther St near to where Clarence St was does not open until 11am. and apart from Clarence WMC over the road near the Tory Club theres nowt else nearby unless you go back down towards town as others have pointed out. The Punch Bowl in town is a Weatherspoons and opens when dawn breaks. Make your way across town and there is loads of bars but a lot wont allow big crowds in.
  22. Set off on the supporters bus just after 11. Journey up there not too bad(some really ###### jokes but good laughs) Stopped off at Kirkby Stephen I think it was called. Nice pint in local Sports and Social club. Back on the bus for 40 miles .Weather was nice enough until we got into Barrow then the darkness and the rains came. Straight into the club outside the ground strangely named The Kill One! I really like Barrows ground, all sides open, plenty of food and drink outlets £17 to get in. York did enough in the first half with Marsh outstanding. 2nd half we let Barrow back into it, but they thoroughly deserved their tries and should be higher in the league than 13th. Kris Brinning a joy to watch and all about the Bass no trouble. Journey back seemed to drag with even crapper jokes.Worth it though, 2 more points and now onto Toronto. Flying out on Thursday and have been given the prestigious honour of looking after The Bootham Tavern flag. Hope to see a good Yorkie turnout on Saturday.
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