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  1. Set off Friday York to Manchester to Carcassonne. Got to our digs about 6pm had my first pint about 7. Didnt know what to drink so settled for a large Judas. Turns out its 8.3% !! Only had one! Went on the Kilkenny after that. We couldnt be bothered to walk far so we only went in the 2 so called Irish bars...twice. Prefered The Celt to O'Sheridans. Good fish n chips.Bed. Up for brekky in Chez Felix, omelette being the order of the day. Train to Toulouse about 10.30am. Blagged 1st class on double decker train by accident honest. Really put our rail system to shame.Public bus outside station to Blagnac,meeting some French friends of a friend. To said friends house for pre-match food and drinks. Great welcome by these people who then gave us a lift to the stadium passing by The Toucan where gave all our fellow Yorkies a beep. Got to the stadium where we were given free tickets and hospitality bands for champagne and snacks, this was unreal. Watched the first half opposite where most York fans were but went accross to the other side at half time. 2nd part of this trip to follow later.
  2. Bit late in posting this for personal reasons but never mind . Met up in Acorn and watched 2nd half of Hull derby then 12 of us set off in the club minibus to Fev. We had paid for hospitality this time as one of the 12 is a Fev supporter and promised us a good day. Sat in the club bar hoping to watch Wigan v Saints but apparantly they wont show Superleague games so we had to put up with LUFC streamed game. Anyway we had a very good feed before the game and could have watched the match from the dining room but decided we would watch it in the sunshine sat below the Fev fans. Got to give it to the home fans, they are noisy and constant though a lot of their songs contain a lot of effin and jeffin and going nurnurnurnurnur! Anyway swapped ends at arftime , a pleasant throwback. Game over, got beat, best team won by far and we know we are better than that. Thought the staff at the stadium were excellent and i can recomend the hospitality package. Got picked up about 9pm and as always ended up at BT for a few.
  3. Watch out for the 'Gilets Jaunes' protests or should I say watch out for the french coppers coz they dont give a toss who they belt. Toulouse has had protests most saturdays since this started and The Melting Pot is near to where the yellow vests gather.They wont be putting the Bootham Tavern crew off anyway. Looking forward to this weekend after a very sad month just gone. Allez York Allez.
  4. We usually go to the Featherstone WMC.
  5. Cheapest parking is Sainsburys Fossbank. £4 for 4 hours.
  6. Headaches just worn off. Return bus ticket to York station £4.40. Onto 13.17 direct train to Bradford £19 return. Stopped at every little station eventually arriving at 14.29. £7 taxi to Odsal.£25 into ground. Never had a pint before or during the game. Good banter .Every York pass was forward! Our defence was great especially when we picked up a Bulls forward and took him over our dead ball line giving us the restart. Ash Robson was involved in everything until he had to come off.Harry Carter was non stop.Every York pass was forward. The lead cheerleader had a bad looking accident I hope shes ok. At least 50 York fans there. Went into Q Gardens bar afterwards and caught up with an old mate who gave me lift back to York dropped me off at Bootham Tavern 19.30. Enjoyed rest of the night with some tightwad mates who never went but listened to the game hunched over the wireless. Another good day out. Worth every penny. Every York pass was forward!!
  7. Will be staying in Carcassonne at the end of April while also visiting Toulouse to support York v TOXIII. We need to know of any decent bars/clubs we could visit, or indeed anything RL related. See voo play!
  8. Anyone going by train on Sunday?
  9. Had a good day at Heavy Woollen. Started out Sunday a.m. direct train to Dewsbury. Couple of John Smiths in Wetherspoons £1.89 a pint. Good banter with some sheeplovers who kindly ordered us taxis to Hanging Heaton WMC where they were heading. More beer and banter then 400m walk to the stadium. £16 entry. More beer which was far too cold to enjoy but needs must. First half we were awful and didnt look like scoring but when Horney was introduced we were a different side. Great win and just had to laugh at a couple of Ramsupporters playing hell about the Ref but have to say we had a good laugh with most we met. Back to the WMC then taxi for 6oclock train back to York. In the Tavern for 7. Great day out. Hope to give an awayday report as much as poss this season.
  10. At least 20 Yorkies now doing Manchester - Carcassone
  11. Carcassone flights now £54 return.
  12. Yes the match was supposed to be played in Figueres Spain but they moved it to Carcassone. We flew to Barcelona stayed there one night. Then train upto Figueres then CatalanTour bus to Carcassone. Bit hectic but great experience.
  13. Carcassone for me as well. £63 return from Manchester great value. Love Carcassone .Saw Catalans v Cas there in the dragons first season and a Lord Derby Cup Final there the day before we went to Perpignan to watch the Knights get bowled over by Catalans. Good rugby town.
  14. On the eve of the centenary of the end of WW1 i can recommend a must-read 'The Greatest Sacrifice'-Fallen Heroes of the Northern Union. An amazingly well researched book that tells the stories of the 69 professional players who gave their lives. Though there are no York players listed in the 69,but there are York connections right throughout the book. Such as the York born Robert Randerson who is on the front cover.There is a newspaper match report from the 1914 match between Hunslet and ourselves where York turned up with only 6 men as the rest had enlisted.The VC winner John Harrison who taught at St Johns College and played for York before joining Hull. All emotional and poignant stories. Tomorrow at 11am I will be thinking of these people and all the others who suffered and I will think of them again when im at Elland Rd for the England v New Zealand test.
  15. Pete of course i remember Con Jenkins. Great character and apparently was a hard player who was on the verge of selection for the 1946 GB tour of Oz but missed out for whatever reason(he always seemed bitter about it.) As for Welshmen who played for York i think we underestimate how many players came to us and how much we owe them. Even going back to pre-war teams, just look at the names of the players in our Wembley side v Halifax. Were all the Welsh names just a coincidence? And of course our greatest international and GB tourist Norman Fender was a proud Welshman. I would recommend watching 'The Rugby Codebreakers' to actually appreciate what prejudice and snobbery these men and their families had to face.
  16. The Bootham Tavern in errm Bootham is RL friendly. if its not already on just ask and they will put it on a screen.
  17. 15 of us travelling to Liverpool from York on Sunday and just paid for tickets to the Leeds test. Doing our bit. Be proactive people.
  18. Anybody who cant make it to Worky the match is being streamed live on the big screen at The Bootham Tavern. Cant vouch for the quality sorry
  19. met a few Worky fans down at Wembley last Saturday. They recommended The Railway Club before the game. Any thoughts?
  20. Mate £220 each is about the same as I'm paying coming from York by train Friday to Sunday, match ticket, 2 nights hotel near Kings Cross .Total £200. 14 of us in our group all shouting for Catalan. Allez!
  21. Catalans v Saints will be on in the Burton WMC outside the ground. Might be a 50p charge for non members but the beer is cheap.
  22. Boyny


    Travelling over by train on Sunday. Do we go to Bradford interchange or Forster Square? Decent boozers?
  23. and some turn up to the bigger games because they've managed to get a freebie from wherever. But ask them to pay ..especially for a game v a team like West Wales (no disrespect intended) and they are nowhere to be seen. Part-timers.. don't they just get on your wick. I suppose we just have to accept it and try to make every game as big as possible so the freeloaders eventually grow to love the club and want to give instead of taking.
  24. Robbie is a great lad and son of York. He has done his fair share of spreading the RL gospel around the UK. This latest effort is typical of his spirit and deserves as much support as possible. Hope to see him over there next month.
  25. deffo Bootham Tavern which is up into town from Clifton. Acorn Rugby Club will be the best bet in Acomb. Nags Head and Shoulder of Mutton in Heworth. 127 Sports Bar in Micklegate .
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